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No record of STD/PIV at JEGC!
December 18, 2017 5:13 PM | [No record of STD/PIV at JEGC!]Permalink


No record of STD/PIV at JEGC!



Here at JEGC Osaka we are highly aware of the risks of Sexual Transmitted Diseases that can be transmitted.


We take high precautions when dealing with such matters and don't even allow escorts that have even a common cold to work.


On the contrary, we don't allow customers to have them as well and our women are well aware of how to spot such illnesses and your session will be terminated without refund.


Here in Japan where health and awareness is at an all-time high; Compared to other countries, Japan is one of the most disease free nations world-wide.


Additionally, since all of the girls at JEGC Osaka outcall Escorts , it is ideal that getting any Sexual Transmitted Diseases popular in other countries will be nearly impossible to catch.


Also since sexual course is illegal in Japan, most escorts in Japan generally can't get HIV and since Japan requires you to have a health insurance card, going to the hospital for check-ups happen frequently because it's so cheap!


Of course the ladies are regularly checked as well even though there is no set schedule for doing so.


A lot of Japanese Fuzouku shops that except foreigners as well has an option called "Anal Fuck".  This is a very dangerous and is a probable way of getting Sexual Transmitted Diseases easier.

Here at JEGC, we do not allow this due to the risks that it involves as we are STD free.


Concluding this topic, if you do have any such Sexual Transmitted Diseases or illnesses, please refrain from meeting any escort and we hope the best for your soonest revival.


JEGC by Manga ??    Find Out Now!

The year-end and New Year period are as follows:
We are open during the end and beginning of the year.

31/12/2017 : 12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

01/01/2018 - : Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※01/01/2018-03/01/2018 : Please understand we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have
given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued patronage in the year 2018.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Osaka  branch

03-5793-1515 (+81)


Getting your money's worth (Osaka,Umeda)

Since our company is successful nationwide and holds a high reputation, we spend much time researching other escort agencies pricing schemes especially in Osaka.

Say that the price for escorts have dropped substantially in order to gain more clientele.


This may be due to the quality of the store or the abundance of women, but we will take note of this and adjust our prices as well depending on the market.


Since our services have been in high demand, we are capable of changing our course prices to ensure we have the most reasonable price out of any other agency.


Other companies try and fail to compete with us.


Furthermore, a price can be 10,000yen or more at a different agency for the same course time but the service may be just as good or even less.


That is not money not well spent!


Most agencies have high prices due to the location of their office. (high rent)


In order to get good looking women, they have to offer them higher prices or the women will not work for them.


Even though the prices are higher, there will most likely be less services available to the customer.


Their customer service support may be troublesome and possible for mistakes of location or prices.


They may not even help you with your questions or concerns properly and let alone make a reservation for you.


With that being said, there is no better balanced escort agency in Japan that can compare.


Osaka is known for having many escort services that do accept foreign customers at a very low price, but the service can be very...blunt.


A lot of the women with either be foreign, possible chances of STD, or can just be sort of a party girl that has very low morals etc.


At our Osaka escort branch in Umeda; We are especially strict during the screening to assure that the girl will be able to serve our customers.


We can guarantee they will be polite, clean, disease-free, attractive and the girl in the photo.


Our Osaka escort ladies have very speedy drivers that can reach your osaka hotel or house quickly for a low cost.


The meeting point next to the taiyuji temple is also very helpful since the love hotels in the area are etremely cheap and luxurious (clean)


If you haven't had a chance to try our Osaka Escort Girls Club shop yet, now is the time!


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Tokyo ,Yokohama, Nagoya , Fukuoka


Elite Escort You've Never Had Before


[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515. | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)



The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours information

g149_149_pc_02.jpg g198_198_pc_01.jpg

The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you a prosperous

2017 filled with health, happiness and success.

The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours are as follows: 

31.Dec : Closing day
01.Jan : Closing day
02.Jan : Regular Hours 9:00am - Next 5:00 am last call

Note: New Year Special Price 1,000yen will be added through 02.Jan to 03.Jan

We appreciate many customers who used our service this year.

We, all staffs, will do our best for your satisfaction in the new year.
Thank you in advance.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have 

given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued patronage 

in the year 2017.

Japanese Escort Girls Club
[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] http://japanese-escort-girls.com/
[skype] japanesescortgirlsclub

Limited Special Girl information.

We deeply thank you for your continued support

We are writing to inform you about Limited girl information.

The girl name is Ms Nene!!

As you know...
She always working in Tokyo branch.

Sure you would like to meet her in Osaka!!

"I understand very well."

Great news for you.

This weekend !! Ms Nene is coming to Osaka !!

Aug 19 th and 20 th !!

It goes without saying Ms Nene is most poplar girl in Tokyo Branch, 

Very pretty ... So kind .... good service ... good hospitality.... good techniqe....

The information of Ms Nene.

Ms Nene 22 yrs , T157 B82 (C) W59 H83
Non smoke , Non tatoo , Non Piercing
She speke basic english!!

Exactly!! She is Perfect Japanese GFE girl.

She has a lot of repeat customers.
Because , Her beautiful smile fascinates almost men.....
She is a healing type of girl.....

Everyone loves her....

For example I will introduce the some voiceis of customers.

"Nene is a lovely and beautiful girl, tender touch and soft hands. 
Her licking service will drive you insane, just looking at her eyes and smile would make you melt it's so dreamy. 
She truly exceeds at what she does to relax and comfort you, it's hard to keep her off your mind. If I ever come back to Tokyo, I will definitely see her again."


"Cute, nice lips, fun to spend time with and lots of fun teaching me Japanese;  especially the words for the different parts of the body.

She was the model for each new word."

"A lovely, cute and hardworking young lady who knows how to please a man.
I really enjoy her passive kiss.100% GIrl Friend Feel."

"Hey my girl... U r dream of every men... Looks so adorable... can't stop thinking of you...
Lucky to have u... Missing u.... :*"

This is the message from Ms Nene to Osaka costomers.

Ms Nene photo dialy page .

Please confirm detailed schedule on the phone.
Also make sure you will make a reservation in advance!

You will surely be enchanted too.
Not too late..

Japanese escort girls club , Osaka branch

Phone number Local 03.5793.1515 International 81.3.5793.1515

Guaranteed Japan Escort Fuzoku by Japanese women!!


There are many reasons to come to Japan.


Traveling with friends or family... or maybe business.

Some may have come to study.


Despite being with family or friends, some may be looking to have a

memorable fling in a foreign land. Businessmen and students from overseas having loneliness, spending the night alone where you cannot communicate...


At such time, if there was a sweet Japanese girlfriend next to you...



However, it is not easy to get along with local girls. Same for us, the most convenient way to get close to a girl in a foreign land is to find an agency.

With female escort in your country, it means spending a good time and have sex in the end...

After the massage you recieved here, readers of this article may be looking for "THAT" kind of Japan escort.



"Vaginal prostitution is illegal in Japan...

On the other hand!!"


Vaginal sex prostitution is against the Japanese law.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer to your needs...


From long before, Japan has been world leading in sexual matters!!

Since viginal prostitution is prohibited, Japan escort fuzoku has created various genre to fulfill cutomers' needs.


・delivery health

・fetish club

・erotic massage

・pink salon



and more!!

Of all genre, Delivery Health a.k.a. Deri-Heru is the most popular.

Deri-Heru is, in summary, only viginal penetration is prohibited.

A genre to spend an intimate time as you do with your lover, caressing eachother with pleasure to hit the goal to climax!!

Which means, everything is good but sex.

Achieving high degree of customer satisfaction...

Deri-Heru will gratify you too witout sexual intercourse.


"Is it Foreinger Friendly?"

"I sort of get it...

but does Japan escort accept foreigners?" has this phrase crossed your mind?

Even on the internet where information is overflowing, following comments will be easily found.


Foreigners not allowed!!

No English

How do I make a booking...? How do I pay... ?

In the end we are not welcomed in Japan...


Surely, inquries and opinions will not end...


We will resolve your worries and answer to your needs.


We run 100% legal Deri-Heru for customers from overseas.

Recruiting only the pure Japanese, practicing our following priorities.


NO.1 To make a relaxing girlfriend atmosphere

NO.2 To be an aggressive giver, feeling you up close to climax

NO.3 To give an orgasm better than sex


Basically, session will be finished by BJ (BBBJ) or SUMATA. But not just that...

Only the most highly qualified ladies will lead you to extreme pleasure.

We expect many and many to experience our three priorities.


Aim to be a satisifying and secure Japan Escort!!  


Japanese made Escort Fuzoku for overseas guests.

NOT "likely Japanese"... it is genuine MADE in JAPAN.


Feel no worries


No extra charge!!

All girls are Japanese 100%!!

STD testing regularly!!

Booking in English!!


Assuring written above, member users climb up to 1300 per month.

Take this opportunity to meet "Japanes Escort Girls Club", safe and secured adult entertainment for overseas guests.


Genuine Japanese beauty, a perfect body figure...

Fluent English speaker and more... All INFO in here!  About Japan Escort Fuzoku 














In Osaka escorts, you can do dirty things like free adult movie.

Nowadays, men can watch free porn videos on the internet when we get horny.

Perhaps, some foreign men watched free adult videos and had crush on Japanese girls.
Have you ever felt like touching their body directly?

If you are excited at adult videos and have an opportunity to come to Osaka, I recommend you to use escorts.
It is easier than nanpa, and escort service takes care of sexual feeling on your penis.
You will be turned on for body to body service by escort girls.

If you like blow job, it is good to go to escorts focusing sucking.
If you like elder women, beautiful escort ladies serve you in hitoduma married female escorts.
Some of them stimulate your sensitive parts mainly. Some of them do facesitting, too.
As Japanese female private part comes on your face, it must be a bigger turn-on than adult videos.

Osaka escorts' service is great.

I want to introduce good points about Osaka escorts.

This is same in any countries. Local girls have their own characteristics.
The image of Tokyo girls are sophisticated. Many Osaka girls are full of service mind.
I will tell you about one example that I received.

When you request your favorable girl from the escort website on your smart phone, the girl visits your hotel at the designated time and starts the service right away.
It is called no hand. You do not need to do anything basically. Girls take your clothes off and wash your body in a dirty way in the shower. You may get excited and cum.
After that, you receive service on the bed. Hands and tongue keep moving during dirty conversation. Your whole body is stimulated a lot. When your penis got very wet with preejaculation, they will stimulate your penis using their hands, mouth, or breasts, gently and sometimes hardly. You will cum again.
When you cannot hold anymore seeing the girl panting with joy, you push your penis on her breasts for a happy ending.
After the session, she licks to clean your penis, or you two chat laying down on the bed. You can enjoy GFE as long as the time allows.

Do you understand they are full of service mind?
They listen and guess to serve till you are satisfied, so you do not need to work.
Only Japan has this wonderful service, and Osaka escorts are the best.

How to enjoy Osaka Escorts
July 7, 2016 1:31 AM | [How to enjoy Osaka Escorts]Permalink

Quite a few foreign tourists who like and have visited Japan repeatedly like Kansai.

Especially people for Osaka must be more compatible with frank and downtown atmosphere of Osaka than high-class and sophisticated Tokyo.
That type of foreign men must like escorts, too.

Many escort girls in Tokyo speak other languages fluently. So you can often communicate with words.
Surely, some escort girls in Osaka are bilinguals. But more girls try to communicate without words.
It is another good point.

When you take clothes and become naturally naked, words are not needed.
You can surrender yourself into escort service skills and just enjoy sexual service.
It is sure you are so satisfied and forget the language barrier after a deep erotic time.

Osaka Escorts are enjoyable, too.

Many foreign tourists would say Tokyo to speak of travel to Japan.

And maybe most of them move to Kyoto with many old cultural properties if they have extra time in the schedule.
I do hope you visit Osaka, one of the biggest cities in Kansai area, too.

Osaka can be called the capital city of West Japan. There are many entertainments.
There is a theme park that people visit from all over the world, and the towns of young people are energetic.
That city has many adult entertainment areas, too.
Male foreign tourists must be for adult entertainment with Japanese girls.

Owarai (comedy) culture certainly lives in Osaka girls. They are outstanding about happy jolly omotenashi.
They try hard to communicate with body language even if there is a language barrier. If it does not work, they work hard to satisfy you with global eroticism.
You can choose whichever. The escort technique will satisfy you.
You can leave Japan with a precious memory probably.

Osaka Escorts are pretty sophisticated.

Osaka has sex industry. This sex industry is pretty sophisticated compared to before.

They adopt service that is good for foreign men. Japanese girls make efforts to please men during the service.
You can see all escort girls are attractive on Osaka escort website. They also write about their service. Please take a look.

By the by, men do not set things when you use Osaka Escorts.
3some is possible in delivery health in Japan. Extraordinary adult entertainment like 3some will satisfy foreign men for sure.
You cannot taste ecstasy dominated by two Japanese girls together in other places but Japan.

Foreign men must be dominated if Japanese girls molest you together. You should tell them your request if you have.
For example, getting blow job while another girl does facesitting is possible. That would give you a shocking ecstasy on your body.

Osaka Escorts is good to use for body healing

Are you a foreign man visiting Japan? You can use Osaka Escorts to heal your tired body.

Going out at night makes you tired. Outcall escorts are available at your hotel.
This kind of escorts are popular among Japanese men, too. Their hot service will satisfy you.

Sexual feeling Osaka Escorts would not exist in foreign countries. This type of delivery health service must be new for foreign men.
New experience will make you happy certainly.
The image of Japanese girls is quiet. But you will notice another dirty aspect of them in the service.

Using Osaka Escorts is the only way to gain super success for delivery health adult entertainment.
Once you experience this service, the excitement lasts till next day. You will repeat if you experience that hot excitement.
It is great escort girls talk dirty holding the hand of foreign men tight.

Osaka Escorts that many foreigners use

Currently, Japan is internationalized, so Osaka has many foreigners.

If you come from abroad to Osaka, it is good to drink at izakaya first. After you enjoy drinking, escorts are good to try.
They reject foreigners before because escort girls could not speak other languages.

But escorts have changed a lot now. There are many foreigner friendly escorts.
Some Japanese escort girls speak other languages fluently. If you want adult entertainment with those fluent girls, you can request on your booking.
The image of Japanese girls is petit and classy. You will have a happy ending literally when such girls provide devoting service.

I assume some foreign men want receipt. Osaka Escorts issue receipt for sure.
This agent is good for all men visiting Japan. You will be satisfied because escort girls provide fulfilling service if you just lie on the bed.

Adult entertainment in Osaka Escorts is exciting.

There are many escorts mainly in Umeda or Nanba in Osaka, the second big city of Japan next to Tokyo.

The categories are various like hotel health, delivery health, imekura (image club) and so on. All girls are very erotic. You can enjoy Japanese adult entertainment fully.

Male customers do not need to do anything after you get into the room and become one-to-one with the girl.
Escort girls take care of everything like unclothing and wiping your body after a bath.
A naked girl showing her boobs wipes your body after a bath. The image is dirty enough.

Moreover, it is also a turn-on that neat and clean girls stick and turn S once the session started.
People say Japanese girl are not as active as foreign girls in sex action. But escort girls provide plenty of service, so you do not have to worry if you could be satisfied.

You can have splendid omotenashi in Osaka escorts.

In Japan, you can get high-quality clothes and daily necessities anytime.

My purpose to visit Japan is to purchase good-quality processed foods, daily necessities, and genuine high-brand goods that we cannot get in our country.
Shopping can be enough for women. However, men want Japanese original and best omotenshi.

You can spend a wonderful time with beautiful girls in Osaka escorts in Japan that we cannot experience in our country.
Not only their attractive good looks, but also caring service and great technique provide ecstasy all over our bodies. I wanted to use it every day during my stay in Osaka.

Osaka escorts welcome foreign tourists.
Even if you do not speak Japanese, girls speaking English or Chinese entertain you. So you can feel safe and indulge yourself into ecstasy with fun communication with girls.
As they prepare foreigner welcome service, we are secure.

Osaka Escorts and happy girls

I have been to Japan twice. Last time was Tokyo, and this time was Osaka.

I enjoy Tokyo sightseeing fully and was impressed at wonderful Japan. I wanted to try Osaka in the West next.
Something is different from Tokyo. I could feel it from the whole city and residents.

It is time for night entertainment after nice sightseeing in daytime.
I saw how to use delivery health at Tokyo sightseeing, so I called with no hesitation.
The escort girl was a happy girl with charming impression.
When I saw her carefully, I found it nice that her big breasts and booties contradicted to her adorable face.

And this cute girl's words and acts are super happy.
I did not know well, but her words sounded with a different intonation.
Her happy and energetic way of talking made us friendly naturally. We could get close immediately.
Still, she worked well as an escort girl in the sexual service.
She could look minority and stimulated my erogenous zones precisely.
I felt as if she had toyed me and ejaculated.
The difference from Tokyo girls and her unexpected gap between her looks and service. It was a very satisfactory time in many ways.

In Osaka escorts, you can do dirty things like free adult movie.

Nowadays, men can watch free porn videos on the internet when we get horny.

Perhaps, some foreign men watched free adult videos and had crush on Japanese girls.
Have you ever felt like touching their body directly?

If you are excited at adult videos and have an opportunity to come to Osaka, I recommend you to use escorts.
It is easier than nanpa, and escort service takes care of sexual feeling on your penis.
You will be turned on for body to body service by escort girls.

If you like blow job, it is good to go to escorts focusing sucking.
If you like elder women, beautiful escort ladies serve you in hitoduma married female escorts.
Some of them stimulate your sensitive parts mainly. Some of them do facesitting, too.
As Japanese female private part comes on your face, it must be a bigger turn-on than adult videos.

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