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tokyo branch

tokyo branch

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It is Important News!!
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Welcome to Japan! We appreciate that you visit our website.
Japan has Fuzoku adult entertainment over 20,000 agents. However, the number of foreigner friendly agents are very limited. The most reason is language barrier. Japanese Escort Girls Club is an exclusive delivery health service for foreign guests.
The customer service staffs are native English speakers. And we deliver Japanese pretty girls to your lodging places. All girls are Japanese.We assure you safe and secure adult entertainment under Japanese law.
Please enjoy adult "omotenashi" service by Japanese pretty girls on this occasion.

Yokohama Escort Start!

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Ms Lily Videos updated.(From Tokyo branch)
Ms Saori Videos updated.(From Tokyo branch)
Ms Umi Videos updated.(From Tokyo branch)
Ms Miho Videos updated.(From Tokyo branch)
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Our Service
Basic service-No additional charge
Blow Job w/o Condom and Ejaculation in mouth

Blow Job w/o Condom and Ejaculation in mouth

Rotor(use to each other)

Rotor(use to each other)



Take-home Panty

Take-home Panty

Take-home a panty hose

Take-home a panty hose

Golden shower(Urophilia)

Golden shower(Urophilia)

Rimming (Receive)

Rimming (Receive)

Our girls
only japanese girls

Click a girl's photo to see her profile and branch information.

How to play


Another good point in Rendezvous is that you spend sweet time with our girl like real lovers. You do not see other customers or our staff.
The session time starts after you check in the hotel room. So no need to hurry. Please enjoy the walk to the hotel with her.

rendezvous step1

Please request the starting time of your session. It is also good you call us after you arrive at our meeting point.

rendezvous step2

■Please come to the meeting point at your reservation time.
■Rendezvous! Our escort girl will meet you.
If you have a hotel you would like to use around there, please use it. If not, our escort girl will take you to our recommended reasonable hotel.
Osaka : Nearby Nipponbashi No,2 exit
Tokyo : Nearby JR Gotanda East Exit

rendezvous step3

The session starts after you check into the hotel room. Please pay the fee to the lady before the session starts.
※Hotel fee will be on you (Japanese cash *yen Only)

rendezvous step4

Please spend a sweet time like true lovers. We would like you to have a special memory in Japan.


The specific point of delivery is you don't need to go out anywhere to get a girl.Enjoy the situation that you can get a girl just after you open the door.
It takes about 2 minutes to make a reservation by phone call. Wait relax until our girl get there.

delivery step1

If you are staying at a hotel, please tell us the name of the "hotel and the room number."

delivery step2

We call back after we estimate arrival time. If you stay at a hotel, we call to your hotel room.
※To be connected to your room, we need your check-in name. Please understand.
■Please check delivery information
Osaka Delivery map
Tokyo Delivery map

delivery step3

Our girls dress nice and decent, so the hotel clerk will not know you call in an escort girl. She will mat good towels on your bed not to soil.

delivery step4

Please spend a sweet time like true lovers. We would like you to have a special memory in Japan.


  60 min 75 min 90 min 120 min 150 min
Rendezvous 20,000yen 24,000yen 28,000yen 34,000yen 41,000yen
Delivery 22,000yen 26,000yen 30,000yen 36,000yen 43,000yen
  180 min 240 min 300(5h) 360(6h) 420(7h)
Rendezvous 49,000yen 65,000yen 80,000yen 96,000yen 112,000yen
Delivery 51,000yen 67,000yen 82,000yen 98,000yen 114,000yen
  480(8h) 540(9h) 600(10h)
Rendezvous 128,000yen 144,000yen 160,000yen
Delivery 130,000yen 146,000yen 162,000yen

Optional service /Additional charge

Admission Fee 1,000yen
Designation fee 2,000yen
Extension fee Extension 5,000yen per 15 mins
Cosplay 1,000yen
Take-home Panty 1,000yen
Take-home a panty hose 1,000yen
Blow Job w/o Condom
and Ejaculation in mouth
Rimming (Receive) 3,000yen
Rotor (use to each other) 1,000yen
Golden shower (Urophilia) 2,000yen
Over Night (10h) ※164,000yen (Delivery +2,000 yen)

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How does Japanese Escort Girls Club work?

You will have a Girl Friend Experience with our Japanese girls (without sexual intercourse, providing sex is illegal in Japan).
Girls will dress just the way you want. Play you with sex toys, with just the one you need & just the way you like.
You will happily end as your lust; in her hand, in her thighs, in her mouth, finish as you wish.
Would you like to take our girls out for dinner, shopping, sightseeing maybe? Please do, enjoy your stay in Japan with our girls.
We are most willing "to be part of your memory making in Japan" with the spirit of OMOTENASHI.

About Our Club

As the adult entertainment to experience Japanese delivery health combined with Soapland Nuru-Massage, our group is 'literally' THE one and only; Delivery Health service for foreign guests. We provide oral sex(bj) with condom / heavy licking all around, soapland nuru-massage and even prostate massage without any extra charge.
Have you ever heard of delivery health / deri-heru? It is nearly a third of the value of Japan's whole sex industry, one of the Japanese sex trade's finest euphemisms. The nubile escort is driven to the customer's house, or a love hotel Anywhere in Kansai area is our delivery range, for example, besides Osaka area, but also Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Sakai, Wakayama...anywhere in Kansai area. If you're in Kansai area, feel free to call us any time & any day.
We deliver not only our Japanese beauties, but the opportunity to experience a blissful moment with our escorts as true lovers.
We are certain for you to be convinced, agree and accept, why Japanese women garner immense praise by men all over the world.

What is the service?

We provide Japanese delivery health / deli-heru service. An adult service to have a sweet erotic time as real lovers; literally GFE (without sexual intercourse, it is illegal in Japan).
She will begin to unclothe you. Let her lead and entrust yourself to her care and technique, you do not have to think what to do for initiate contact. You will taste the eroticism and hospitality in Japanese 'night entertainment'.
Our escort girl will bathe you. Our theme is 'premium eroticism', it is not just a regular body scrub. You will have a nurugel massage.
Depending on the size of your bathroom, our Japanese escort girl will choose either 'sitting wash' or 'standing wash', a full body to body massage . After soaping mixed nurugel to each other's body, our Japanese girl massages and washes your body using her soft curvy body.
The feeling of nurugel is distinct, warm and smooth. At times, our Japanese girl will press her private part onto your body like a bath sponge. You wil experience one of the most popular service in Japanese traditional erotic service; Soapland.
Our girl will be naked in bed, will stimulate your sexual feeling by kissing and licking your body. Do touch her body, softly & gently. Do taste her body. Do kiss her lip, lightly and heavily.
Do as to your wife or to your girlfriend.Prostate massage will give you an orgasm equal to women's; 100 time a better one than ejaculation. Testicle massage will regain your drive/power,testicle licking will endure your sexual arousal.
End yourself happily by oral sex with protection, intercrural sex, handjob, either way you wish. Or leave it to our girl, will please you with greater ecstasy by her special forte.
Have your fill of Japanese sukebe culture 'erotic entertainment' in our club.
Would you like to bring her stockings or panties home? Enjoy cosplay? Being teased by your favorite sex toys? How about a Golden Shower? Or would you prefer to receive a rimming?
And what about oral sex without a condom? Ask us...for what you want.
Japanese Escort Girls Club is an adult entertainment service to have a sweet erotic time like real lovers; GFE with genuine Japanese girl.

The available region for Delivery of Japanese escort girls.(Japanese GFE)

※You will tell you receptionist delivery charge, Please contact us by phone.
We will be able to deliver above regions. We serve the non-shop type of Elite Escort, Deri-heru Japan, adult night entertainment service in Japan(Osaka, Tokyo).Non-shop type Deriheru,GFE (with out SEX) , and Nuru massage , Prostate massage for Men in Japan(Osaka,Tokyo) Fetish cosplay , for delivery in Japan etc. We have been delivered to Osaka and Tokyo in Japan.

Delivery free Osaka area

Osaka south , Osaka north , Osaka castle, ANA crown plaza, Sheraton Osaka , Intercontinental Osaka , Nipponbashi , Swiss hotel , Osaka city , Umeda sky garden , Tennouji ,Ritz , Mariott etc…

Other kansai Area in need of delivery costs.
Minimum session will begin from 90 or 120 minuter or even more depending on your location (Also your residence) Kansai air port(KIX), Nishinomiya , Kobe, Kyoto , Ibaraki, Tkatsuki ,Moriguchi , Kadoma atc…

Tokyo information ** coming soon.

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