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With out Shin Yokohama area

*Minimum session begins from 90 minutes. Additional 5,000 JPY for transportation fee.
*Please note, Yokohama suburbs will be out of range.
*Yokohama available from 18:00 to 5:00 last call

Pictures are all real, No Photo Shop!

No False Age!

No Compromise!

【About Nomination fee】
Choosing a girl, we charge 2,000YEN as a requesting fee.
Without request, we send a girl in the order of popularity. So even without request we send the best girl in the moment. We are willing to adjust the girls as much as possible to the customer's taste, so give us the details.

【About Special Girl Fee】
Are Girls most highly popular among our customers, and passed promotion standards.The HOTTEST GIRLS of our shop. For qualifying Girl, 1.000YEN will be charged for Special girl fee besides requesting fee.

Please double check girls schedule page.

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*Click each girl's photo for other pictures and more information.


It only takes a second to fall for her. She is very impactful in many good ways.
Her big round eyes and and well-proportioned body will give you butterflies.
She is defi...


This girl with adorable and cute face and shy behaviors are the little sister type.♪ She has beautiful skin and her beautiful skin and perky D-cup breasts are a good surprise thou...


Her black short hair becomes her and makes her a very adorable woman. You will have butterflies in your stomach by just being gazed by her. Her slender body figure will even incre...


She is both beautiful and adorable lady. But her charm point is not only appearance but also her behavior of serve you would be quite impressive. It is worth to play with her.


Thank you for waiting teenager girl is here!!! The balance between yongness and luscious is the best. Her smile and good English will make you relax. You can communicate with her e...


Have a nice surprise at her adorable looks with long black hair first. No worry. It is sure you will be addicted to her devoted service once you try. Customers’ feedback tells her ...


Innocent girl as pure as driven snow tries to make the best out of her. Service she will provide is unexpected the best is yet to come. Her aura makes an atmosphere very special a...


Young girl with attractive body and pretty face. Who could ask for anything more? These things are called the Three Sacred Treasures. (Youngness attractiveness beautifulness) Do...


Her slender body and black luscious hair stimulates your scenes. You might get a heart
attack if being looked by her bed room eyes. Please feel and ensure her heartbeat and ...


A girl with a 90cm beautiful shaped E cup breast a great body figure and a killer smile. She calls herself naughty and slutty ...don’t you see a lot of potential in you? I do. You...


The mixture of her dimples and her black hair makes her look very sexy. Her perfectly shaped body is one of her top assets. Without a doubt meeting her will be one of your most mem...


”I will work hard to make my guests feel good.” She is motivated! She is a shy girl with gentle presence. Her open and friendly aspect to talk with shining in her round eyes is ano...


She has very attractive face and figure. She is nice palor she feel happy when making customers feel ecstasy and comfortable. Just try her deep and best play at least one time.


Her first impression is simple and clean. There is no doubt that she makes you relaxed. When she gets naughty might make turning you on.


How about a cute petite lady? Her best asset will be without a doubt her beautiful-shaped butt. You’ll know what I am talking about when you see her and touch her. Her sophisticate...


She is a very nice girl with beautiful tan skin. Don’t miss beautiful organized face and nice body-line. She can do much other for you. So I’m sure you’ll get big enjoyment by her....


In spite of her young age she is caring. I recommend this petit and cute girl very much. Moreover she has a glamorous body with G-cup breasts and the curve is hot and tentative....


She said that this job is a callig job. She takes pleasure in touching men feels excided to have a session. She is the only woman to say that. You must call her.


You must crush on her! She has something attractive with her looks. But not only that her body line is amazingly nice and skinny and her brest is beautiful shape with C cup size....


It’s no exaggeration to say that her toned body line reaches status of high art.
Although she is small she will invite you to a paradise by using her whole body.


You will be excited at her attractive gap that you cannot expect from her classy moderate and tender outside for sure. Her steady personality makes her earnest attitude in the se...


She is an adult a sweet soothing lady who attracts you with tender presence and gentle smile. Everything is to the fullest and very caring... Please heal your tired body and soul...


She is grown-up but she has not had worked as an escort girl. An innocent pure and just good girl. Her looks is cute and very friendly! She told me she goes crazy once she is tu...


Her good looks D-cup breasts and tight waist of 58 cm are must-see! She is very earnest and always explore eroticism. She truly want to please men.


Adorable and pretty girl with slim body★ Not just a loli. She is cute like a pop star.♪ You can enjoy her pretty face with cute smile and blooming eroticism. We expect lots to her.

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