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Fukuoka Escort Girls infoFukuoka Escort Girls info

2019/02 2019/02
There are many meeting spots in Fukuoka.

What are your options besides using an escort type service in Fukuoka?


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Introducing 16 popular spots where people gather and meet. It is mainly Tenjin, Hakata and the Nakasu area. Please keep in mind this refers to the population of 99.9% Japanese who may or may not speak English.

In addition, we attached the success rate and evaluation of each area from person experience.

It is my pleasure to evaluate with personal subjectivity, but I hope that it will be enlightening to know such places exist courtesy of Japanese Escort Girls Club from which whom we are sharing this information for our Fukuoka Escort branch.


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Keigou Koen (Tenjin)


This park is said to be the sanctuary for pick-ups in Fukuoka, and there are many groups of women sitting on the bench in the park during the late evenings.


You can frequently see a male speaking to such a group of women.

In many cases, women's group also recognizes that it is a pick-up spot and are waiting to be hit on.


It is crowded day & night making it a very popular spots.

Many people gathered in Halloween in 2017, and the event has been held frequently.

How about trying a man who wants to have a challenge?



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ )  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★ ★)   (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★ ★)


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Tenjin big screen front (Solaria vision)


Tenjin big screen front (Solaria vision) is the most famous meeting place in Tenjin. Of course weekday afternoons may be slow, but at the end there are so many women who are waiting.


Mostly everyone, "Well before the big screen at 19 o'clock in a meeting," is known as "here in front of the big screen".


Is it like Hachiko square in Tokyo.

It is a classic meeting spot in Fukuoka and it is a center of Tenjin, so there are many women, so there are always a couple of Nampa masters.


The sight of pick-ups are very common. Why do not men who are considering Nanpa challenge Nanpa here once.



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★) (Exchange contact ★ ★)




Tenjin Lion Square


The Tenjin Lion Square is located just beside the Kaido Park.

It is often used as a meeting place, and the "Lion Square" is a famous spot where most people are acknowledged.


Since there is a bench, I see many women who are meeting there.

If you go to Kaido Park, it's just right, so why not try the Nampa once.



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★) (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★)


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Tenjin core front


Tenjin Core is a popular fashion building which is not an exaggeration to say that it is a sacred place of young age group teenage to early twenties.


Nanpas are frequently held in front of the core in order to face a woman of a young age group.


Even solely for women, group women particularly leave a good impression.

Also, the woman who finished shopping that came out of the core aims.


In the case of young women of the age group, the appearance of the first impression of the men on the side to be pampered is particularly important.



(Talking ★ ★ ★   (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★)   (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★)


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Canal City Hakata


Canal city Hakata is located just in the middle between Tenjin and Hakata station.


There are lots of tourists and local women. There are entertainment such as fountain show and event, women who are watching it, etc. Nanpa target


Because it is easier to create a topic of opportunity to talk to, there is a better environment to talk to than talk to the street. In addition, there are cafe and restaurant inside store, easy to take out.


As there is Harukichi's Loveho Street in the immediate vicinity, there is a very good environment to target immediately.



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★) (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★)

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Concluding; this ends are introductions to famous places in Fukuoka for seeking women and finding one available which makes it sound easy but it's after you succeed with the contact information, what do you do next?


Tragically the truth to the matter is that unless your very good looking or extremely wealthy and show it, most ladies that gave you their contact information will most likely not continue to stay in touch with you making everything a waste of time.

So we recommend use escort service more than Nampa.


She unclothes you.

Let her lead and entrust yourself to her care and technique in the bathroom and bed.


You do not have to think what to do for initiate session.

Taste theeroticism and hospitality in Japanese 'night entertainment'.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Fukuoka branch

Phone number: (+81) 03 5793 1515

Open Hours : 12pm to 5am.


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