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Fukuoka Escort Girls infoFukuoka Escort Girls info

5 reasons Kyushu's delivery health is where its at.
September 9, 2017 2:49 PM | Fukuoka Escort

Hakata is one of the major Erotic places in Japan,

but honestly there is a high chance for disappointment.



In Fukuoka, there is a good understanding of service for the customer. A lot of the girls are from the area as well.  Even women from west Japan try to come to this area.  According to rumors, erotic shop receptionists and waiting rooms are densely populated in the Nakasu 1 chome and Minami Shinchi area. If so, the business hotel to stay in best is near the Hakata station area. If it is a love hotel, Haruyoshi or Sumiyoshi will be the closest area.

Playing with young girls is good but mature females are sometimes better at service.


Kyushu's erotic shops main selection is girls in their 20's, then companion types, mature females, there are S&M shops, Blonde European/Americans, shops that collaborate with Korea and China. If you can't find what you're looking for in Fukuoka, you won't find it anywhere else in Japan. There are that many categories and genres to choose from. It is up to you whether to choose by the type of shop, to choose by your favorite play, or to choose with the type of lady. If you are always tired of having to take the initiative, how about a companion that will do the work for you?


However, Companion=Old=Gross!? No one wants a old wrinkly lady.


Walking through the ramen street, it is said you can usually tell if a shop is good judging by the smell that leaks through its doors. However you cannot tell whether a erotic shop is good since there is no way to tell from the outside.             

No one wants to repeat the same mistakes!


Everyone may have failed with a erotic shop once before. It is completely different from the photographs! The photo is legit  but the play was poor .... When choosing a cheap shop, a horrid women came out and I almost thought her heart was going to stop.                          

Give me back the feeling of excitement that I had just a few minutes ago.                                                                

The money is OK, but please give me back my time.

That's right, I'll just try to forget this happened.

We understand how you must have felt. Everyone has experienced such feeling before.

It is impossible to fail in the city of Hakata where there are so many experienced locations.


Most Fukuoka women are stunning, therefore it would be nearly impossible to not receive what you were expecting.  For those who picture business trip = night outings, experience a successful business trip but failed with the escort may end up hating or never wanting to go back to that location again.                                        

Just because I requested prime rib doesn't mean I'll accept any kind.                                               

When I search on the internet, the photos are all edited and I can't choose who to pick.

There are so many Escort services in Fukuoka its hard to pick one.

I can't go back home as a failure.....

Here are some suggestions for those who do not want to fail again.


Here are the 5 recommended points of our Fukuoka outcall services.

Here at No-hand, our Fukuoka outcall escort women will range from their 20's~40's, and each individual will be top class.                        

1. Because our concept is set, female selection is not very important.

Escort service depends on the women? It is true that there are variations in service among women at many Escort shops. Since our shop is a concept store there is no difference in services by women. The quality and content of the play of all women enrolled are in sync.


2. Our Fukuoka outcall escorts are hand-picked to being able to service you without the use of your hands.                     

Is the image of an escort agency is that it's cheap and not that bad?                                                                                                

It is standard for the Escorts to be young & beautiful. "No-hand" focuses on how to please the man and we support you with women only between their 20's~40's that act very young. So without even having to pay a special fee, you will receive the best service possible.


I Want to choose a woman! Click here for the list of women enrolled in the Fukuoka outcall shop


3. We are established nationwide. = Our concept is a success                       

Our concept of not using your hands has had great feedback from customers, that in the last year since our first shop opened, we have opened 6 other shops. This is also evidence that our concept is upheld by customers.                                                    

Our concept "No hand = not using your hands" fully meaning, you do not need to use your hands but the women will use hers devotedly. Furthermore, it is a service of play that you do not have to worry about a thing  just because you are at home. A escort who will make you feel like a king.


4. We provide a sense of security due to our company being a corporate business.

◯eaven.net is a "healthy relaxing massage club ", "nympho fetish club" etc. companion type based website that includes our no-hand services. Their website has over 40 different named shops nationwide.

As a premium club website, they actively invest in advertisements and use recruitment agencies.   

"Trust & excellency". We have been a veteran in the escort business and always been trusted.


Out of the 3 classes (Diamond/platinum/bronze) They are under the highest rank diamond.



5. Strength of our group affiliate shops! Play content, recruitment standards,  fees are the same for all women nationwide.

Both amateur and professional ladies will provide a satisfied service. In Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama ... there is no difference with each region. After you tried our service the next time the entry fee will no longer be necessary (1,000 yen).

Locations on where to use our "no-hand" services.  Shinagawa (Gotanda) · Ikebukuro · Ueno · Nagoya · Yokohama · Fukuoka (Hakata)   6 shops!


We are still planning to open more shops. However, due to the sudden shop development, there may be a possibility that other customers will make reservations ahead of time so please be advised.                                      

You make a reservation ahead of schedule or leave it up to our staff to pick the highest recommended individual for a open coarse.  


  Here is the Hakata no-hand ladies schedule.


You can make a reservation with just 1 call!

It takes only 2 minutes to complete a reservation.


There is a  meeting type and a delivery type (home or hotel). There are no requirements for you to visit us.

The customer will only face the no-handed lady.

There is neither confrontation with other customers nor face to face with employees. It is all a very simple process. Please do not hesitate to call.

For those who do not want to send an escort to a hotel that their company has paid for, you can meet the girl as if you were on a date.

Fukuoka(Hakata) Meeting Piont Map


From Tenjin-Minami subway Station No.6 Exit by 8 Minutes Walking.

Meeting points

Love Hotel : The Sun Hotel (In the Lobby)



I got bored with escort services because I had to do the work...

In recent years the escort business has certainly gotten better with looks  but the number of shops with poor play is increasing. I don't feel like I have to tell her what to do.                                         

It is fine not have to do a thing with our "no-hand" lady. However, just receiving may not be enough, it is ok to do use your hands if you must.

Since you get to decide however you like to spend your time, there is almost no doubt you'll be satisfied 100%


We are looking forward to your reservation and releasing your tension with the companions at our Fukuoka outcall branch.



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