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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

Longest running foreigner friendly escort service in Tokyo ,Japan!
December 17, 2018 3:07 PM | Tokyo Escort Service

When visiting or living in a Tokyo Japan,  one of the biggest issues can be not being able to communicate in your native tongue/English.

However, intercourse/"hooking-up" doesn't create such problems since love is a universal language as well.

Due to all of our tokyo escort girls being 100% Japanese (born & raised), most have not developed English speaking/comprehension.

Although actions do speak louder than words, it is still necessary to tell the girl what and how you want to be handled.


Japanese Escort Girls Club do teach our girls basic communication skills such as greetings etc but when it comes to special requests like "can you go deeper?", a better way to go about it is may be simply just "Deep".  


Using just simple verbal words will be the best to get your point across and not waste time either. Words include: (fast, slow, strong, soft, no, yes, ok etc )

Worst case scenario, please use google translator, or call our staff.


We also would greatly appreciate your feedback on how we can make the language barrier a more convenient experience for both parties.


Since our staff can guide and support you in English, you will be taken care of in a formal fashion.


After you meet the JEGC Tokyo escort girl...

No words are necessary between you and girl.

Having a new sexual experience can also be fun as well.


Just make a siple request using gestures if necessary and the women will likely understand what you want done.


Feel free to contact us in English.

Japanese Escort Girls Club ALL OVER JAPAN. Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GTM +9)

[Nationwide] http://japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|

[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub

*Year-end and New Year period are as follows:


Dec. 31 2018 :          12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

Jan. 1 2019   : Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※  Jan. 1, 2019 - Jan. 3, 2019 : Please understand that we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.


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