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2020/08 2020/08
Time for a Luxurious Threesome Meal in Tokyo Japan!!

There is a cafe called "maidreamin SHIBUYA, Tokyo "

 where the maids do their best on serving everyday to put smiles on masters 

and princesses' faces.

They all come from another dimension, 

have  their unique stories about how they ended up on planet earth.

They may serve sandwiches and coffee, but how about themselves??

No, you can't make your fantasy come true up there but here, Tokyo outcall JGEC!!

Be sandwiched by 2 beautiful Japanese women. 

You may have had a few take outs before but service here 

is nothing compared to the rest.

Price will be double the single course + nomination fee + rank fee.


The BEST of BESt Tokyo out call !!
Japanese Escort Girls Club , Shinagawa branch (Tokyo)

Reservaiton 03 5793 1515  (International +81)

Fuzoku Lovers, This is a MUST SEE!Tokyo Escort service.

Fuzoku Lovers, This is a MUST SEE!

Introducing the Attraction of Tokyo Escort Known for Those in the KNOW


Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry


Yoshiwara is well known as Tokyo Escort's Fuzoku Town. However, besides that,

did you know that Gotanda in Shinagawa area is garnering good reputation among Fuzoku lovers?


Rumor spreads that a certain Delivery Health is becoming a hot topic in Gotanda.


Those in the know,

know about this Delivery Health that can satisfy even the most enthusiastic Fuzoku lovers.

Warriors that conquered its field nationwide can easily be persuaded.


The author of this article went to Gotanda to experience the actual process,

and it was nothing but immense sexual pleasure that was beyond words.


This scintillating ecstasy will be explained in details, wade through this article and you will obtain information that is priceless. 

About Delivery Health in Gotanda, that Those in the Know, KNOW


Recently, Fuzoku lovers in Gotanda are taking notice of JEGC. 


They seem to be a typical Delivery Health, sending escorts to client's designated area,

such as hotel and home. And JEGC is garnering excellent reputation due to its service content.    


There are tons of Delivery Health service in Tokyo Escort, Gotanda, Shinagawa area,

and of all that competitors, it is not an overstatement to say that JEGC is a top-notch.


The author's impression of the service content at JEGC is

"There is no more pleasure in this world."


You cannot state yourself as a Fuzoku Warrior (Fuzoku lovers of lovers) unless you have experienced Delivery Health in Gotanda. 

Fulfill the Exquisite Sexual Pleasure at JEGC


What makes JEGC in Gotanda special is the sexual pleasure, it is on another level.


Their selling point is the escort's devotion to clients. Everything is done one step ahead.

For instance, they will bathe you thoroughly from head to toe, and furthermore,

without asking girls will move on to fellatio, eat testicles and more. 


And each companions' technique are exquisite,

they are on a whole another level which is impossible to endure your cum.


At a typical Tokyo Escort Delivery Health, it is usually necessary to instruct escorts,

"Do this and Do that" and after the long effort, finally, you get the vibe.

This does not apply to JEGC at all, all girls are one step ahead of you and some are even two or three steps ahead.    


Without any instructions,

JEGC companions will immediately locate each client's arousing spots with pinpoint accuracy.

They are just amazing.


The author had no expectations on JEGC, which turned out to be intensely a welcoming mistake,

and all he could do was to moan at their extreme skills.


The pleasure JEGC provides cannot be monopolized,

and for such reason it motivated the author to write this article.  

Only Escorts that are the Best of the Best enroll at JEGC,

an Excellent Delivery Health in Tokyo Escort Gotanda


I have used JEGC in Gotanda several time, and what surprised me was the quality of each escort. 


I assume every Fuzoku Lover will check escorts' photo or their blog before nominating.

So please be assured, an escort that is beautiful same as the photo will appear at always.  


Regarding JEGC, it is unnecessary to be anxious whether the photos are retouched or not,

which is quite a surprising anomaly in this industry.


Even without nominating an escort (I have only nominated once,

which was an escort I met the very first time at JEGC),

a gorgeous lady will come to you, so gorgeous it is extremely rare to meet in daily life.

The excitement is beyond words.    


The reason why JEGC succeeded to accomplish enrolling such high quality escorts are

due to its extremely high recruitment standards and the tough selection process.


Their attitude towards taking a proactive stance on customer satisfaction deserve

all the respect and appreciation.

It is obvious to repeat again at JEGC, Tokyo Escort in Gotanda


The main concept of JEGC in Gotanda is escort's devotion to clients.


at times, it is surely good to switch places and arouse your companion in return.


So the content can be flexibly altered regarding on your mood.


Say if you are in the mood for a multiple cum, or maybe you wish to give multiple orgasm to the escort,

at every occasion regarding how you feel that day,

the content will be altered to your desire,

which makes the session always pleasurable as it was on your first time at JEGC.

And this flexibility is the reason why first time users return to JEGC as repeat customers one after another.    


 In addition, cases as following also tend to occur,

Tokyo Escort users that chose many agency randomly become JEGC's heavy (only) user after the encounter.


This is realized based on the fact that AUTHENTIC PLEASURE at JEGC is secured.


JEGC has captured so many men and still is continuously,

due to its extreme service quality. Without a doubt, the author is also one of the addicted ones.



I have written this article to introduce the attraction of a particular

Tokyo Escort known for those in the known.


JEGC, Tokyo Escort in Gotanda,

Shinagawa area provides top notch service in this industry and enrolled with fascinating high standard escorts.


The sexual pleasure JEGC provide is more than satisfying and the content will be altered to your desire,

so it is always pleasurable as it was on your first time.


If you are a fuzoku lover searching for an unrevealed ecstasy,

if you still have not been involved with JEGC,

then you are missing out a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Because they will overwhelm your expectations and grant your desires

in the most astonishing way. Yes,

JEGC is a must to see.   

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