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Fukuoka Escort Girls infoFukuoka Escort Girls info

Fukuoka outcall Fukuoka outcall
Enjoying Japanese escort services without using your hands.

Brief summary explaining the contents of our Fukuoka branch shop.

Enjoying Japanese escort services without using your hands.


"No hand = not using your hands". A new concept that is entertaining within the escort services.


As you may already know, actual sex services are prohibited in Japan.

It began there with a new genre called "health" services.


We'd like to inform you there is more pleasure in our services than just simple intercourse. We have expanded our business area this time and started to develop in this Fukuoka area.

Because women do a special type of service, in accord with the term "no-hands" they will take off your clothes and even light a cigarette for you, also hold a cup to your lips when thirsty.

As for entertainment, the women will entertain you instead of you having to do any kind of work.

"Women's attitude was cold", "It is scripted", "she just wants the money";

Typical comments from those who were disappointed by such experiences will find our services and courtesy to be highly satisfactory.



Does the no-hand play continue until the end?


No matter how excellent our services may be, if resulting to a non-climax, we would not be labelled as an escort service.


By receiving such service type of play,  once you have reached your limits,

You are allowed to touch and play with the girl.  Such customs make the whole experience very enjoyable"

This is what can be expected with our service concept, enjoying with no hands.

"Because you are the top priority, you are free to touch when you want to, and be served when you choose to be served." Such a way of playing is also a way to enjoy amature women's special finesse without the use of hands.

For those who want to experience proper Japanese customs in a sexual fashion,

we encourage to try our services with the concept of not using your hands which cannot be experienced elsewhere.


100%Legal Adult Entertainment Agency in Japan


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