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Learned 'sokusyaku' in GFE in Tokyo
January 14, 2016 2:00 AM | GFE

In GFE in Tokyo, men are expected to be gentlemen. However, GFE in Tokyo often prepare several hot optional services like 'sokusyaku', blowjob right after you meet without a bathing.
I do not speak Japanese very much. When I saw 'sokusyaku', I had no idea. But I was interested at once when I heard what it was.
Pretty girl starts blowjob as soon as she appears. Moreover, the hard blowjob is moving.
Since I enjoyed this GFE in Tokyo, I always request a girl with sexy lips for 'sokusyaku'.
Because I ejaculate a little early, I have a pretty escort girl good at denial for blowjob so that I can keep erection during the session after that.
Pretty girls in GFE in Tokyo are very good at denial to stop my ejaculation. I am happy about GFE in Tokyo let me forget my early ejaculation.

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