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Neighborhood Branches

Nagoya Meeting Point Map

Nagoya Meeting Point Map

 Price / How to play

Meeting points

*15 minutes walk from Nagoya station (JR-line ,Higashiyama-line Sakuradori-line Kintetsu Meitetsu-line)

Taking Taxi

Please ask to Nayabashi Nishi intersection *Please see the meeting point

Love Hotel List (Nagoya area)
Hotel TEL Delivery fee Notes
1 Clover 052-541-2311 free short stay:\3800
2 PARADOR 052-586-1919 free short stay:\3800
3 TIFFANY 052-561-1991 free short stay:\3300
4 SouthernCross 052-581-0595 free short stay:\3500
5 MHOTEL 052-561-6300 free short stay:\4300
6 CORONA CLUB 052-571-2444 free short stay:\2940
7 Hotel LIMOUSINE 052-937-4111 free short stay:\4500
8 SANMARINO Fushimi 052-231-2508 free short stay:\5000~
9 City INN California 052-321-7581 free short stay:\2500
10 Hotel Gold 052-881-6536 free
11 Hotel SOPHIA 052-251-5801 free short stay:\5300~
12 Hotel Mirage 052-264-1414 free short stay:\3800
13 Hotel Regent 052-269-6060 free short stay:\4800~
14 GLARE ZIP CLUB 052-269-2778 free short stay:\4600~
Price / How to play
Meeting Point Map
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