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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

There are many escort services in Tokyo.
March 17, 2019 1:33 PM | Escort services in Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo.


These days, there are a lot of tourists in any cities.

Japanese people had an aspect of being little negative for tourists from foreign countries before...


However, you can see English, Chinese and Korean words wherever you go.

Therefore, tourists can go shopping and eating out easily.


It must be convenient for families and women...

On the other hand, it might not be just enough for gentlemen, isn't it?

"Since I've come to Japan, let's play with a Japanese woman!" You might have that kind of desire. It's fun to pick Japanese girls up as well, but It's better to play easy by escort clubs, right?


Guess what?


Even though many foreigners come to use escort services, most of them are still for "Japanese only". There's just a few Tokyo escort services that foreigners can play at.


Of course, the number of escort clubs which provide services to foreigners have increased, compared to before. However, the price system for foreigners is actually different, and the girl' looks is totally different from a picture...She is not a Japanese girl... That's the fact of escort services in Tokyo.


We, JEGC, for eight years, have started phone reception. The price system is same as Japanese. Of course, our customer is people all over the world.


Our company is the one of the biggest Japanese escort club. We have branches all over Japan. We have adopted a membership system, so you can use our service again easily wherever you stay if you use us more than one time.


Let' go back on track.

Why do most of Japanese escort clubs decline foreigners?



First of all, as I mentioned above, Japanese people is passive and close-minded

Most of them have no confidence in English, so they feel inferior to speak it...

Actually, Japanese has learned basic English by compulsory education. They can communicate by simple sentences and words, but they worry about if they can understand mutual or not.

Second, Japanese people is not good at taking physical intimacy with someone they just met. They take a distance from that person because they think it's hard to respond it. Also, Japanese service is different from your country's. Girls and staff of escort clubs really worry about whether you understand these things...


The third reason is... This is a big problem.

Whether it's true or false, bad news flow on the internet, which is written about a foreigner's way of receiving the escort service. Like forcing sexual intercourse to a girl, violence, throwing money at a girl, and so on...

Some escort clubs decline foreigners even though they don't know the fact.


However, we know the truth.

Do they really do use violence like a clime? All the way from your country?


Perhaps, There is a few people who don't know about Japan, Japanese culture and low. Then they might made a mistake.


However, we Japanese are responsible for it as well.

Because we have not introduced Japanese culture...


Thus, that we've undertook for eight years is,


What is Japanese escort service!?


What is Japanese women!?


We've been informing our Japanese sexual culture because we would like you to understand it. And we provide more customers with "Japanese Omotenashi at night".


Thanks to you, a thousand of customers use our Tokyo escort service every month.


Even in this day which all of things are transacted by SNS, we think it is the most important to have a conversation in English with a customer.


Sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited in this industry.

For example, it is illegal to ask for and accept sexual intercourse with a different price system from regular one.


"Is sexual service without sex really good?" You might have doubts like this question.

Don't worry!!


Actually, Japanese men really love the sexual service even. No different then as now.


So, in the old days, since sexual intercourse has legalized by law, Japanese gentlemen thought about "what makes erotic services better without sexual intercourse?" every night. Then various kinds of escort agencies has came up.

First, "Health(herusu)", which might be the most common genre.

In particular, there are many Health in Tokyo.


In brief, it's possible to do whatever you want, but without sexual intercourse!!!

Meeting up a girl, hugging, kissing, touching each other.

And then you can cum with Japanese traditional technique, "Sumata", which is better than sexual intercourse.


However, Japanese men think not enough for it.

There are lots of genre in Health.


Exclusive agency, which is eager for looks...


Agency whose concept is cosplay.


Agency which only hires girls in early twenties.


Agency which only hires open-minded mature women...


We provide this kind of Health service as well.

We are based on the concept of "Feeling good, doing nothing".


It's OK not to do anything since you met up a girl.


Taking your clothes off, drinking tea, taking a shower..


The girl do anything for you.


Of course, you can do touching, kissing, and more enjoyable thing because we are Health agency and provide Tokyo escort service.


We can do say with confidence, "Feel better, no more sex, on our service"!!!


Yes, we guarantee our girls are all Japanese.


Perhaps, It's lazy to call and talk on a phone, you think.

We have staff who is a native English speaker, staff who speaks Japanese English but always doing his best, and professional staff who can understand your desire and then send the girl you really seek!!


They are unique, so some customers enjoy having a conversation with them.。

Feel free to call us.


We welcome your call anytime.


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