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What is panel magic?


Panel magic is mainly used towards gravure photo of a woman working in the sex industry, photo shopping her looks as if she was thin by correction or editing, making the eyes look bigger like magic.


The word which united two words is panel magic. Furthermore, it is a standard slang word and is used seriously in the industry.


I cannot mention the name of the shop, but the sex shop I went to a little while ago was an open-minded composite with the gravure photo and background.


It was not a good store!

The expectation of how the services were going to be changed when the escort arrived....


Coming with expectations with in fact be a letdown and you wouldn't even feel like finishing.


Does the adult services in Shinjuku with soft service raise the woman rate of outstanding looks?


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Among the many genre stores, it is roughly divided into two service contents.

That is "hard service" & "soft service".


The health shop is "hard service" because the service content is hard.

I think that there is no doubt that the content of the service is a blowjob or a deep kiss, and there is a body touch from the customer = hard service.


Compared with that, in the case of esthetics systems, many shops refuse any body touch from customers, and blowjob and deep kiss are not included in the content of the play.


I think that there is no mistake in the interpretation of such service content = soft-core service.

(Of course, our Kyoto Rejuvenated Sexual Massage Club is a soft service.)


Working women will first look at the job site and decide which shop will work with the content of their work. (Eg play content and salary)


Earn with soft service rather than with hard service. If you are a worker, you must be looking at job information with this mind.

What changes here is salary and employment conditions for those working in the adult service industry in Shinjuku.

Basically, hard service offers higher salary. And the recruitment conditions are somewhat loose.


Soft service is set a little lower salary than hard service.

However, the Kyoto Escort Club has a system for raising money that can earn a high income that is not inferior to the hardest of circumstances.


Erotic esthetics are mostly soft services, and on the other hand there is no bit of fun if your position is that women are not cute.

Japanese adult services in Shinjuku (Japanese Escort Girls Club) understands that feeling!


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A high-end store among the genre of sexual feeling beauty treatment. The hiring conditions are set high, and only women who can be confidently informed to any customer are employed.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo Shinagawa, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Minato-ku and more.

Phone number: 03 5793 1515 (+81)

Open Hours: 12 pm to 5 am.




"Shibuya-ku, Shibuya" Hasn't everyone been here once?


It is one of Tokyo's leading business districts and has become a city of cutting-edge fashion, fashion, and music and youth culture.


Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro are all too famous as the three major city centers. Parco and 109, department stores and restaurants such as Seibu department store and eastern department store are lined up around Terminal Station of Yamanote Line.


Design complex "Shibuya Hikarie" designated by the Urban Renewal Special Measures Act as a designated urban renewal emergency maintenance area, and a large-scale development project advanced and opened


Furthermore, the redevelopment plan advances from 2020 to 2027, and the city of Shibuya is about to achieve transformation into a city with many skyscrapers on a scale called once in 100 years.


It is not a city only for young people, but a city in Shibuya that is changing as a city.

There are always lots of people in the city, but there is a business that is always present where people gather...




 That's the Sex Shop.


"Demerit of using a hotel in Shibuya"


There are so many things that can be said where people gather, and it is a "sex shop".

Naturally there are also many love hotels around the station.


When it comes to using customs in the city of Shibuya, I think that there are a lot of dispatch type sex shops such as incall and outcall in the image.

I wonder if it's a land, store-style sex shop is less than Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

Although it is natural for outcall, when using outcall etc. at home, business hotel or city hotel, you must use Love Hotel.


There are quite a few love hotels around Dogenzaka and Maruyamacho.

Naturally, there are quite a few sex shops in Shibuya.


Not only Shibuya but also neighboring Shinjuku Ward, Meguro Ward, and Deriheru from Minato Ward are within the range, so there are quite a few sex shops.


Even if there are a large number of love hotels compared to other areas, it is the size of this city, so I think that there will be a great number of customers of the sex shop one day.




In addition, there will be a large number of couples rather than the use of a sex shop, and the love hotel in Shibuya is being remodeled rapidly, so there are very many beautiful hotels.


There is also a women's association plan, etc., and I think that there are many uses for the purpose of being used for the party only by women.


Therefore, even if you want to use it, you may have to wait until there is no room available, and if the time is late it will be used for accommodation unless it is a 24 hour break hotel.

It will not be available until morning.


I think that there are not many people who have experience that they cannot use even if they want to use the hotel completely.

If this happens, it is completely hotel refugee status.


I searched for a flat room and an ugly room, and although I happened to find an empty room, a vacant room is a suite room......


The charge for the Shibuya sex shop is 20,000 yen, and if the hotel charges are originally supposed to be 4 to 5,000 yen for a break, 15,000 to 20,000 yen for the suite room.


If it is this charge, it will be called even a high-end delihel (laugh)


As this rate is so tight, it is as if there is a custom that there is no way to give up crying.



"The merit of using a hotel in Shibuya"


Shibuya's customs and circumstances due to the size and population of the city.

There may be many vacancies or hardships.


However, not only bad things.

It is a hotel where there are so many people and there are many daily visitors, so repeated renovations, etc., the hotel is often beautiful.


There is also a reasonable hotel with a 24-hour break, a hotel with a slightly higher price, a gorgeous hotel with ample amenities, and a hotel targeted at women. So, of course, it's beautiful and there are many, so you can choose a hotel that suits your needs.


Once you have decided on the hotel, the rest is over.

There is no limit to the choices you can make, such as Shibuya's Hote Hell and Ebisu's Deriheru.


If there is no waiting time girl will come within 10 minutes, and even Deriheru will not take 20 minutes if the store from Shibuya.

I think there are a lot of cute girls in any store, probably because the competition is fierce.


Compared with other areas, stores that have a lot of girly girls like girls with amateurish-style shops and uniforms and school girls with a concept of high school girls and girls with loli-like high school girls.


After all it may be because it is a town with many young people, or there are many who want to play with girls of about the same age.




"Fashion Health of Shibuya"


Although it is not accurate, there are about 800 cases in the Shibuya area alone and about 600 shops in Ebisu.

I think that there are more than 3000 cases including Shinjuku Ward and Minato Ward.

I think that everything is not a delivery type, so there are so many stores, though not so many in practice.


As a result, we talked only about love hotels this time, but if you can secure a hotel, you can just choose whatever you want.


It may be different if it is a girl who is too popular and will soon be filled with reservations, but unless there is a particular commitment, there are a wide range of shops from superstores to super high-end shops, and there are ways to play according to the mood of the day and wallet circumstances.


There is also a sex information center, and it may be good to use it when you cannot choose it yourself.




Japanese escort girls is a great stress relief.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)


Welcome to Tokyo.


These days, there are a lot of tourists in any cities.

Japanese people had an aspect of being little negative for tourists from foreign countries before...


However, you can see English, Chinese and Korean words wherever you go.

Therefore, tourists can go shopping and eating out easily.


It must be convenient for families and women...

On the other hand, it might not be just enough for gentlemen, isn't it?

"Since I've come to Japan, let's play with a Japanese woman!" You might have that kind of desire. It's fun to pick Japanese girls up as well, but It's better to play easy by escort clubs, right?


Guess what?


Even though many foreigners come to use escort services, most of them are still for "Japanese only". There's just a few Tokyo escort services that foreigners can play at.


Of course, the number of escort clubs which provide services to foreigners have increased, compared to before. However, the price system for foreigners is actually different, and the girl' looks is totally different from a picture...She is not a Japanese girl... That's the fact of escort services in Tokyo.


We, JEGC, for eight years, have started phone reception. The price system is same as Japanese. Of course, our customer is people all over the world.


Our company is the one of the biggest Japanese escort club. We have branches all over Japan. We have adopted a membership system, so you can use our service again easily wherever you stay if you use us more than one time.


Let' go back on track.

Why do most of Japanese escort clubs decline foreigners?



First of all, as I mentioned above, Japanese people is passive and close-minded

Most of them have no confidence in English, so they feel inferior to speak it...

Actually, Japanese has learned basic English by compulsory education. They can communicate by simple sentences and words, but they worry about if they can understand mutual or not.

Second, Japanese people is not good at taking physical intimacy with someone they just met. They take a distance from that person because they think it's hard to respond it. Also, Japanese service is different from your country's. Girls and staff of escort clubs really worry about whether you understand these things...


The third reason is... This is a big problem.

Whether it's true or false, bad news flow on the internet, which is written about a foreigner's way of receiving the escort service. Like forcing sexual intercourse to a girl, violence, throwing money at a girl, and so on...

Some escort clubs decline foreigners even though they don't know the fact.


However, we know the truth.

Do they really do use violence like a clime? All the way from your country?


Perhaps, There is a few people who don't know about Japan, Japanese culture and low. Then they might made a mistake.


However, we Japanese are responsible for it as well.

Because we have not introduced Japanese culture...


Thus, that we've undertook for eight years is,


What is Japanese escort service!?


What is Japanese women!?


We've been informing our Japanese sexual culture because we would like you to understand it. And we provide more customers with "Japanese Omotenashi at night".


Thanks to you, a thousand of customers use our Tokyo escort service every month.


Even in this day which all of things are transacted by SNS, we think it is the most important to have a conversation in English with a customer.


Sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited in this industry.

For example, it is illegal to ask for and accept sexual intercourse with a different price system from regular one.


"Is sexual service without sex really good?" You might have doubts like this question.

Don't worry!!


Actually, Japanese men really love the sexual service even. No different then as now.


So, in the old days, since sexual intercourse has legalized by law, Japanese gentlemen thought about "what makes erotic services better without sexual intercourse?" every night. Then various kinds of escort agencies has came up.

First, "Health(herusu)", which might be the most common genre.

In particular, there are many Health in Tokyo.


In brief, it's possible to do whatever you want, but without sexual intercourse!!!

Meeting up a girl, hugging, kissing, touching each other.

And then you can cum with Japanese traditional technique, "Sumata", which is better than sexual intercourse.


However, Japanese men think not enough for it.

There are lots of genre in Health.


Exclusive agency, which is eager for looks...


Agency whose concept is cosplay.


Agency which only hires girls in early twenties.


Agency which only hires open-minded mature women...


We provide this kind of Health service as well.

We are based on the concept of "Feeling good, doing nothing".


It's OK not to do anything since you met up a girl.


Taking your clothes off, drinking tea, taking a shower..


The girl do anything for you.


Of course, you can do touching, kissing, and more enjoyable thing because we are Health agency and provide Tokyo escort service.


We can do say with confidence, "Feel better, no more sex, on our service"!!!


Yes, we guarantee our girls are all Japanese.


Perhaps, It's lazy to call and talk on a phone, you think.

We have staff who is a native English speaker, staff who speaks Japanese English but always doing his best, and professional staff who can understand your desire and then send the girl you really seek!!


They are unique, so some customers enjoy having a conversation with them.。

Feel free to call us.


We welcome your call anytime.


Uguisudani love hotels are located in Taito-ku, Tokyo above place where there is Ueno in the vicinity.


In the northeastern part of Tokyo where Uguisudani is located, it is also a place where various informative spots such as "Yoshiwara" which is the biggest entertainment area in Japan and "Doya street of Sanya" are densely populated.


By the way, the place name "Uguisudani" does not exist. However, it seems that this name is used for the station name etc. because it was a sightseeing spot of Negara.


This is a hotel town, and the atmosphere of the town is a different space that is unusual, but it seems to be bad for security..



The age group of this area is mostly middle aged men 30 and up.


About Uguisudani love hotels and the station.


It is located in Taito-ku, Tokyo. This station is a JR station through which the Yamanote line and the Keihin Tohoku line pass, but outside the station the world is a bit different from other stations.


Well, even from the station's platform, you can see love hotels.

The neon lights of "HOTEL CRYSTAL" is a Showa retro feeling, strange feeling by this neon all the time. .



Due to its reasons, Uguisudani Station is also the station with the fewest passengers in the Yamanote line station.


Also, there is no green windows at the station.

There are no green windows on the Yamanote line station, it is only two stations "Uguisudani station" and "Shin Okubo station"!


People who go through such ticket gates at Uguisudani station are mostly middle-aged people. Young people have little presence.


There are also people that apparently are looking at the appearance in a mysterious way.


There is a love hotel street in the place like the above figure in front of Uguisudani station. As you can see, in front of the station is a hotel! !


In front of the ticket gate there is Lawson, there are chain shops such as Doutor and McDonald's, but except for that, the hotel and the free information office are standing!!


Why were love hotel built in Uguisudani?


It seems that around the time of the Pacific War, the area was burnt down by the Tokyo Air Raid.


And after the war, the person who came from the district looking for a place to work has made a simplified accommodation because there is no accommodation place.


Afterwards, as the world gradually settled down, the number of guests declined and it became a brought in, and it became a love hotel town now.



Many shops have a fountain before the love hotel.


Also here in Yoshiwara, when you walk through the love hotel street you hear the sound of water flowing in places.


This fountain seems to have meaning to give customers a clean image and to cleanse. The image is indeed bad, and perhaps a case or something happening.


Soapland streets are spreading in Yoshiwara nearby, while health shops are lined up in Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku, whereas stores in the Uguisudani do not have stores.


What spreads a lot in this city is "Delivery Health"!

It is the so-called, Deliheru town.


Currently, there are many Korean Delivery health (Korean deli) that is along the lines of a girlfriend experience.


The store side can dispatch women to the hotel or home and provide services 24/7.


Due to the law in 1999, it seems that a variety of Deriheru enterprise rushes have occurred due to the fact that the storeless types were accepted, and the number of stores has risen sharply.

It is said that in the maritime industry now, it is oversupplied.


Also, as for other reasons, it is almost impossible to open sex shops.

 Compared to the past, women are more familiar with the world of customs through the Internet, and more women are thinking about seeing blogs of marvelous ladies.


However, it is said that men who spend money on customs are also decreasing because the recession continues and the economy does not rise.


Customs are not cheap. Because of that situation, although there are more women, men who use it seems to be oversupplied!


Yoshiwara, Japan's largest soap street, is located in Taito-ku. As the nearest station is Uguisudani but it takes about 30 minutes to walk and it is in a place that is inconvenient.


Yoshiwara is a place where it was Yoshiwara Wako, a village district that was recognized in the old days. It seems that 250 soap stores were in line at the peak, but it seems that it is currently shrinking to about 150 stores. However, even 150 is not quite a number?


In the Kanto Great Earthquake Disaster the demolished streets were hit hard, but after that they were also used as a red line area as a legitimate city.

Well Yoshihara not only the Great Kanto Earthquake, but also back in the Edo era has been hit by fire more than 40 times.


However, it seems that the Edo era where many fire occurred seems to have lived with spirit like "Once it gets to zero, I should build it again!"


This one who speaks to the men who are standing in front of the station freely.

It seems like a direct calling version of the so-called Deliheru.


Hello Customer! It seems like those who try to negotiate directly by calling out to the man who is fishing the site with the mobile handset in front of the station, it seems that it is from a long time ago.


In addition, a few prostitutes (Tonbo) were seen in Uguisudani. Previously, it seemed that there were many places around Tokyo Metropolitan Health Plaza Heisei in Kabuki-cho, but almost all of them have ceased to be seen at the moment because all were caught together.

Currently, it seems that you can hardly see the appearance of the dragonfly even if you walk around Uguisudani station.

But there are things that one or two women stand on love hotel rather than zero. By the time I visited there was a middle-aged person who was indescribable.


There are also many stray cats, and it feels somewhat creepy.


Uguisudani love hotel United:

Here, there are many delivery health services which are illegal businesses. However, they have not been caught yet.

If the police are concerned, it should be possible use the prostitution prevention law etc.


I wrote that the book I read in the past said that if there is serious caution in this town and the economy stops spinning, the surrounding Uguisudani love hotel street will be hit hard and people will disappear from the city.


It is such a situation that the industry with customizations are supporting this city so much.


It will be the future of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Does this city have any changes?

The customization industry often tends to strengthen control in order to appeal that the city is safe compared to foreign countries during such events.


[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)

[OPEN HRS]12 pm - 5 am (Last call)  GMT+9

















Japanse Escort Girls Club , Escort service in Tokyo

03-5793-1515 (81 3 5793 1515)

When trying to understand the differences and getting your type from a Tokyo escort agency, It's good to know what kind of service you should be expecting depending on your location here in Tokyo Japan.

"I am talking about notes of sexual female sexual habits, erogenous zones, favorite postures, etc. When I gathered them, I found that sex also has prefectural bias characteristics.


Shinichi Yano who claims to be a "Doctor of prefectural citizenship" with many books such as "Prefectural Sexuality" (Kobunsha) and so on.

When a foreigner comes to Japan, Is Tokyo and Osaka the same? Even if it is a small island country, Japan was divided in clans until the Edo period and a prefecture was a "country."



As the way of thinking and customs are different, it is no wonder that sex style is different depending on your prefecture. "


These analysis is based on realistic practical data rather than literature when it comes to a Tokyo escort agency.


First of all, Aomori Prefecture, which was the top in the sex examination conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association in January this year, there are many hidden metamorphosis. It is cold and tends to be confined to the house, but like the Nebuta Festival, you should like the essence to play.


Speaking of metamorphosis, this is abnormal prefecture as well.

"Does an actress in an interview" have experience of 3P? "Nara and Mie prefectures will answer" Yes " There are not only 3Ps but there are 4Ps "sometimes returned with seriousness"


Buddha of Nara, Mie Ise Jingu ... ... In the land where Buddha and God exist, there is "customs to enjoy together"!


Famous locations such as Hokuriku (Fukui prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Toyama prefecture) are known to have women escorts that like to bite and use teeth during play.


Hokuriku is a cold place so there is usually no time for foreplay!

Due to this dilemma, a lot of AV actresses and just women in general are either inexperienced or do not like to provide blowjobs enthusiastically...




Let me explain the rankings of the following.

"Saga prefecture, Shiga prefecture, and Osaka prefecture, there were many milfs who will ignore orders and mount what they please.


On the contrary, it is Saitama prefecture that a man can keep on.

In the AV industry, there are lots of blowjobs that there is a slogan for Saitama prefecture, which is "I love licking." Technique is also outstanding.


Incidentally speaking Saitama prefecture is also known as "Pechapai prefecture".

"When a company surveyed average female bust cups across the country, only Saitama was at the bottom of the average A cup, the reason is that Saitama girls who went to school and cram school in Tokyo during the growth period their sleep time cut off It has been said that the breasts did not grow well, being made, "


In the Kanto region, attention is being paid to women in Gunma prefecture.

"Gumma women are hard workers, laying guys in the buttocks".


Although there seems to be many firm women, Mr. Azumi Ken said, "I love bags and love Gunma prefecture."

"The car sex experience rate is also high in car society. The car Nanpa is also rampant and in the narrow car the back is the most comfortable, so it will be a habit"




Women are tough in Akita, Okayama, Hiroshima prefecture.

When I played with a woman in Akita with a toy, after stopping her hand kept on going, Do not stop! Okayama and Hiroshima women will be threatened.


Mr. Yano explains the prefectural character of women in these three prefectures as follows.

"Akita is a beautiful person with fair skin, because it is also adored by men in other prefectures.

Hiroshima and Okayama are famous sister skin type with a strong core and are also famous for being stubborn and tenacious."


Queen of Akita beauty, tenacious even in bed Hiroshima and Okayama ... It certainly looks strong.


A woman in Kanagawa prefecture who is intellectual and has a good sense with attraction to new gadgets, and they really like toys.

Shall I use an electric car or a vibe? "When saying, it is quite pleasant that it is affected by the arrival of Perry?

Dawn and a cannon are driven into the black ship," Weapons are amazing "and people in Kanagawa are still influenced by this.


I think it is impossible to combine weapons with adult toys, but ... ...!?

Mutsurisukebe is a traditional Japanese word.


Anyway, since there are abundant practical data enumerated, we summarized the trends.


As a result, Chiba prefecture is the most reluctant to sex.

"This is a mistake since I'm from Chiba, so it is no doubt that" production rate of AV actress and AV actress is the highest prefecture




Nagano Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture are hard with tight mussels.

"Both are pretty shy in the inland prefecture, but if you open your crotch, the love juice like the Fossa Magna of the Japanese Alps will come out behind the bila villa"

There are also many Mutsurisukebe in Kyoto Prefecture.

"Although Kyoshi at first glance he was erotic, although he made a number of people around Nijo, he often caught easily and was wearing super sexy underwear, and moreover," hit by a belt " I'm also looking for SM-style playing "


Although Kyoto has historical sights, there are few places where local people play, so there is a possibility that they are thinking about erotic only.


Even in Mutsurisukebe, Fukushima Prefecture is more abstract than Kyoto.

"A famous Nampa spot in front of one shopping mall in Iwaki City, I caught three girls in one day, but while I was hitting the second person, the first girl came back to the same place again, I crossed my arm with an unknown man this time and went away somewhere."


Mutsuri's reverse, putting erotic on the front Gatsuri Skebe is Kumamoto prefecture and Kagoshima prefecture.

"Kumamoto women have been called" women in fire country "for a long time, passionate and straight temperament. The Kagoshima is" Satsuma Osao ", it is the Agemann type which makes a good difference with a man"


Okinawa blowing the tide with thick Hokkaido

"Fukuoka prefecture of service spirit" is Speaking of Kyushu Fukuoka's customs are the best in Japan. The girls are cute and if they have not ejaculated even after the playing time they will notice until the end"




Fukuoka, the production area of ​​the beautiful woman, may be a man's peach village.


Although it is hard, it is said that there is such an episode with a woman in Yamagata Prefecture of Gutsuri Skebe.

Yamagata ranked first in "couple number" at the 2010 census.

Even though it is hard, when it is Yaru seems to be in a tendency to hurt.


Finally, let me explain "the prefecture with the best highest rank".

"First of all, Tokyo is the only limited area in the Tama area, although there is a high-class residential area, there are fewer spots to play than from the city center, so madams are often doing yoga.


Apart from punishment, yoga seems to be an exercise to make great instruments.


The second place is Okinawa Prefecture. It says that there is a solid reason.

"Okinawa women of. The most important thing with ejaculation is to relax. Okinawa women who are raised in southern countries and who are non-smiling are better at pulling out the power even in the bed. In addition, since the tide is moisture,"


The higher the ratio is, the more often it will be because it is a hot land, so it is probably due to drinking lots of water. "


Hokkaido won the first place of prosperity. Mosquito girl is the owner of the strongest instrument!

Even the same creatures live in a cold place, the law is that the body grows bigger.

"A woman who grew up in Hokkaido with extreme cold developed greatly and became a famous instrument of such thickness. I want to call this" Erokuma"




Tokyo is the capital of Japan.So people come flocking from all quarters.

In Tokyo ,You can meet a lot of Japanese girls from other area and experience the adult entertainment cultures.

So while you're in Tokyo, be sure to ask your Japanese escort what part of Japan she is from in order to get a better insight of what you'll be getting yourself into and what to expect from a Tokyo escort agency.


[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)

[OPEN HRS]12 pm - 5 am (Last call)  GMT+9


What is so special about a Tokyo Escort?



Topics such as "The Japanese have SEX annual number of times less than the whole world" has become a cliche. In terms of the world, it is an average of 103 times / year, while the Japanese are 48 times / year. For girls who wish to go out with foreigners or to marry internationally in the future, sexual life in the other country is anxious.

Announcing in descending order of annual number! !

10th country with most annual sex:

1st Greece                 6th Poland

2nd Brazil                 7th Malaysia

3rd Russia                 8th Switzerland

4th China                  9th Spain

5th Italy                   10th Mexico



The Greeks who make sex with an average of 164 times a year are magnificent 1st place. It is 87% of those who always sex at least once a week. The proportions of Brazil and Russia that follow are 82% and 80%, respectively. China is the best in Asia and it is ranked number one in the sustained ranking of stamina.

10th place with least annual sex:

1st Japan                    6th Australia

2nd USA                    7th Singapore

3rd Nigeria                  8th Hong Kong

4th United Kingdom          9th Netherlands

5th Canada                  10th New Zealand




The fact that Japan is a sexless country is famous worldwide and is considered abnormal.

In the data, the average number of Japanese sex annuals is assumed to be 48 times,

45% of Japanese women are asexual who are indifferent to sex and 35% of Japanese young men have data of being asexual .

Among the Japanese, 15% are satisfied with sex life. Except for Nigeria, the number of sex seasons is low compared to developed countries.


Sex Stamina 

European countries have a distinctive feature that sex is long and Asia has short sex. British people start with communication as it is a gentlemanly image, and it does not become like the end just after doing. Many Thai men think that it is okay for themselves to be satisfied, they seem to tend to progress at their own pace..


A country where sexlessness leads to divorce:

The country where sexless leads to divorce is France. In France which is a country of love, it is natural for couples to have sex even if they get older, so sexless = leading to divorce because there is no love. There is also the word "divorce if you do not have pillows". It may be tough for a person marrying a French women!


This is just grazing the topic of such a dilemma but when it comes to finding a companion especially in Tokyo, things can either be very tricky or just plain simple.


One of the easiest ways is to order a Japanese Tokyo Escort for a girlfriend experience (GFE)



The cliché sexless parody can be completely demolished when going this route because yes, it's what you paid for!


Tokyo Escorts within Japanese Escort Girls Club may not be able to provide a full sex service, but due to their skills and the need for alternatives is most likely able to give you a sensation and experience that is better than sex plus hard to forget.


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*Year-end and New Year period are as follows:

Dec. 31 2018 :  12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

Jan. 1 2019   : Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※  Jan. 1, 2019 - Jan. 3, 2019 : Please understand that we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.

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However, intercourse/"hooking-up" doesn't create such problems since love is a universal language as well.

Due to all of our tokyo escort girls being 100% Japanese (born & raised), most have not developed English speaking/comprehension.

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Japanese Escort Girls Club do teach our girls basic communication skills such as greetings etc but when it comes to special requests like "can you go deeper?", a better way to go about it is may be simply just "Deep".  


Using just simple verbal words will be the best to get your point across and not waste time either. Words include: (fast, slow, strong, soft, no, yes, ok etc )

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*Year-end and New Year period are as follows:


Dec. 31 2018 :          12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

Jan. 1 2019   : Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※  Jan. 1, 2019 - Jan. 3, 2019 : Please understand that we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.


How to get your hands on a lovely Shinjuku Escort while staying in Tokyo?



Shinjuku is a big city with high populations and skyscrapers with many things to do, especially when it comes to having an escort..


The Kabukicho area is one of the most stand-out locations for entertainment including adult themed attractions when it comes to Shinjuku Escorts.

Here are some ways you can access such a great site:


It's safe even with your first time going! How to transfer from JR Shinjuku station to other railways & subways


Shinjuku station boasts the number one getaway in the world. Various routes are getting in and it is a station that often gets lost in just by switching to each line.


In this article, to make it easy for people who used Shinjuku Station for the first time to understand, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to transfer from JR Shinjuku Station to each line.


One of the leading hub station in Tokyo "Shinjuku"


Shinjuku dotted with department stores, established huge fashion buildings, drinking streets such as Kabukicho and Golden Street, is a sightseeing spot where people gather at night and day.


"Shinjuku station" boasts the number one getaway in the world. Because it is also one of the main spots in Tokyo, there are multiple routes, and its complexity is about to get lost even by Japanese people who partake in the same Shinjuku Escorts.


In this article, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner how to transfer from JR Shinjuku Station to each private railway / subway so that even people using Shinjuku Station for the first time will not get lost.


Seven routes from JR Shinjuku station

* If you click on the route name, it jumps in detail.



Major spots on route name route


1. Odakyu Line

Hakone, Shimokitazawa


2. Keio Line

Mt. Takao, Hachioji


3. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Ginza, Koishikawa Korakuen etc.

4. Toei Oedo Line

Tsukiji, Roppongi etc.


5. Toei Shinjuku Line



6. Keio New Line

Hatsudai Station, Honachiman Station, Sasazuka Station


7. Seibu Shinjuku Line

Takadanobaba, Honkawagoe


Besides Shinjuku Station, Tokyo Metro and Metropolitan Line also have "Shinjuku Station" which is divided into small areas such as "Shinjuku Sanchome" station and "Shinjuku West Exit" Station, each of which is within walking distance.


If you use a station on the same line, it is the difference whether one station going through to arrive at the destination station increases or decreases.


Here we introduce you to the "Shinjuku" station.


The ticket gate of JR Shinjuku station is divided into the ground and underground

The JR Shinjuku station is divided into two floors, the ground and the basement.

The main exits are East Exit, West Exit and South Exit. Let's remember that the east entrance and the west entrance are underground and the south entrance is above the ground.


For details, please see "To enjoy Shinjuku smartly! Destination separate · Shinjuku station exit guide".


There are several routes to change to each line, but here we will focus on the easy to understand directions.




1. Transfer port of Odakyu Line (West exit ground ticket gate)

The Odakyu line is a convenient route when going to Hakone. If you take the Odakyu Romance Car you can reach the Hakone sightseeing entrance "Hakone Yumoto" station in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (charge 2,280 yen).


In addition, without having to use the Odakyu Romance Car you can arrive at "Katase Enoshima" station nearest to "Enoshima" (about 1 hour 10 minutes, 630 yen) and "Shimokitazawa" station (about 10 minutes, 160 yen) without transfer.


If you need to buy a ticket to the West Exit

I went to the west exit ticket gate

If you need to purchase a ticket from the Odakyu Line after leaving the ticket gate once, let's get out of the "West Exit".

As you exit the ticket gate, there is a large staircase and escalator beside the shop "Odakyu AZUR". Please go up here.


West exit ground

As you climb the stairs, the front has become a space opened, and there is a ticket gate on the Odakyu line in the back. Tickets etc are on the left side facing the ticket gate.


Central west entrance is convenient if you have an IC card

Odakyu West Exit Underground

In the central west entrance, there is a ticket gate with which the exit of JR Shinjuku station and the entrance gate of the Odakyu line became together.

For those who do not need to buy a ticket, such as an IC card, this ticket gate is convenient.




Transfer tickets

Since it is in line with the transfer entrance of the Keio Line, I will head towards the one with the blue sign (out side of the picture).

It is easy to remember that "blue is the Odakyu line".


Since this ticket gate is exclusively for transfer, if you want to go out on the ground or outside the ticket gate please get out from the ticket gate at the west entrance.


2. Change port of Keio Line

Keio Line

The Keio Line was created as a route connecting Shinjuku and Hachioji City. Therefore it is convenient to go to western Tokyo, Takao Mountain etc. From Shinjuku station to Takao Yamaguchi station it takes approximately 50 minutes by express, and the charge is 390 yen.

If you need to buy a ticket to the West Exit

Keio Line

After going out the wicket gate at the west entrance, go straight ahead and you will see the signs for the photo "Odakyu ox SHOP" at the left side. To the Keio Line, turn left at here:Coin locker

Pass through a narrow street where coin lockers line up and go straight.



Proceed along the road between Omusubi store on the front "Odusubi" and curry shop "curry shop C & C". The curry looks delicious during business hours.


Keio Line

When you get off the road, there is a ticket gate on the left side.

Central west entrance is convenient if you have an IC card


Transfer tickets

Keio Line

Alongside the ticket for transferring the Odakyu line is the staircase leading to the Keio Line. Go down the stairs of the photo and go straight ahead.


Ticket gate

As you climb the stairs at the end, there is a pink color ticket on the right side. It is also a place where the exit of the JR line and the entrance of the Keio line are together so it is recommended for those who do not need to buy a ticket.


3. Transit of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

East east underground

The Tokyo Metro where there is a station underground further goes down from the east exit of B1F. After going out the east exit and going down the road on the left side, let's go down as the stairs will be visible.


Underground Guidance:

As you descend, there is a large underground aisle.


Marunouchi Line

Going diagonally to the right, it is a ticket gate for the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. If you are going to Ginza (Ginza station), Koishikawa Korakuen (Korakuen station) in the Japanese garden, Tokyo Dome City (Korakuen station), it is convenient to use here.


4 ~ 6. Let's memorize the Oedo Line ·Shinjuku Line and Keio New Line as a set

Oedo Line

Three lines of Toei Oedo Line, Shinjuku Line, Keio New Line are a bit complicated.

The Oedo Line is followed by Roppongi, and the Shinjuku Line follows Jimbocho. Let's learn here with a set as these are ticket gates together. It is along with the way to change from the central west entrance to the Keio Line until halfway.



Ticket gate

At the Keio Line, I went through a pink ticket gate, but I switched to 3 wires, on the left, I left a green JR ticket gate.


It is safe even for the first time! How to transfer from JR Shinjuku station to private railway / subway

Go straight under the sign surrounding with the red circle in the left back.


Turn left

Turn left at the place written "KEIO MALL". If you go straight ahead, there is a sign written as "Oedo Line" and you can see the ticket gate.


After going straight ahead, there is also a ticket gate on the Oedo line on the right side, but there is a ticket gate only for the Oedo line.

If you want to ride the Keio new line, Shinjuku line, let's go straight through "KEIO MALL" and use the ticket gate that you see in front.


7. Switch to the Seibu Shinjuku Line

Seibu Shinjuku eki

Seibu Shinjuku line, located just a bit away from JR Shinjuku station. You can go to "Honkawagoe" station where you can go to "Takadanobaba" station at Waseda University and Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine famous for the god of marriage.


Shinjuku Don Quijote

Let's use the east exit for the exit. If you go straight on Shinjuku Station with Shinjuku Station on the east exit, you can go to Kabukicho area.

When you go out on the street where Don Quijote is located, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn left.


Go straight ahead

Seibu Shinjuku eki

If you proceed as it is, you will arrive at a brown building with a sign with "Pe Pe".

This is the Seibu Shinjuku Line.

As we go down the road under the signboard there is a ticket gate.


Seibu Shinjuku Station Google Map


Even if you mistake the exit, be sure to check the signs with patience!

As shown in the table below, it is also possible to transfer from the exit other than the one introduced this time.

The exit came out, but I did not understand! In case you do not mind, please check the sign.



Changeable exit

Odakyu Line West Exit, Central West Exit, South Exit

Keio Line West Exit, Central West Exit, South Exit

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line East Entrance, West Exit

Oedo · Shinjuku Line, Keio New Line Central West Exit, South Exit

Also, if it is difficult to see the sign, let's also ask with the stations information desk or station employees.


Please safely master the transfer and have a nice trip!

Outcall Escort in Tokyo ,  Shinjuku, Shinokubo available

[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)

[OPEN HRS]12 pm - 5 am (Last call)  GMT+9


Tokyo Escorts information for when you're in the mid-town areas of Tokyo, Japan.

(Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku)




First off, what is Ginza?


Ginza in Tokyo is where classy environments and shopping spots are available.

Originally it was an artificial island, and the name "Ginza Official Gate" was placed in this place, a silver coin mine (ginkgo hensho).


It is located from 1 - chome to 8 - chome, and each street runs vertically and horizontally, centered around Chuo - dori, while being in the chuo-district.


While continuing to further establsh Western culture in gourmet and fashion, it also inherits Japanese traditions such as Kabukiza and Tsukiji.


There are also many department stores, luxury shopping streets, overseas brand stores, showrooms for electric appliances including Sony Building, and attracting attention as a shopping mecca.

In addition, the Tsukiji market called Tokyo's kitchen is also nearby.


There are 6 4-star hotels in Ginza and 12 3-star hotels (including "Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ginza 3-chome" opened in the winter of 2017), 1 2-star hotel, 1 capsule hotel....Yes.


The price will be around 30,000 to 40,000 yen for a 4 star hotel and around 20,000 yen for a 3 star hotel, but it is necessary check because there is a day for one night per night of 5,000 yen at the 2 star "Hotel Ginza Daiei" .


There are also many business hotels that can be relatively reasonably sought from Yurakucho and Shimbashi within walking distance from Ginza, from the five 5-star hotels "The Peninsula Tokyo" and "Imperial Hotel Tokyo".


Every hotel has a great plan such as early division, consecutive nights discount, lady's plan etc on the official website, so please check in advance.

No wonder why there are so many Tokyo escorts especially in this area.

The amazing bomb shells you see on the street are either rich from escorting or famous.




How to get to Ginza from Narita Airport:


From Narita airport to the Tokyo Metro Ginza station there is a high-speed bus "THE access Narita" of JR Bus Kanto, Asuka Traffic and Peace Transport joint operation, the journey time is about 90 minutes (depending on traffic conditions), the fare is 1,000 It is convenient and convenient yen.

Also, the Keisei bus "Tokyo Shuttle" (1,000 yen), Tokyo Airport Transport "Airport Limousine" (3,100 yen) is coming to Tokyo Station. From there one station to Ginza station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, 170 yen.


Those who wish to use the railroad are required to take the JR Limited Express Narita Express to Tokyo Station for about 1 hour, the fare requires 1,320 yen tickets and a limited express ticket of 1,700 yen.


How to get to Haneda Airport from Ginza

From Haneda airport, Keikyu Airport line to Shinbashi station to 570 yen, or East Ginza station to 610 yen, which takes about 30 minutes for both. Also, if you use the Tokyo Monorail, you can get to Hamamatsucho Station about 20 minutes, from there you can get to Shimbashi station at JR Yamanote line, total fare is 630 yen.

JR Shimbashi Station is a station southwest of Ginza, about 10 minutes on foot to Tokyo Metro Ginza Station. If you are uneasy about walking, those with lots of baggage, you can take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, it is one station to Ginza Station.


Directions from Ginza to Tsukiji

Go Southern Avenue on Sony Building, Ginza Mitsukoshi, then past Tokyo Metro Higashi Ginza Station and highway, there is Tsukiji.

As the Tsukiji temple is visible, the Tsukiji market is just around the corner. It is about 10 minutes on foot, but if you take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line you can go to the Tsukiya station from the Ginza station by the landing station, 170 yen.


At Tokyo Metro Ginza Station there are three subways, Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line, so it can be said that the subway or walk alone is sufficient for the movement.




Ginza Line Home is Central Chuo Line, Marunouchi Line Home is Outer Hori Dori, Hibiya Line is in the basement of Harumi Avenue, there are exits A1 to A13 (A4 is closed), B1 to B10 and C1 to C9 excluding A6. The main spots near the exit are as follows.


· A7, A8, A11 ...... Ginza Mitsukoshi

· A9, A10 ...... Ginza Wako

· A12, A13 ...... Matsuya Ginza

· B9 ...... Sony Street

· C2 and C4 ...... Sekoiyabashi intersection

· C4 ...... JR Yurakucho Station

· C6 ...... Printemps Ginza


Also, there are elevators to the ground, at exits A8, B2, B7, B8. Also, the distance from the exit with Ginza Mitsukoshi to Tsukiji is about 1 km away.


Apart from the Ginza line, the "Ginza 1 - chome" station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line is in the basement of Yanagidori, and if you leave the second exit, the JR Yurakucho station is just over there.

"Higashi Ginza" station of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Asakusa Line is convenient to go to Kabuki-za.


Ginza is also accessible from JR Yurakucho station and JR Shinbashi station on foot, and can be accessed by the metropolitan bus "Business 10" connecting Shinbashi and Tokyo Sky Tree Station, or a Tokyo metropolitan bus that connects Tokyo Station and Tokyo Big Site "City 05 Because it is running, please use it according to the signs in front and back.

Ginza sushi shop

Sushi represents Japanese food and because the Tsukiji market is near, there are many delicious sushi restaurants in Ginza. But sushi is not cheap at all, especially at Ginza, which has many famous stores.

It is likely to cost tens of thousands of yen, so let's eat deliciously using the shop offering a great lunch and all you can eat. For the recommended sushi shop, please see the following article.


If you want to eat sushi to the fullest in Tokyo, here are 3 sushi all-you-can-eat shops:




Eel cuisine

Because the eel is a premium ingredient, where your wallet is concerned, you can eat grilled eel with reasonable prices.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Station There is a Ginza shop in Subaru Building 1F immediately after exiting the B2 Exit, and Shinomiya (Tomimatsu) (Higashi Ginza shop) in the eleventh Ginza Building 1F near Kabukiza.


Address: Ginza 4-3-7 Chuo-ku, Tokyo Subaru Building 1F

Phone number: 03-3535-5341

Western food "Brick Tate"

At Brick Tate, founded in 1895, you can enjoy "Western food" developed independently in Japan, such as omelet rice, Hayashi rice, potage soup, fried shrimp and pork cutlets. Exits B1 exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station and is 2 minutes' walk north of Suzuran Street.


Address: 4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Boso Tsukamoto B1F

Phone number: 03-5250-1081

Michelin's yakitori "Birdland Ginza store"

Grilled chicken stewed with charcoal and baked with charcoal is a taste of the Japanese populace, but there is a Yakitori shop that won a single star (2015 edition) with a French Michelin Guidebook.


The name is also Birdland Ginza store. It is in the basement 1F of a building directly connected from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C6 exit. Please enjoy the Japanese popular cuisine that French people also admire.


Address: 1-2-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-5524-3641


Japanese food "Gonpachi"

A 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, there is G - Zone Ginza, where you can have several dining options, and you can enjoy meals as entertainment.

Among them, the inside of the Japanese-style Ryo-Hachi store is a very elaborate interior decorating old Japanese streets.

You can see how yourself in the shop and you can eat while grabbing sushi or grill yakitori at the counter.

There are table seats, private rooms, and a cushion, so please choose your favorite places.




Shabu-shabu "Shabusenshin"


Shabu-shabu is a dish that sliced ​​meat is quickly passed through a boiled soup stock, heated and cooked with vegetables and tofu to be cooked on ponzu and paste and eaten.

In Shibusinshin in Ginza, menu of English, Chinese, and Thai is prepared, and the lunch menu is advantageous.


Address: 5-8-20 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza core B2F

Phone number: 03-3572-3806


I also want to read:

About shabu-shabu way of eating that you cannot ask now


Katsukarai "Ginza Switzerland"

Katakare, which topped with pork cutlet and fried pork cutlet for curry rice, was born in Ginza Switzerland, founded in 1947. That menu, which was innovative at the time, was now a cuisine familiar to the public. Ginza Switzerland's rich thick cutlet curry with a perfect score, please relish it once.


Address: 3-5-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone number: 03-03-3563-3206

Izakaya "Soil furnace" Ginza 1 chome branch

Although there are many pubs, there will be no izakaya stuck to the interior like a soil furnace (and bath). Through the "Wabi · Sabi" reminiscent of the world of the tea ceremony, I step in the store made from the concept of wanting to convey the traditional culture of Japan, it seems that time slipped in the Edo period.

I am glad that there is an English and Chinese menu.


Address: 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza First Building B2F

Phone number: 03-3563-3033


Sake cocktail with "SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR"

Very popular sake overseas. SAKE HALL HIBIYA BAR is what made cocktail that sake. If a cocktail made easy to drink while leaving the goodness of sake, it seems that even those who do not like sake are a bit weak.


Address: 5 - chome, Ginza, Chuo - ku, Tokyo 5-6 - 12 Miyuki Building underground 1F

Phone number: 03-3572-7123


Most of our Tokyo Escorts are not open to receiving eating engagements so please be sure to call us after your meal.




~ Hotel in Ginza ~


Ginza which can enjoy gourmet and shopping, there are many hotels around.


Bellevue Hotel

A reasonable 3 star hotel starting at 6,000 yen per person with breakfast. It is 2 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station C2 Exit and good access, all rooms are equipped with WiFi.


Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

Michelin Guide In this 4-star hotel that continues to be posted in Tokyo, you are sure to spend the best time watching the night view of Tokyo from the rooms and the 16th floor lobby. Although the price is high, there are also good deals, so please use by all means.


Hotel Monterey Ginza

It is a 4 star hotel with excellent location, but I'm happy to have suggested a great price setting from 4,700 yen for consecutive night plans and early reservations.

There is a main building with rooms that make use of natural materials, a new building of contemporary design like Parisian creators live, and La Suchega like apartments in Paris.


Hotel Gracery Ginza

With good access, WiFi in all rooms, 3F guest lounge also has free service of coffee and mineral water, popular with businessmen. It is also nice that the ladies' room is provided with equipment and amenities for women.


Ginza Capital Hotel

This hotel, which is convenient for visiting the Tsukiji market, "Hato bus" which provides Tokyo sightseeing and day trips runs, so there is a free pick up service to Tokyo station every morning and also accepts tour requests It is. There is free coffee in the morning.


Tokyu Stay Tsukiji (Old Tokyu Stay East Ginza)

Tokyu Stay Higashi Ginza, where the picture of a big snapper is a landmark, was renewed in March 2016 as Hotel Tokyu Stay Tsukiji. There is room with fully automatic washer / dryer and mini kitchen, and it is convenient for long-stay people.


You and your Tokyo Escort will be fully satisfied with a positive attitude from start to finish with any of these hotel options.





The Ginza area is by far the most flexible when it comes to choosing a Tokyo Escort with Japanese Escort Girls Club since you can choose from any branch with a decent transportation fee and 75mins.


The best of Tokyo Escorts is here.


Outcall Escort in Tokyo , Ikebukuro , Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shinagawa, Ueno available

[PHONE]03 5793 1515 (+81)

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