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Osaka Escort Girls infoOsaka Escort Girls info

2016/11 2016/11
Osaka Soapland...sleazy traditonal Japanease Nuru Lotion play that you must try!


Welcome to Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan. Tourists, students, businessmen whatever the reason you have ended up in Osaka tonight...It's dark outside and your fun daytime at Universal Studio Japan or hard at work has been over. Yes, now is time for nightlife with a some naughty Japanese girl.


You are in Japan and you are not going to end the day alone! Most likely in other countries, calling or going to an escort agency is the best option, simply meet a girl and have sex.


In this kind of Japanese-style situation, going to the soapland could be the similar way and also a very traditonal way to meet the girl. Saopland will provide sex along with bathing play(Yokuso-play) and Nuru lotion mattress massage play!

【where is saopland and how can I find it?】

First, I have to inform you this sad truth, there is no soapland shops in Osaka. You have to make yourself go all the way to Kobe city or even to Shiga prefecture. But hold on, in Osaka there is an area called Tobita-shinchi which provides sex but the whole area has a very awkward atomosphere even for a Japanese man to step in...


It could also be risky to enjoy Fuzoku around there because providing sex is illegal in Japan and the police officers will often patrol regularly. In addition, the girls there seem like they enjoy nothing but painful and the service you will beprovided is way far below from Japanese Omotenashi spirit. Yes you mightr get penetraton illegally but besides penetration, everything is eased up, mostly it is obvious prostitutes are acting and sloppy during the whole session time. And the worst scenario waiting for you is to go back all the way alone with nothing completed mentally or even physically.


Apparently, finding and going to the soapland or Tobita-shinchi takes not only a lot of time of yours but also a huge percentage of failing risk unless you are very familier with local geography and the language otherwise the unfortunate events could happen if you don't fit in the criteria.

【out of service criteria causes unfortunate events】

Some malicious shop will deceive you by taking extra charge or making you implicated in ilegal activity in Japan. So if you don't fit in criteria, what kind of unfortunate events could happen to you would be...


・She wasn't Japanese

・After all the time and effort you made, couldn't even find the shop

・No English

・In the end foreigners are not welcomed in Japan...

・Unclear pricing, leads to extra charge

・Donation rose up higher and higher... 

・Igonored illegal action involves you in a crime

・Catching STD(Trust me, you don't want that)


We will guarantee the things listed below in order to all our customers to feel safe and be satisfiled


・All girls are Japanese 100% and severely selected

・Stay wherever you are, she will come to you

・No extra charge

・Booking in English

・100% legal and licenced company

・STD testing regularly

For furthe information about our service, please click here

【Is it really satisfing and worthy with no sex?】

However, did you ever not feel that you have wasted your time by persisting on buying sex?


Reding this article so far, you probably have understood what I have been trying to say. The next question which will come across youe mind will be "Can we really feel satisfied and worthy with no sex?"  The answer is "YES WE CAN!"


Kiss her passionately, hold her tightly, caress each other softly...

Or just lie down together holding hands and whisper to each other... if her English is not good, why not give a gentle lecture to her.


Because there is no vaginal penetration, there are everything else. Everything else are extremely lewd, extremely attached, extremely passionate... With such extreme sources gave birth to "SUMATA". SUMATA is a sexual act to put pressure and friction by holding male's private part between girl's thighs. So tightly attached, so good, and legal since no penetration is involved in the act. 


And the best thing about having deliverly-health is that you can kiss her good-bye and you can just go straight to bed right way, and also you will have a great wake-up in the next morning. 


【Last butnot least...we are THE JAPANESE ESCORT】

Please callus now! Our girl's natural born Japaneseness is called OMOTENASHI, omotenashi hospitality coming out of inside thier spirits. That's why many of our customers come back to us. Our highly qualified and severely selected Japanese girls... who will give you a butterfly in your stomach.


Only the..., by the..., and because their the Japanese girls

Welcome to Japan Escort, the true OMOTENASHI


Vaginal prostitution is illegal in Japan. However, if the girlfriend experience with Japanese girls concluded you to an answer that sex was not necessary... we are honored.


To make your stay in Japan even more pleasant,

take this opportunity to meet Japanese Escort Girls Club


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