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Yokohama Escort Girls infoYokohama Escort Girls info

2018/06 2018/06
Hotel delivery health in Yokohama provides sensual time immediately.

There is something that only an amateur girl can taste.

Moreover, it is said that it does not adopt the woman who is feeling a life feeling by the shop's policy,

I was also happy that an elegant lady will come on top of it.




【What if I nominate...】

I used Hotel delivery health in Yokohama and all the ladies were adult women in their 20's ~ 30's.


The staff recommended a lady in her late 30's.

She had preeminent style slender and style lady.

Call the reservation to the store and check in to the hotel. I waited for about 40 minutes.


Kissing suddenly when entering the room.

Hotel delivery health in Yokohama provides kissing immediately.

I enjoyed a sweet kiss with my escort.

The course began playing after choosing 90 minutes and paying the fee.


She got fully naked and starting touching my private parts.

As soon as I got fully hard she commenced with giving me a blowjob.

It seemed to shoot to the mouth skill that skillfully used the tongue, but I endured it.


I had my body washed in the shower room.

If you enjoy the married woman's body wash, take a bath in the bath.

Neat service with a periscope blowjob. More radical services waited in the bed.


Forced cunning straddling the face if you change your posture on your back.

My married woman was already in a state of Nuren.

I just licked each other like sexuality with Six Nine.

The last is using high speed bending with lotion.

I fired quickly to use heavy waist.

I am very satisfied with the married woman's rich play.


The woman I saw the other day was exactly my type and ideal for my pecker.

A beautiful personality is so relaxed and healing.


When she takes off her clothes, her tits and ass were big,

Her waist was with elegant proportions that were fit.

It was very beautiful and amazing


I brightened the room a little to take a closer look.

I had her observe my genitals.

She spread my dick with the hands of women and appreciate the contents of it.

Clitoris was played with since I ordered the Denma.

Love juice came over from the vaginal opening.

This is also my first excitement with sumata.

Eventually I have ejaculated four times this day.

I think that it really fits within the whole hotel delivery health Yokohama scene.




Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama  branch



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