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Kyoto Escort Girls infoKyoto Escort Girls info

Kyoto Escort service has made a comeback!!
January 22, 2020 11:51 AM | Kyoto escort

You: Hi~, I want an escort!!..... Japanese call girl ...

Agency: Oh, sorry nobody is available...

Independent: Sorryyyy, I'm busy rn~~, call me again.


Have you ever had an experience like it above when you wanted a Japanese girl in Kyoto??

Actually, there are not many call girls and escort agencies in Kyoto 

because Kyoto city is not as large as Tokyo. Also, the government preserve cultural architecture, cityscape, nature, 

and world heritage such as Kiyomizu-Dera Temple or Kinkakuji temple, 

so it's difficult to run escort service, brothels and stuff like that. 


There are a few red light districts. Unfortunately, most of them are not "Foreigner-Friendly". 

A few adult service shops welcome foreigners, 

but they might charge foreigners higher than Japanese. Watch out for Rip-Off.


Back to the number of Kyoto escorts. 

As described above, whereas escort girls are few in number, 

people who would like to use the service are too many everyday.


We Kyoto JEGC was under that situation. 

We received many times inquiries than availability so apologize for it...


No worry, good news is here. 

To fulfill your desire, we've hired as many hot girls as possible!!
It can only be done by us, not others. 

Therefore, many customers have enjoyed our Kyoto escort service more since we did it.

There must be an escort girl who you will be into!!!

Want to know our new girls and recommendations?Don't tell anyone...


If I were you, I would choose this girl :)


Ms.Ramu, JEGC, Kyoto

When I saw her, I was just like "wow". 

What an adorable girl she is!! The Goddess has descended!!!

 Look at her body, she is like a model, or must be a model!!

 Even though she has a shapely figure, BIG BOOBS...OMG.


Any other recommendations? We have more. If you are curious, just call us.

We are waiting for your call.


High class Kyoto escort any had ever experienced before

Japanese Escort Girls Club 

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