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Tokyo Shinagawa

Shinagawa Girls Information

Aoi / 21 Review(12)


Special girl Fee6,600JPY


Manager Message

Aoi straddles the line between cherubic innocence and seductive precociousness. She is hopelessly adorable but unapologetically enticing. With long jet black hair, large doting black eyes, and a curvaceous figure assembles an alluring pleasure. Her virtuous demeanor overshadows the fact that she is men's delightful treat. The very reason why Aoi is a symbol of Japanese woman to all men dream. Melt away into pure bliss with Aoi.

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Girls Information

T161 B82 (C) W54 H83 
Hair colour
Hair Type
Bikini area
Good at
My specialty
Je parle francais tout petit peu.


Take home panty
Golden shower
Demma (Machine)
Fish net stocking
Mutual masturbation

Girl Message

Hello everyone.
It's Aoi.

Thank you for seeing my profile.

I studied in the other country for 3month.

It was a great experience.
Had a realy good time with lot of peoples.

My charm point is a "dimple" and curvy line waist.
I am very conscious of skin care , It will be praised for my clear skin.
Please try touch me a lot.

My hobby is...
Go to hot springs, travel both domestically and abroad,
go shopping, I usually go out.

When I home...
I was pastry before, so I also like making sweets and like reading.

I tend to be nervous.
But I really want to keep my smile in front of you.  

And then I want make your smile and you will realy enjoy feel confortable when with me.
I'm happy if you're happy.

I am devoted to men ...
want to be lovey-dovey with you .

I do my best for you!!

Please come and see me if you have time.
I am looking forward to on the day...

*Je parle francais tout petit peu.


Staff Message

Cuteness can heal. She is a pretty lady who is full of innocence. Slim with a small waist, those wanting a thin young lady, look no further!  



Last week it was my luck that I meet Aoi san, wow what a beautiful girl. BJ, hugs and kisses during shower was so amazing, her lips are so soft to kiss for an hour. Her seductive looks during play will last for very long in my memory. See you soon!

  Sab Date and time 2020/12/02 18:08

Aoi is a gorgeous girl with a heavenly smile. Her attitude is very sweet and attentive, more than enough to melt any heart. Thank you for such a wonderfull time!

  Cris Date and time 2019/12/02 02:20

AOI's service is always perfect as usual. As a regular customer, I have the experience with other girls who need higher special fee. But so far no one is better than AOI. I think the shop should raise her special fee. I mean at least I am happy to pay more for her and I guess I am not the only one who have the same thought.

  S Date and time 2019/10/28 10:13

It was an amazing experience with her 3 months back, I cannot forget it!!!
She likes kissing and is so pure, kind and beautiful that I would like to make love to her many more times.
Waiting for her to come back!!!!

  Shub Date and time 2019/10/22 12:31

Aoi is a really cute, young, slim Japanese girl -with just the kind of body, behaviour and attitude that I like! She has lovely soft black hair to complement her soft, white skin. Very friendly, and her service was top notch. I was super satisfied and it was a mutually pleasurable experience. I wish her all the very best with her life, and hope to see her again if possible in the future. Thanks to the staff for the prompt arrangement.

  Mr Victor Date and time 2018/11/22 23:48

I'm so happy to have met my cute Aoi. She's a special girl who made me feel really special.
I've felt sensations I never imagined.
I really should have taken her in my luggage to Belgium.

  Pierre Date and time 2018/08/27 18:01

Bonjour Aoi, just landed in Paris and still having your perfume on my shirt! Great memories of your soft skin and delicate manners. Aoi is an absolute must, unforgetable. Si tu veux etre invitee a Paris, tu sais quoi faire... Antoine

  Antoine Date and time 2018/05/19 04:50

Hello Aoi, this is Antoine! I am taking my flight back to Paris this morning. I hope to see you again. You are the most beautiful, delicate and expert princess I have ever met since a long time. Kisskiss

  Antoine Date and time 2018/05/17 09:16

Aoi was even more beautiful than I thought, she was truly gorgeous. The Japanese escort service was new to me but she was so thoughtful and amazing I didn't really feel nervous thanks to her. I won't forget this date, merci beaucoup Aoi.

  Nico  Date and time 2018/05/14 22:55

Aoi is not only an awsome perfect good looking princess, she is a marvelous lover, an engaging personality and sweet heart. Impossible to forget.

  Antoine Date and time 2018/05/13 22:42

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