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Take Chizuru the Escort amid the New Normal in Osaka
September 6, 2020 6:16 PM | Osaka escorts

While attendance at Tokyo Disney Resort is rather high, 

its companion in Osaka has not seen the same success. 


Wait times at Universal Studios Japan remain low, 

and the crowds ain't flocking back to the park 

in the same was as in Tokyo. 


As such, 

the park in Osaka is to reduce costs amid the new normal, 

Backdraft and Terminator 2:3D are on a temporary closure. 

It seems destined to last as long as low attendance 

resulting from Covid-19 lasts. 


While USJ is struggling with the new normal, 

why don't you have fun with our lady, Chizuru?


Chizuru (T160 B88 (G) W58 H87) JEGC, Osaka branch

Chizuru is a beautiful chic GFE escort combined with style, class, thoughtful and always comes with immaculate manners. 

With nice black hair, alluring black eyes and curves 

just where it should . 

A well voluptuous outcall GFE escort 

with warmth and a seductive smile at all times. 

She has a perfect reputation on both worlds, 

a normal life and GFE escort life that will make you feel royalty. 

You will spent the most amazing time ever with Chizuru 

at our outcall escort service in Osaka 

and you can't get her out of your head. 


You will be counting the days until you get back to see her at JEGC. She is super sexy and amazing. 


You will fall in love with Chizuru at the night 

you meet her at the outcall escort service of JEGC, 

literally, she is so kind and sexy at the same time, 

really good at kissing, 

massaging and many other thing that's Osaka GFE. 


If you have to regret something, 

it is not being able to keep her for yourself, 

you will never ever want to book any other girl than her or other outcall escort service in Osaka, and she will be in your head. 

Our escorts have taken our erotic massage classes 

so they are all professionals. 

Wherever you are located, 

we provide the service with the same quality.


Also, our girls are updating their blog 

once in a while on our Japanese Escort Girls Club website 

so please check it out. 


You can see the pictures of their private life 

that you may get to know their favorite foods, cafe, pet, etc... 


And when you see them in a second time at our outcall service, 

you can bring some gifts to impress the lady but not necessary.

Japanese Escort Girls club m Osaka branch
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