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How to find a Satisfying Escort Tokyo agency
April 26, 2020 5:53 PM | Escort Tokyo


I'm an office worker and 5 years has passed since my marriage.

At work I'm always told off by my boss and because of him I hate to go to work.


For me, my home is the only place I feel comfort and relaxed. Well, it used to be,,, 

Recently my relationship with my wife is not in good terms.


My wife is very strong willed who hardly takes "No" for an answer.

Sadly, I'm no match in an argument with her.


Therefore, before I knew it, she wears the pants in our relationship.


I often hear, the relationship I have with my wife is the key to keep a marriage going, the wife to be in control.

Well not for me, I don't agree, to be honest it's depressing.


I feel as if I'm her servant. And I don't like it.

So for now, I have no place to be completely calm and relaxed.



Attentive and Devoted?


Lately, I happened to overhear a story of my associate.

He was sharing  his experience at Fuzoku to his close associates.

(Fuzoku is a general term of Japanese sex industry)

I'm almost 40 and yet I'd never been to such a place.


I was immensely curious and luckily he was sitting next to me, I was all ears.

He mentioned a name of a Tokyo escort agency called JEGC.


I know nothing about Fuzoku, "JEGC" didn't quite get to me.

Apparently, the concept of JEGC is hospitality, to be exact "Omotenashi" in Japanese. 

He said the girls at JEGC are attentive to client's needs and devoted to answer to it.

Finally I understood what my associate was trying to say, basically at JEGC, men wear the pants.


After his story, I couldn't help to think about JEGC and wondered how it would be for me.

Until then, in some ways I had a twisted prejudice against sex industry, Fuzoku.

However from what I heard, I was convinced that JEGC will be an absolute experience for me.


Sex with my wife has always ended in frustration. 

She never showed much enthusiasm.

Eventually I end up making the first move to turn her on to me.


That itself is fine, but, after all, it always drains me midway through. 

So I was extremely grateful to find JEGC, they make me feel secured.


On that day I searched the website of JEGC.

As soon as their website appeared on the screen, a graphic of a woman popped up.

I whispered unconsciously, "INTENSE", the woman in the picture fascinated me instantly.

I scrolled down for details and searched variously.


It seems JEGC girls are high standard and brimming with hospitality.

Apparently, everyone's awareness tend to go with companion's attentiveness and devotion. 

However, I found out, here, besides that, there are several other interesting elements.


One of it is their various age range.

Say if I'm with an escort with the same age as my wife or maybe a bit young or above.

The situation makes it as if I'm having an affair with another house wife.


I never had an affair and I don't think I ever will.


This is going to be just pure excitement.


Next, each escort is carefully chosen.

I searched their profile for more details.


And what I witnessed is nothing but gorgeous escorts.

Absolutely high standard, just as if they popped out from a porn movie.


The level is extremely high with various variations, yet the price is reasonable. 

Obviously, JEGC is honest and trustworthy.


I can't imagine other agencies can provide service in the same standard with the same price by the same level of escort woman.


I made up my mind, and called JEGC for a booking.

I asked for an escort lady, Miss M, age 30.


Her huge breasts are the reason why I chose M.

Of all the escort girl her breast was overwhelmingly huge. 


My wife's breast size is no match compared to hers.

It was just inevitable to choose her.



Tokyo escort; I've never met someone so LEWD 



Of course I can't call M to my home.

So I went to JEGC's recommended hotel in Gotanda, Tokyo.


First, we met up outdoor, close to the hotel.

In general, people say 30's does not look young.

However M looked younger than her actual age.


Her demeanor looked more like a 25 year old.

Maybe it's because I'm almost 40, but substantially I think 30's nowadays all look younger than their age.


And so we went to the love hotel together.

She astonished me as soon as we entered the room. M embraced me in the most lewd



I thought we would have a small chat first, but no, it began immediately. 

My expectation was betrayed, in a extremely good way. 


I guess effectively JEGC's scenario is set in such a way.

And I was at the mercy of M, as she granted her soft full lips and luscious tongue to me.


Then she undressed me and we went for a shower.

Taking a shower with the companion is mandatory in Tokyo escort.

And even in shower she took care of me enthusiastically.


I didn't mind at all to wash myself, but no, she wouldn't let me. 

She cleansed me from top to bottom.

I've never experienced anything like this before, not even from my wife.

Not only have I aroused sexually, but I found inner peace in her devotion.


Furthermore, right after we've got out of shower she began fellatio.

This ,   is ,  WOW, , ,  !


Anyway from the very beginning, it was exciting, titillating, continuously stimulating.

And NO, my sex drive didn't slow down, on the contrary it accelerated.


Of course even after to bed she caressed me carefully with a zealous lick all around.

My ears, nape, nipples, belly, and my private was heightened with her alluring tongue and soft smooth hands.


During in bed, she kept shooting me with flirtatious looks and it seemed she was obsessed with my body.

The scenery led me to say unintentionally "You're so lewd M." I said so smiling, and she replied "I can't help it, the size of your penis and shape is just the way I love."


Her word lifted me up remarkably.

I can't remember since when, I got overly excited like I was with M.


Obviously, my wife would never say such a thing.

I found solace in her words and it touched me deeply. 


And it wasn't just blowjob.

She began to lick my testicles.

Her zealous lick aroused me tremendously.


Her petting was suitably pleasant, when she licked my testicles my body shivered spontaneously.


I couldn't hold myself any longer, I jumped on her explosive body.

To be passive, to let M do all the work is great, but when my sex drive reached a peak I urged to taste her.  


I never experienced anything like this before.

Sex with my wife is almost like a task.

Oppositely, there's no doubt, I was extremely exhilarated with M.



Tokyo escort; An ideal experience, JEGC is totally satisfying 



The time with M was certainly a valuable experience for me.

There are tons of Tokyo escort agencies, however, personally, I would recommend JEGC.


Firstly, the escort's age range are various.

And all companions are high standard.


With girls at JEGC, satisfaction is assured.


People who hasn't experienced Fuzoku may worry about the price and many other details.

However, from my experience I believe people should go to Fuzoku on occasion.


Because girls at JEGC are attentive to client's needs and devoted to answer to it.

A satisfying time is assured here.


Of course as for me, I'll be using Escort Tokyo, JEGC regularly.

Its a perfect cure for my life's mundaneness and workaday stress.


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo area.
Open 12:00PM - 5:00AM
Phone number : 03-5973-1515

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