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Japanese Escort Girl Club , Fukuoka branch
Pnone : 03 5793 1515
International : 81 3 5793 1515 
We chat : JEGC_2014

Would like to escort service durling fukuoka business trip?

Though it is for work, there seem to be many men who are excited for some reason.

Nakasu and Hakata are popular business destinations.


First of all, the food is delicious yet cheap, the Hakata dialect is pretty. There are many beautiful women in Hakata.


Let's extend the wings in Fukuoka with a lady who is not your wife or has no obligations so you can spend a care-free one night experience. 


Customers on business trips are compatible with delivery health customs.


If there are night work meetings and entertainment in Fukuoka and Hakata, there will be many in the Nakasu area. 




There are many soapland or incall  in Nakasu, but I think that there is also anxiety about moving around without a land intuition.


In that respect, if it is fukuoka outcall, it will be dispatched just by a single phone to the hotel where you are staying.


Tenjin, Nakasu, Hakata and Fukuoka have very good sense of distance and high convenience, and there are most business hotels here, so I think that any hotel will be able to dispatch in a short time.


Also, after drinking at Nakasu, the soapland or incall service will be closed in time and it will be difficult to play.


But in the case of Fukuoka outcall ,If it is a business hotel, you will be able to get up in the morning or dispatch immediately after check-in after work.

In order not to fail the important outcall escort service selection


If this is the first time, most people will use a PC or smartphone to look at the store and see women's gravure photos.


One thing to keep in mind is that there are shops that enchant the photos. The magic takes place as soon as the door is opened, so the fun of the corner is ruined.


The polarization of a store with a low price and a high store is progressing. Of course, you can choose according to your budget, but you will need to pay for it to get something worthwhile.

C:\Users\h-kaigai\Desktop\使い捨て\g882_882_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai\Desktop\使い捨て\g620_620_pc_02.jpg

So I recommend it!!


As it is one of the largest large-scale groups in Japan with more than 40 affiliated stores across the country, trust and results differ.


C:\Users\h-kaigai\Desktop\使い捨て\g1049_1049_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai\Desktop\使い捨て\g1025_1025_pc_02.jpg


Since only women who are beautifully the image of a girlfriend store are enrolled, there is no photo correction or age deception.


There is a sense of security that the concept has been established

You may also have been frustrating when the type of Service that provided sex was not  satisfactory due to the service being mediocre. 


Because a beautiful Fukuoka escorts will do everything on your behalf in order to take care of you, you may just have your eyes closed the entire time


Even if you don't really do anything, you can start feeling good one after another just by sitting down, so you can feel as if you're hiring a sexual servant.

C:\Users\h-kaigai\Desktop\使い捨て\g411_411_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai\Desktop\使い捨て\g303_303_pc_02.jpg


After bath, move to bed and receive rich lip service. There are not many shops that offer lip services with full body really even though the service is usually described. 


After that, it will be rich licking, licking, and pleasure will increase and excitement will reach the climax. 


When the excitement reaches the limit, this time you will take the initiative and release all of your desires for as long as you like, again and again.


In this way, you can be even more satisfied if you choose the type of woman, with any escort you can receive the same outcall service in Fukuoka.


By all means, please enjoy Hakata with five senses, using the Japanese girls Fukuoka branch which you can enjoy with JEGC! !

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Fukuoka branch

Phone number: (+81) 03 5793 1515

Open Hours : 12pm to 5am.


There are many meeting spots in Fukuoka.

What are your options besides using an escort type service in Fukuoka?


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g935_935_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g935_935_pc_03.jpg


Introducing 16 popular spots where people gather and meet. It is mainly Tenjin, Hakata and the Nakasu area. Please keep in mind this refers to the population of 99.9% Japanese who may or may not speak English.

In addition, we attached the success rate and evaluation of each area from person experience.

It is my pleasure to evaluate with personal subjectivity, but I hope that it will be enlightening to know such places exist courtesy of Japanese Escort Girls Club from which whom we are sharing this information for our Fukuoka Escort branch.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g411_411_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g620_620_pc_02.jpg


Keigou Koen (Tenjin)


This park is said to be the sanctuary for pick-ups in Fukuoka, and there are many groups of women sitting on the bench in the park during the late evenings.


You can frequently see a male speaking to such a group of women.

In many cases, women's group also recognizes that it is a pick-up spot and are waiting to be hit on.


It is crowded day & night making it a very popular spots.

Many people gathered in Halloween in 2017, and the event has been held frequently.

How about trying a man who wants to have a challenge?



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ )  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★ ★)   (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★ ★)


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g620_620_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g778_778_pc_02.jpg



Tenjin big screen front (Solaria vision)


Tenjin big screen front (Solaria vision) is the most famous meeting place in Tenjin. Of course weekday afternoons may be slow, but at the end there are so many women who are waiting.


Mostly everyone, "Well before the big screen at 19 o'clock in a meeting," is known as "here in front of the big screen".


Is it like Hachiko square in Tokyo.

It is a classic meeting spot in Fukuoka and it is a center of Tenjin, so there are many women, so there are always a couple of Nampa masters.


The sight of pick-ups are very common. Why do not men who are considering Nanpa challenge Nanpa here once.



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★) (Exchange contact ★ ★)




Tenjin Lion Square


The Tenjin Lion Square is located just beside the Kaido Park.

It is often used as a meeting place, and the "Lion Square" is a famous spot where most people are acknowledged.


Since there is a bench, I see many women who are meeting there.

If you go to Kaido Park, it's just right, so why not try the Nampa once.



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★) (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★)


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g882_882_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g882_882_pc_03.jpg

Tenjin core front


Tenjin Core is a popular fashion building which is not an exaggeration to say that it is a sacred place of young age group teenage to early twenties.


Nanpas are frequently held in front of the core in order to face a woman of a young age group.


Even solely for women, group women particularly leave a good impression.

Also, the woman who finished shopping that came out of the core aims.


In the case of young women of the age group, the appearance of the first impression of the men on the side to be pampered is particularly important.



(Talking ★ ★ ★   (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★)   (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★)


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g924_924_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g924_924_pc_03.jpg



Canal City Hakata


Canal city Hakata is located just in the middle between Tenjin and Hakata station.


There are lots of tourists and local women. There are entertainment such as fountain show and event, women who are watching it, etc. Nanpa target


Because it is easier to create a topic of opportunity to talk to, there is a better environment to talk to than talk to the street. In addition, there are cafe and restaurant inside store, easy to take out.


As there is Harukichi's Loveho Street in the immediate vicinity, there is a very good environment to target immediately.



(Talking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)  (Atmosphere ★ ★ ★) (Exchange contact ★ ★ ★)

C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g303_303_pc_01.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\新しいフォルダー\g303_303_pc_02.jpg


Concluding; this ends are introductions to famous places in Fukuoka for seeking women and finding one available which makes it sound easy but it's after you succeed with the contact information, what do you do next?


Tragically the truth to the matter is that unless your very good looking or extremely wealthy and show it, most ladies that gave you their contact information will most likely not continue to stay in touch with you making everything a waste of time.

So we recommend use escort service more than Nampa.


She unclothes you.

Let her lead and entrust yourself to her care and technique in the bathroom and bed.


You do not have to think what to do for initiate session.

Taste theeroticism and hospitality in Japanese 'night entertainment'.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Fukuoka branch

Phone number: (+81) 03 5793 1515

Open Hours : 12pm to 5am.


How to Learning adult Japanese
December 20, 2017 8:46 PM | [How to Learning adult Japanese]Permalink

How to Learning adult Japanese


Here at JEGC、we try our best to ensure that every customer from any background or nationality can use our escort for foreigners service.


However due to language barriers, there are times some escort for foreigners will not be available; especially in Fukuoka.

JEGC would like to give those who do not or can't speak Japanese a chance to meet with only Japanese speaking ladies.


A language barrier can be huge and troublesome for both parties and perhaps not.


By knowing just a few specific sentences and keywords, you'll be a native adult fuzouku speaker in no time.



We also give pamphlets to girls with specific English phrases to communicate certain essentials as well which makes it an even more foreigner friendly experience.


For a proper girlfriend experience, it is necessary that the feelings are somewhat mutual additionally to body language.


Maybe there are a few Japanese words or phrases on how to communicate which you may have already picked up.


Using google translator may work sometimes but it does ruin the authenticity and mood.


Here are the top 5 greetings on how to make your Fukuoka escort girlfriend happy:


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g303_303_pc_03 (1).jpg


  1. Onegai-shimasu (Please)

It does not only assure the lady that you are a gentleman but also that you have decency.  

Giving your "girlfriend" escort the courtesy of thankfulness, her attitude should turn out to be better not only for you but for her as well.

  1. Sai-kou (Fantastic)

Say your Japanese Escort is in the middle of giving you a service and there is an awkward silence in the air.


MMM or "Yes" may be a standard for you but in this case, in order to make it more interesting for the girl, you can use such word that describes she's doing a "fantastic " job.




  1. Kawaii (Cute)

Of course girls like to be complimented even though it may seem untruthful or not.

It is just a way to express to the girl that you are a nice person.


It can be "kawaii" dress from the start or "kawaii" hair which most bodily phrases can be understood in English. (except for boobs or buttocks)


  1. Sugoi (Wow)

Whenever you seem surprised/astonished, of course it does motivate the individual to keep doing or use whatever was surprising.


Whether it is you referring to her boobs or her excellent blow job, she will use/continue whatever it is that you wanted.




  1. Arigato (Thank you)

Perhaps you may already know this one? There is never too many times to show gratitude. There may be some individuals who think "I'm the customer; I don't need to be thankful"...


We are well aware of this, but even with that in mind, it is always positive to show appreciation regardless.


Well there you have it; be sure to learn a few for standard conversational Japanese to get the ultimate escort for foreigner. Watching local Fukuoka Japanese local TV is always educational and easy to learn about the Hakata community and speech.


100%Legal Adult Entertainment Agency in Fukuoka, Hakata.

Original Super-Sexy Escort services.

The year-end and New Year period are as follows:

We are open during the end and beginning of the year.

31/12/2017   :       12:00 pm  open - 8:00 pm closed

01/01/2018~ :      Regular Hours * 12:00 pm - Next 5:00 am Last call

※01/01/2018-03/01/2018 : Please understand we charge extra  1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have given us throughout the year.
We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued patronage in the year 2018.

Yours sincerely.


Receiving All Services (for free)

Here at JEGC we allow many explicit services that most other providers cannot not and will not provide without an additional fee.


Especially in Fukuoka, there are only a few escort agencies that allow such services, so if you're in the Hakata area, please take advantage of such a deal!


This is why our prices may seem a bit expensive at first, however considering what is allowed, our prices are very cheap.


In order to experience all of these excellent services, it is recommended to make a reservation for a 90 minute course or more.



Our main free services include kissing, touching and licking the female escort ANYWHERE. You can also receive a blowjob with/without a condom.


Our special service includes Sumata (Panty job without panties) which is very close to sexual intercourse and maybe perhaps even better!


The minor services include 69, boob job, unlimited shots, Fully naked, Foot job Etc.


You basically can choose to do whatever, however, whenever, whereever you like!!


Don't be confined to a small space/room with a typical standard procedure from start to finish.



Our girls are well aware of that you get to do what you want (no sex)so they are very open to suggestions.


If the Japanese Escort doesn't speak English, please use a translator or show her a video of what it is you want to do.


Please tell the staff what you are specifically looking for and they will try their best to meet your needs.


So basically, it's possible to do anything you please as you would with your girlfriend but there is no asking or negotiating for sex!!


(Your session will be terminated without a refund and possibly legal assessment.)


While being fully prepared with what it is that you want to do, you will for surely be satisfied with no doubt at all.

5 reasons Kyushu's delivery health is where its at.

Hakata is one of the major Erotic places in Japan,

but honestly there is a high chance for disappointment.



In Fukuoka, there is a good understanding of service for the customer. A lot of the girls are from the area as well.  Even women from west Japan try to come to this area.  According to rumors, erotic shop receptionists and waiting rooms are densely populated in the Nakasu 1 chome and Minami Shinchi area. If so, the business hotel to stay in best is near the Hakata station area. If it is a love hotel, Haruyoshi or Sumiyoshi will be the closest area.

Playing with young girls is good but mature females are sometimes better at service.


Kyushu's erotic shops main selection is girls in their 20's, then companion types, mature females, there are S&M shops, Blonde European/Americans, shops that collaborate with Korea and China. If you can't find what you're looking for in Fukuoka, you won't find it anywhere else in Japan. There are that many categories and genres to choose from. It is up to you whether to choose by the type of shop, to choose by your favorite play, or to choose with the type of lady. If you are always tired of having to take the initiative, how about a companion that will do the work for you?


However, Companion=Old=Gross!? No one wants a old wrinkly lady.


Walking through the ramen street, it is said you can usually tell if a shop is good judging by the smell that leaks through its doors. However you cannot tell whether a erotic shop is good since there is no way to tell from the outside.             

No one wants to repeat the same mistakes!


Everyone may have failed with a erotic shop once before. It is completely different from the photographs! The photo is legit  but the play was poor .... When choosing a cheap shop, a horrid women came out and I almost thought her heart was going to stop.                          

Give me back the feeling of excitement that I had just a few minutes ago.                                                                

The money is OK, but please give me back my time.

That's right, I'll just try to forget this happened.

We understand how you must have felt. Everyone has experienced such feeling before.

It is impossible to fail in the city of Hakata where there are so many experienced locations.


Most Fukuoka women are stunning, therefore it would be nearly impossible to not receive what you were expecting.  For those who picture business trip = night outings, experience a successful business trip but failed with the escort may end up hating or never wanting to go back to that location again.                                        

Just because I requested prime rib doesn't mean I'll accept any kind.                                               

When I search on the internet, the photos are all edited and I can't choose who to pick.

There are so many Escort services in Fukuoka its hard to pick one.

I can't go back home as a failure.....

Here are some suggestions for those who do not want to fail again.


Here are the 5 recommended points of our Fukuoka outcall services.

Here at No-hand, our Fukuoka outcall escort women will range from their 20's~40's, and each individual will be top class.                        

1. Because our concept is set, female selection is not very important.

Escort service depends on the women? It is true that there are variations in service among women at many Escort shops. Since our shop is a concept store there is no difference in services by women. The quality and content of the play of all women enrolled are in sync.


2. Our Fukuoka outcall escorts are hand-picked to being able to service you without the use of your hands.                     

Is the image of an escort agency is that it's cheap and not that bad?                                                                                                

It is standard for the Escorts to be young & beautiful. "No-hand" focuses on how to please the man and we support you with women only between their 20's~40's that act very young. So without even having to pay a special fee, you will receive the best service possible.


I Want to choose a woman! Click here for the list of women enrolled in the Fukuoka outcall shop


3. We are established nationwide. = Our concept is a success                       

Our concept of not using your hands has had great feedback from customers, that in the last year since our first shop opened, we have opened 6 other shops. This is also evidence that our concept is upheld by customers.                                                    

Our concept "No hand = not using your hands" fully meaning, you do not need to use your hands but the women will use hers devotedly. Furthermore, it is a service of play that you do not have to worry about a thing  just because you are at home. A escort who will make you feel like a king.


4. We provide a sense of security due to our company being a corporate business.

◯eaven.net is a "healthy relaxing massage club ", "nympho fetish club" etc. companion type based website that includes our no-hand services. Their website has over 40 different named shops nationwide.

As a premium club website, they actively invest in advertisements and use recruitment agencies.   

"Trust & excellency". We have been a veteran in the escort business and always been trusted.


Out of the 3 classes (Diamond/platinum/bronze) They are under the highest rank diamond.



5. Strength of our group affiliate shops! Play content, recruitment standards,  fees are the same for all women nationwide.

Both amateur and professional ladies will provide a satisfied service. In Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama ... there is no difference with each region. After you tried our service the next time the entry fee will no longer be necessary (1,000 yen).

Locations on where to use our "no-hand" services.  Shinagawa (Gotanda) · Ikebukuro · Ueno · Nagoya · Yokohama · Fukuoka (Hakata)   6 shops!


We are still planning to open more shops. However, due to the sudden shop development, there may be a possibility that other customers will make reservations ahead of time so please be advised.                                      

You make a reservation ahead of schedule or leave it up to our staff to pick the highest recommended individual for a open coarse.  


  Here is the Hakata no-hand ladies schedule.


You can make a reservation with just 1 call!

It takes only 2 minutes to complete a reservation.


There is a  meeting type and a delivery type (home or hotel). There are no requirements for you to visit us.

The customer will only face the no-handed lady.

There is neither confrontation with other customers nor face to face with employees. It is all a very simple process. Please do not hesitate to call.

For those who do not want to send an escort to a hotel that their company has paid for, you can meet the girl as if you were on a date.

Fukuoka(Hakata) Meeting Piont Map


From Tenjin-Minami subway Station No.6 Exit by 8 Minutes Walking.

Meeting points

Love Hotel : The Sun Hotel (In the Lobby)



I got bored with escort services because I had to do the work...

In recent years the escort business has certainly gotten better with looks  but the number of shops with poor play is increasing. I don't feel like I have to tell her what to do.                                         

It is fine not have to do a thing with our "no-hand" lady. However, just receiving may not be enough, it is ok to do use your hands if you must.

Since you get to decide however you like to spend your time, there is almost no doubt you'll be satisfied 100%


We are looking forward to your reservation and releasing your tension with the companions at our Fukuoka outcall branch.



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