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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

2016/07 2016/07
Japanese Escort girls create "Lover's moment of pleasure"


Tourists, students, businessmen, thousands of purposes to Japan...

It's getting dark and your satisfying daytime is to end. Yes! Now is time for nightlife.   

Readers of this article may have just been back from a nightclub, drinking, dancing, enjoying. Perhaps you've noticed some attractive Japanese ladies.

However, she wasn't alone, the language barrier was in the way and on and on.

It's just difficult to make a communication in a foreign land.

"I'm in Japan, I'm not going to end the day alone!"

In this situation, calling or going to an escort agency is the best option. Most likely in other countries, simply meet a girl and have sex.


However, vaginal penetration is illegal in Japan. That is why various methods, "Japanese original" exist in Japan.


Delivery Health a.k.a. Deri-Heru is recommended of all genres.

Girls will come to you, secure and convenient.

It is as a date with a Japanese girlfriend at your room...!

Girlfriend experience at Deri-Heru.


【Worries and accidents from

    "the Language Barrier".】


Worries of making a booking despite of not speaking Japanese.

Worries if the staff understood what you have told.

Worries of misunderstanding the rate.

If your concerns cannot be confirmed, following accidents will not end...

   ・She wasn't Japanese...

   ・Donation rose up higher and higher...  

   ・After all the time and effort I spent, I was told "foreigners not allowed"...


Please be assured.

All of our staff speak English.


Our staff will answer to any inquiries such as following and make a booking.



FAQ: Are all girls Japanese?"

  ANS. Yes, all of our girls are Japanese.

  Also, complaints you here often,

  "Girl who showed up was not the person on the photo" will not occur.

  Girls' photo on our webpage are all real.


FAQ: I need a girl with black hair...

  ANS. We have many girls with shiny and smooth jet black tresses.


FAQ: My hotel has security, is it good to come?

   ANS. We own the know-how to clear the security,

  and have all information of deliverable hotels.

     In case if your hotel is not able to deliver,

        you still have an option by choosing Rendezvous.


FAQ: I don't have much YEN on me...

        ANS. We accept foreign currencies and credit card.

        We have set many options to pay.


FAQ: Are the pricing on your webpage true?

         ANS. Please be assured. No extra charge, unless an option is ordered.



【What type of girl is coming?

      How do I spend time together?】

 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-hqe1FVBEtqqURCJLbOtwf247pFx4JEXTrqquQZGDp1fZp3_NwWwkEuTLs0OHmXbBDMeZZshAL17s8_6Wg7sFa15rqeDj5j2Lj_TgpnSqxVvfhbuEj9mhkD2wX5XWcyp9uhsGSO_ https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/qqDmCCoZ5plGAauQUYN0kDGfhV6ojqyiDP5aoY-hxBG5QZufhIMQOM1dS8Wpx5nP8qSGt55TKiGELgCbd5rot0NwuAkcEshgPNYmrO45sijxrX1_GG85hbJ_qHLP7M2hdGA0s8rw https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-fLnB7u2dqApFKLejfdfCppW_XoI-A1CP_0HwSluFeW4BmPIUT6q-tsxp3_2kvjoc_RRxtuLbgHfHTom6jBiMaqn9POMN6qK2dqpeGKI5hK7OPLSbEpobnwA1u1Pk8MffbbPvEql

Only the most highly qualified are recruited.

KAWAII girl, JK girl, GAL-kei girl, flirtatious big sis next door...

A girl as if she had just popped out from Japanese-AMIME...

Together with Japanesey girls, various and enjoyable personalities...  

They are your lover this moment... Just yours!


      Our Japan Escort motto

    All embracing  "Girlfriend atmosphere" to assure "Blissful moment".



    "You're the man, what to do is up to you..."


Please ceck your  Girlfriend  "Tokyo girls informaiton "



Kiss her passionately, hold her tightly, caress each other softly...

Or just lie down together holding hands and whisper to each other...

if her English is not good, why not give a gentle lecture to her.


All the pleasure is yours, Bon Appetit.

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