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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 has begun.



This year until Sunday, November 5. It is a short term event of 9 days.


To that extent, the exhibits of each company are full of ingenuity and experience.


As soon as you step into the Tokyo Motor Show venue, you surely will be seeing a splendid future for people and cars!   Not to mention cute girls.




There is no time to lose.

Hurry to Tokyo to see and feel the taste of freedom towards the future.

Only if you can taste & feel the women...




The environment surrounding the automobile industry is changing drastically.


While innovative technologies are born one after another and the way people and automobiles are associating with each other, it is becoming more diverse.  (Just like JEGC)


The Tokyo Motor Show is evolving to continue to be a more powerful venue for future generations and other manufacturers to cum...


Beyond the framework of the automobile industry, the Tokyo Motor Show will incorporate various ideas and technologies with the vision of "extending the value of mobility", as we begin to revolutionize.


For Japanese Escorts, we like to adopt this same concept and apply it to our business as well. Cars and females go hand-in hand.


Unlike the motor show though, our events continue year on end and the fun never stops.


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo branch

03-5793-1515 (+81)

What kind of town is Ueno?


Because Ueno is a famous city as well as many office workers who come on business, many people come here to work.

Such a thing for businessmen who are tired of work or are easy to accumulate stress is eroticism.

Being the main entrance to Tokyo, Ueno is crowded with erotic play stores.

It is a city with lots of blowjob saloons, love hotels, escorts services, Soaplands, as well as kyabakura clubs and many kinds of bars.


In the vicinity there is also Akihabara  but the atmosphere of the city is totally different and so are the services.

So, how are adult erotic locations like in Ueno?

As mentioned earlier, Ueno has a wide variety of places to go.

You can also choose from cheap, middle and even high end class shops.

Escort services is more popular than Soapland after all, recently as a trend in this present time.

Why are escort services popular in Japan?


Merits of delivery health escorts service:

★You can call wherever and whenever you want.★

★You do not have to meet any of the staff.★

★You can meet naturally like a meeting with a lover.★

★You do not have to worry about the public eye.★


Delievery Escorts services are not all perfect.

Cheap and low leveled stores

Because low leveled stores are aiming at attracting customers at cheap rates, of course the quality of women will be secondary.                                                                                                    

There may be good women in it, but because it is cheap, the reward for women is also low, and the women's enthusiastic level is low as well.


Medium priced locations

More than half of existing shops are included in this category.

Because the amount of money and the quality of women are so decent, we think that it is content that you can pay with confidence compared to cheap shops.

However since there are many stores in the middle range, even when paying a decent amount there still is a chance of not being satisfied with the service.


So, how can you play without failing? 


The most certain and best way is to make friends with the reception of the store.

However, in order to get assurance, it is necessary to consume some time and money.

In that case, the one who aimed at a high-end store with a solid concept from the beginning will have no failure as a result, and it will be content that you can play with confidence.


Since it is a concept that supports all actions of men in the no-hand group which is not in other stores first starts with a greeting by hand, removing of clothes. Then in the bath women will wash her own body then washes yours with her body! ! When it is done, naturally the service will continue on the bed! !


That's right! !  you can make all of your desires and fantasies come true at a girlfriend-like delivery health service.

At this No-hand Ueno store you can enjoy devoted thorough service with passion, different from other couple type delivery health services.


[Here is the list of recommended women of Ueno store]

Please imagine a woman committed to devotion from beginning to end。

Imagining not having to do anything while being serviced!

That's right, it's like being a king

Such services are not available in any other type of erotic play stores in Ueno.

The good or bad of the shop is in the hands of the women, and due to current circumstances, our shop is a store under the nation's deployment agency.

Since it is a concept store, it is the same play content even if you go to any other branch stores.

Because this is popular with customers on business trips, we have opened six stores within one year from the first store OPEN.

If you are satisfied with the content of the play, please experience no-hand play by choosing a woman of your favorite type.




Over 70% of Japanese "female play" shops are escort services.  

Among them, Ikebukuro currently has the largest number of shops in Japan's entertainment district, known as a city for female services, many men gather at this place every day.

Ikebukuro is easily accessable from anywhere in Tokyo as it uses multiple train routes. Not only is it easy to commute, there are also many places to have fun, drink and go shopping. Having the biggest downtown area in Tokyo could be the main reason supposedly.

Even though it is considered a commercial district, erotic shops gather in places where people gather.

Another reason is that there are many love hotels centered around the station's North and West Exit.  When using an escort service, love hotels are certainly necessary.

In other words, a place without love hotels, you can not open a "play" shop.  For these reasons, it can be said that the amount of "play" shops increased in Ikebukuro naturally.


Expected services of escort agencies


It is also true that there are many high level women in Ikebukuro which makes it a high standard area.

However, there are many cases that the beautiful women unexpectedly has few nominations, and the woman who gets the most appointments are the ordinary class woman when regarding looks.

No matter how pretty the woman may be, fewer customers will repeat if the content of the service is thin.

If you are willing to pay for a boring experience, masturbating at home is said to be clever without using money. The existence of customers will itself be at stake.


Customers are not satisfied with just being cute.

Looking pretty or stylish etc,  is a very important aspect which you can choose, but their positive attitudes will be dictated.

It is hard to say that a man will be satisfied just because he ejaculated.

Once ejaculated and services are satisfactory then there is no problem.

No matter how much you ejaculated, if the content of the service is not content, you will most likely not repeat with that woman or the shop again.

In other words, if you feel satisfied with the content even if you could not ejaculate in time, you'd most likely repeat with that woman again.


Customers are looking for women like this


Is she having a good time with you?

Is she attentive to detail?

Is she trying to please you?

Does she care about the atmosphere?

Love affairs is a thing that is often said, customers will have a good impression on women by spending time as a lover when they first come in contact.

Our entertaining concept without the use of  hands is there.


Extrodinary no-hand passionate service

In our shop where many women in their thirties are enrolled, we adopt not only young and cute but also experienced women who have known men.

Excellent attentive skills, every woman will serve even if you do not do anything.

A lot of customers who cannot experience such passion with their wife give great feedback regards to how our escort did it.

It is a shop where you can experience a charming woman can make you feel the desire to say "I want to meet such a woman as her" "I want to meet a woman who wants to be together like her."

Even after the play is over, once you're comfortable with our ladies and having a good time in her presence if so desired.


10 times the satisfactory rate!!


Akihabara (tech mecca) draws attention from all over the world. It is the center of sightseeing spots and culture in Tokyo. What kind of customs can be enjoyed in Akihabara?

  In general, there are many young girls influenced by anime and maid characteristic fashion etc. Akihabara has a strong image of "law & order", but is this only the attraction side of Akihabara?

★What kind of location is Akihabara?★



What is the scenery from the street side of Akihabara?


"Akihabara" [alias Akiba] has an area where there are a mass of electronic retailers located on "electric" street. We often see a lot of tourists lining up in front of stores for "super sales" to buy electrical appliances before the stores even open.

It is also famous for having a theater where fantasy costume characters and idols are born.

But did you know that the daytime appearance of Akihabara is only a part in knowing Akihabara?

When businessmen on business trips check-in at many business hotels around Akihabara station during the evening, we can see Akihabara's escort services.

Knowing the core to the night-life of Akihabara will entail knowing Akihabara in general.

★ Akihabara's escorts are different during the daytime・・★

Recently, escort shops have begun to provide "rich services" secretly among business men.

In Akihabara 's polite atmosphere it seems surprising that "escort services" have risen,

but in modern times the number of "vegetarian" men have increased, women have been finding it useful to be more gentle.

Not being touched but having the women watch is a soft service that can be provided but will again cost money. Is that fulfilling?

If you're paying money, don't you want to receive a satisfying and dedicated service anyway?

A service like a real maid. A man receives exceptional service from a woman like a king.
Wouldn't it be perfect for an adult woman who can handle just about anything?

For example, women who are rich in experienced with men know where and how to please a man.

Is it not characteristic for a adult women who gets pleasure to see a man satisfied?

Also, men who have few female experiences seem to have a bitter ending with a amateur women escort such as a young girl who is tense,tiresome and embarrassed.

However, in that respect, it seems that there are many people who want to enjoy pleasure with a "experienced, aggressive yet erotic "adult women ", leading men as they desire.

It is said that a woman's stance changes and exceeds the man's position once she gets older.

Women leads from the beginning to the end even for the young man. It seems that such adult female shops are popular now a days.


★ How do you use rich escort services in Akihabara? ★

So, how can you taste the fruit of such fantastic service?

Please leave it to our escorts "no-hand entertainment" concept such as our Akihabara Nuru massage.

Our Ueno shop can deliver escorts in 15 minutes time to Akihabara.

One call from your hotel is all it takes!

You get to enjoy the excitement of waiting for your escort to arrive.

The person knocking on the door is a exquisite women.

They know your instinct.

Supurb women who don't show their age.

How do the Ueno shop woman who can provide you with the feeling of a king sound?

Such a woman is dedicated to offer you the ultimate no-hand play which can not be experienced by a lover or a wife.

Our no-hand service includes drinking assistance, chair play, cigarette handling, taking off clothes, taking off socks,

washing in the shower as a Nuru massage, wiping of the body, Putting your clothes back on.


A beautiful woman who takes care of all your needs and devotes herself to you.

That's right. From the moment you open the door and meet a lady, you can enjoy no-hand play and  Akihabara Nuru massage like a king.



If you're in the Akihabara area, please don't hesitate to call us.

Our business hours are long, starting from 12noon until 5am the next morning.

You can enjoy however late according to your mood freely.


Compared to other escort services in Tokyo, we can guarantee you'll be 120% satisfied.

Tokyo's escort services will solve your loneliness while you are on business.



In Tokyo, usually everyone is by themselves on their daily routine; However,
since there are so many people, the town can seem lively.
 At first, it may be very easy to enjoy Tokyo.   
However, on a long business trip in particular, a sense of loneliness will come out of nowhere.  
Our services will help you to enjoy and have a memorable experience during such times of crisis.



Our shop can satisfy you 2 times more than any other service.

Hate, loneliness and your attitude becomes negative when stress builds up.                                              

In order to solve loneliness and negativity, a man will tend to use our types of service.



There are many erotic shops in Tokyo.  
It will be confusing how to choose a shop for your first time in Japan.

The customer's expectations may be just to have an orgasm.
That may be a temporary solution that will solve your loneliness at that time.

Is it worth to pay for just the momentary pleasure and instant happiness?                                

Our shop complies to:

・100% legal, 100% service based on Japanese law

・To solve any issues, we have English support staff.

・We do not edit any female images therefore, all the images are proper.

・Having a solid concept

That is why you can play with confidence! !

"What kind of service is available besides just ejaculation?"

This is something that a standard Japanese men who uses these types of services will think.

Our shops focus is not to just provide you with a ejaculation but rejuvenate you from your stress and loneliness.

We provide a concept that men will surely be satisfied with.

That is our concept here at "No-hand".

As you may now understand, Our ladies will lead you on without you having to use your hands or feet.


She will not just lead you entirely. She'll lead proactively and dedicatedly.

To provide an erotic atmosphere, she will be sure to keep everything sexual.

Therefore, you will get erected naturally during her lead.

Her assistance will turn you on most definetly.

We can promise that you will become erect maybe even before your clothes come off.

Because we have a concept, each and every women will provide the same sort of service.

Therefore, no matter whom the girl may be, our services will not be dictated.                                            

Please think of us as a particular type of service.

We put a lot of effort into our service to make sure your stress disappears instantly.



Due to our strong efforts of service, we can almost garauntee your satisfactionary finish.                           

Once being turned on by the women's technique, please feel free to play with the lady at this time.

You have the right to play however you like.

No need to be polite or cautious.

Even after ejaculation, please enjoy the rest of your time.

We will not let you wait for over an hour no matter what.

There are plenty of women to choose from.

Please be assured.

A woman who works at our shop, is willing to meet all types of men.



We have pretty and cute companions for you.

We've spent much time into understanding the man's perspective when using our types of service.

Our service will make you want to introduce it to your friends and acquaintances.


Spend an exciting time in Ikebukuro with our escort.

Our shop image blends in well with the current times.    


There are many escort service shops in Ikebukuro, many that are cheap to expensive.

A man's dream....  an escort service.

Currently there is a demand from many men who watch adult videos in Japan, and we are aware and established in that business as well.

Japanese women who are seen in adult videos etc. are meant to attract men by their beauty and experience. Also being elegant, adorable and willing attracts the man's attention.


The changes of Japanese escort services.


Ideal girlfriend type escort services are growing.

Nowadays, many shops in Japan have a no foreigner policy.

We have started a foreigner freindly service!

Are the customers having fun though?

Different from others!? Our shops, rich Ikebukuro escort service info:  


Our Ikebukuro escort shops price system does not change because you're not Japanese.

We accept reservations in English and resolve customer's anxiety in advance! !

Our women truly are dedicated to serve you and emphasize hospitality to the fullest.

"My ideal Japanese woman services me like a maid sexually."

She'll lick your whole body including testicles which your wife or girlfriend might not like doing. She will go as far as it takes, and it will make you think "She's willing to do that !?"

However, leaving everything just up to her may not be that fun.

At whatever time you feel the need to start touching etc, you can unleash yourself whenever for however long time permits.

Rich service that has not been experienced that'll make your eyes roll.

It is a service that'll replenish you without even having sex!!


Recommended Play Styles at Ikebukuro escort


There are 2 types of ways of interacting with our exquisite women.

One is the meeting plan where you can meet at a designated place with a woman and enter the hotel together like a lover or couple.

Secondly, there is a delivery plan that you can experience the excitement of inviting your lover/girlfriend to your current hotel or home.

When spending time with a Japanese women, the atmosphere is considered to be the most important aspect.


We are pleased to provide you with a service that opens the door to various new ways of excitement.


Anal Fuck is the most abnormal play in Fuzoku.

We would never ask your wife or girlfriend to do Anal Fuck play, wouldn't you?

Because Anal Fuck play really abnormal play in Japan.

Cosplay or another erotic toy would be available but anal play would be not.


Since we were born as a man, we want to try all erotic things.

But, we could not ask girlfriend or wife to do such abnormal play at all. It is so frustrated.

Gotanda area is mecca of Fuzoku.

Anal Fuck play is not abnormal in that area.

You can make your dream come true in Gotanda.

This is the best part of Fuzoku.

So we need to be helped by Fuzoku shop.

Some Fuzoku shops provide such a abnormal play.

But we would like to warn you not to do the Anal Fuzok play!! Because Anal Fuck is full of danger of venereal disease.

 Man's dream in abnormal world could be experienced in fetish Fuzoku.

That's really dream.

Because you don't need to feel anything bad and could relax sexually without any stress.

That's why anal fuck is said to be abnormal.

We just want to feel different orgasm from that of normal sex.

But, there is a huge danger that bring make you to ruin.



【IMPORTANT】 Danger of Anal Fuck play!!



・Hepatitis type B and type C

・Hepatitis type A From excrement

・Bleeding and Laceration


Thus, Anal Fuck play is full of risk of venereal disease.

You might lost the future of your penis.
It is nothing to be taken casually.

Of course, you could keep out these disease by being careful when you have Anal Fuck play in right way. But you need the long, long time of study. Originally, Fuzoku is supposed to provide you sexual pleasure without any knowledge of sex.

So you don't need to study and learn anything to feel good.


We would like you to realize that Licking of ass will open your new world of erogenous zones!

Man is supposed to wants to try several fetish play.

They can't help hold their desire of new play, even though it is risky for your physical.

Fuzoku is worth when men feel sexually good and we opened the Fuzoku shop that has such a
essence of Fuzoku.


It is "Japanese Escort Girls Club".

 Japanese Escort Girls Club will provide you girlfriend experience and sweet time with beautiful Japanese girls.

This service is opened to make man's dream come true.

During the session, man doesn't need to take care about the lady.

The escort lady always treat you like a king with full of hospitality and kindness.

Basic session will be touching to fully naked lady, kissing, BJ with condom, of course sweet bed time with Japanese lady.


And you can also get the optional service like BJ without condom, Rimming, taking the panty to home, erotic toys etc, by paying extra fee.


On top of that, licking service is the best one.



・Ball sucking

・Licking all over the body

We want you to focus on the Rimming of those ricking service. You might not notice that ass is the most sensitive erogenous zones for a man.

Some men could feel a same or more exciting orgasm than that of penis.

This is very the same one as lady's.

Moreover, there is no risk of getting the venereal disease for Rimming.

It has been rapidly increasing that a lot of men realize a new erogenous zone during the session in our shop.

This is very the Fuzoku shop that you could enjoy the high load of delivery health service.

You are LIKE A KING. Help yourself to release your erotic desire!!

 Japanese Escort girls club that you're going be not only received the erotic service from the lady. You do will make her feel good as well.

The way is up to you.

・Suck the nipples

・Rick the pussy



You lead the session from the beginning up to the end.

You are LIKE A  KING.

You do not need to hold you sexual desire.

Let it release to the escort lady.

No risk of Venereal disease and you could feel like a KING.

This is only our shop's concept, not be experienced at another shops.

Anal Fuck is out of date and too risky. Please come and try our special Rimming option service.

The man's dream CIM though it is secret to girlfriend.


Generally it is often said that lady has stronger sex drive than male but it is opposite actually.

Male always interested in erotic stuff however old they become.

Male is the kind of animal that can't help thinking about the erotic things that

please girlfriend and that you want to get from girlfriend even on duty.

On top of that, they are dreaming CIM.

Because it is the action not easy to ask for to wife nor girlfriends.

There are lot of things male cannot tell his girlfriends, for example about the trouble for dairy life and complain on the job, it varies.

But why do you think there are things that you could not ask to do to your girlfriend??

This is because of the mind that we don't want to be thought as the person don't have what it takes.

Male tend to be considerate to female too much and do not tell any complaint and concern about the sex.

So that CIM very the thing man could not ask to the girlfriend is the man's dream.

 80% of ladies would reject to do CIM.

But actually, does another lady will be willing to do CIM for you?

The answer is no.

Of course, some lady would say OK when we ask her CIM.

Considering the whole amount of ladies, only 2 % of ladies would allow CIM.

Only one lady out of five would be happy do CIM for you.

It is waste of time to ask to rest of 4, you will be just rejected.

You could force her to do CIM, but it will be 180° different satisfaction you would get from that she willing to do.

When we take meal for example, it is the difference like the lunch purchased at supermarket or hand-made by your wife.

80% of rejection make us dream CIM more strongly and go to Fuzoku shop.

We go to Fuzoku shop to make our dream come true even though it is not affordable.


But recently about 80% of lady who work in Fuzoku industry unwilling to do CIM service.

They do not give a hang whether CIM is included as a basic service or not.

It is not the story about CIM, they do not like to do licking to the ass, ball, all over the body neither.



The ricking service is the best point of Fuzoku..

Now many escort ladies DO NOT like to do that.

Even if you got the service, it would not be good...


Because she is not doing her best. The Half-assed work would not be accept not only in Fuzoku, but also all other industry. Recently almost all Fuzoku shop in Japan has been going down in quality...


But the mecca of Fuzoku GOTANDA will make your dream come true.


It got to be hard to make your dream come true in almost all Fuzoku in Japan.

But Gotanda area in Japan has a high quality Fuzoku shop that would never disappoint you.

Of course we have CIM, ricking service.「Fuzoku is Gotanda」It is widespread perception among Japanese guys.


The top of Fuzoku shop opened in this famous area, Gotanda.

It is "Japanese Escort Girls Club".

Somehow erotic atmosphere on the shop's name but please do not hesitate to call.

Japanese Escort Girls Club is literally the service that male could feel sexually good without doing anything.

The service that makes man's dream come true is very the service like the soap land.

Ricking service, especially ricking all over your body, ricking to ass, licking to ball are awesome good.

It is so good that many customer could open your new world of erogenous zones.


Japanese Escort Girls Club's ricking service all inspire you with the sexually sound.

Beginning from shower time to bed play, she gives you awesome rick service and raise your sex drive up to the limit.

Man's dream CIM. Please let yourself release everything into her mouth.

Even if you are not good at CIM, don't worry. She will lead you to the heaven.

In addition to Sumata style, you could get cum in your favorite style.

And cum is not the end. As the name of our shop, even if you get the first cum the session will not stop and she will lead to the next.


You can feel totally and sexually good without doing anything right up to the end.
This is the shop specialized in great CIM that would be never experienced from just young lady.


We know everyone comes to Fuzoku shop with his own thought.

It would worth nothing if the lady would not serve you.

Thus, it has been not until you get the service with the lady who knows male well that you are completely satisfied sexually.

Our escort lady know man better and be able to help you with full of hospitality.


But we don't have a so called "old lady" at all.

We have recruited only glamorous lady, not too young.

Because our ladies all know man well, you could get great CIM with every lady you choose.

Please recharge your power by making your dream come true at Japanese Escort Girls Club Tokyo (Gotanda  Shinagawa area)


Tokyo, are you ready?

Now we are exciting to announce that we just started "Cosplay Service" in Tokyo branch.

We recognize Japan, is a power spot to make your fetishism come true.

I suggest this new concept and delight in cosplay world in Tokyo.


Escort lady wear option : 1,000 yen

You could choose the costum below,


This is not available in usual life and nightlife. It should be your awesome adventure.

Do not hesitate to call us when you want your fetishism come true.


Please confirm detailed information on the phone.

Local :03.5793.1515

International: +81.3.5793.1515


Why Sinshuku has a lot of delivery health??


It is said that more than 70% of Fuzoku is typed in delivery health recently. And Shinjuku city has the most amount of delivery health shops, having a lot of guys everyday.

You could use some lines of train to get Shinjuku station not only to use Fuzoku but also to drink, shopping.

Thinking commercially, the place people get together has many shops.


Another reason is that there are many love hotels in south and west exit of the station.
Love hotel will be surely required when you call delivery health.

Thus, there is few Fuzoku shop in the place has few love hotel.

From these reason, it is necessary that love hotel get increased in Shinjuku.

 The service required for delivery health

DELI image.jpg

Shinjuku is the battle field of Fuzoku for each shops.
There are lot of much high quality ladies.

But it would often occur that even the lady everybody acknowledge as a high quality doesn't have much nomination,
the lady nothing in particular has much more nomination beyond expectation.

No matter how cute and beautiful appearance the lady has, she has a less popularity if she could do only poor service.

If we are said that it is better taking myself rather than wasting money for poor service, there is nothing value of existence of Fuzoku.

Just pretty is not enough for customer of Fuzuku.


She will do anything you want. This is the shop where you could hire a servant for a sex.
You don't need to do anything. She will be always helping you feeling good at any moment you want.

For the young guys, they might feel this service is like playing with caring sister. For the old guys,
they might feel it is like sexual play with the lady who knows man better, smart lady.

Although we can not know how many Fuzoku shops exist,
our shop will provide you the service that you could never get from you wife nor girlfriend.

When we talk about common "Wife health", it is tend to cheap and poor service.
We could meet few nice older lady.

Our shop have such nice ladies who aged well over the years, so called "active service".
If we use duty words, the lady we have is that you want have a sex with, and the lady you want steals from another's lover.

Of course, it is true that cute, beautiful, good body type is important points when we choose the lady.
But it is wrong that men are gonna satisfied with just ejaculation.

We mean the process to ejaculation is much important
When the service is poor, you do not feel like see her again even if you got a ejaculation finally.
In opposite, you feel like see her again when the service was good, even if you didn't have a ejaculation.

The point customer check on lady.


・Your partner is having a good time with you or not?

・You are giving the customer careful hospitality or not?

・She is tring her best for every single things for me.

・She is loving to make a atmosphere.

「Girlfriend experience」is certainly well said, you could experience the feeling that you would have at early time when you got a new girlfriend.

That makes customer feel good to the lady. That is the concept to of our service.

The complete hospitality with love.

IMAGE D3.jpg

You could enjoy even basic type of the session.
Drink a cup of tea, sit on the chair, smoke, take off the socks, wash your body in the shower, dry your body on a towel, our lady will help

you everything instead of you with full of hospitality.

We recruit ladies around 10 to 20 years old, and they have to be well trained and well know about male.
The service that we do is never experienced with your wife or girlfriend.
We have gotten a lot of good feedback from the customer surprising "How deep service she gave me".

Recently Japanese Escort Girls Club has been receiving a lot of repeated customers for last 5 years.
You could think "I wanna her to become my wife", "I wanna steal her of her husband"

during the session. You could completely enjoy with our session.

Regarding to the ranking for repeated customer updated once a month, the lady who ranked high quality is kind of "Icon" of our shop Japanese Escort Girls Club.

If you thinking about getting escort service in Shinjuku area, if you have had our service before,

we hope you have a session with these high quality lady to make much more awesome memory.

One more info, Shinjuku needs 90 min minimam session. But we are sure it worth of that.
Please check Delivery Information.

Waiting for your contact.


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