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Kenja Time with Yokohama Escort Girls
April 16, 2018 6:45 PM | Yokohama escort


If a man is satisfied after ejaculation, he falls into a state commonly called "Kenja Time".


This refractory time means that sexual hormones are temporarily diminished after a male has reached orgasm and you can reflect more with a clearer state of mind.


There are various reasons, but it seems to be thought that after the male has finished mating with his female companion that is natural that he is aware of his surroundings as a means to survival...


During this Kenja time, it can also be a time where bias thinking is minimum. It can be thought of as the time where the man can fully take in what the lady has to say.


So here are a few words that can help during this refractory period!




■ "Let's be together forever" is a strong impactful praise!


Men who lost their sexual desire are more likely to be become affectionate to their partner.


It's common to snuggle up with those who you are fond of but for the ladies you have no particular interest in but sex, it may be a bit more complicated.


So once the orgasm has been completed, it is ideal that if you want to stay/cuddle with the lady afterwards, it means you like her and vice versa.


If the lady mentions she wants to still be with you even though you allow her to leave, how will that make you feel?


Usually if someone tells that to you, no doubt you will be touched and sympathetic.


 ■Looking back at the few past moments that were good and reflecting.


Going over the services and talking about whatever may have been exquisite or could show improvement could be a nice option.


If she tells you she had a good time, wouldn't that make you feel good afterwards?



■ Even if you were sweaty etc, she would still be more than happy to cuddle.


Of course it is recommended to take a shower afterwards but even if not she should still be more than willing be in your company.


Even a man in a state without sexual desire does not require love from the other person.


When I go out of bed with a quick shower, it is lonely with that.


I feel that it is much cute as if you are holding on your opponent rather than hanging on it and saying "I want you to cut it" or "I want you to have an arm pillow".


 Kenja time is an unavoidable situation that any male encounters, but because of this situation, it can also be an opportunity to experience a real girlfriend feeling!


Please do not be affected by extra sexuality, effectively utilize the situation of men's wise men and build deeper affection.


Therefore, if the female is aware of your state after orgasm and is delicate and careful with your emotions, there should be much expectancy of her staying with you afterwards.




What do you think of a woman at a time like that?

What kind of woman do you desire to be with you?


Appearance and style, of course, looks may be more important,

Is a woman who is just solely attractive guarantee  you feel comfortable at such a time?


All the women at JEGC Yokohama Escort Girls will not  get in your way with your post-coital tristesee(PCT) etc.


You will not regret it because during the post-coital tristesee (PCT) or refractory period, Yokohama callgirls will love you with true sincerity.

During the refractory period she will be  your perfect girlfriend.

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