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The ultimate Escort in Yokohama
September 19, 2018 8:41 PM | [The ultimate Escort in Yokohama]Permalink

C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g327_327_pc_02.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g329_329_pc_02.jpg 


Here is substantial information for those who are asexual but still interested in some company via Escort Yokohama.


Japan's own trends of sexuality vs Escort Yokohama:


In Japan, the definition of A sexual is different from the global trend.

I would like to mention the following about Japan's uniqueness.


In Japan, the presence or absence of romantic emotions is also questioned and has become more subdivided.

A Sexual (Los Angeles) (In the old days: A sexual in a narrow sense)

It refers to a state that does not feel sexual appeal, interest, desire to other people, and does not feel about romantic desire for others.


It is sometimes expressed as "A sexual in a narrow sense".

It is a way of thinking like "aromantic asexual" in overseas definition.


Non sexual (non-sexual) (In the old days: A broad sense A sexual)

I do not feel sexual appeal, interest, desire for other people, but it refers to the state of feeling about romantic desire for others.

It is sometimes expressed as "A sexual in a broad sense".

In this case, words such as "heterosexual A sexual" and "homosexual A sexual" are established. ("Heterosexual nonsexual", "homosexual nonsexual" words and so on.




It is a way of thinking like "romantic asexual" in foreign definition.

In addition, depending on the global trend, there is discussion as to whether the expression "non-sexual" is appropriate.


In the background of the movements of unique words in Japan, the viewpoint of "holding love feelings against others" can be seen largely.

Even as overseas trends, linguistic conflicts have been seen depending on whether "there is something to embrace love feelings for others", but now, regardless of the presence or absence of romantic feelings whether you feel sexual appeal or not is the main point of view.

In Japan, the term is divided in terms of "presence or absence of love affection".


About the definition of A sexual in the former asexual.jp (at the time, the controversy in a narrow sense / broad sense was around)

In addition, I would like to touch on this neighborhood in the past of A sexual in Japan.


A Sexual, how do you pronounce it?

How to pronounce the "A" part of Asexual (A Sexual / A Sexual)


Global trend = "Asexual" is generally pronounced as "Asexual", "Asexual", "Ai".

(For example, a film with the theme of A sexual, "(A) sexual" is pronounced as "Asexual." Even video works with the theme of other overseas A sexuals "Asexual" and It is pronounced.)

In short, "ace" tends to be used.


Japanese tendency = "Asexual", in Japan it tends to pronounce "A" as "A" ("Axual" "Asexual"). Of course, there are people who pronounce "Asexual" "Asexual", and you can see blurring about pronunciation.

Also, it is often abbreviated as "Aseku" or "Aseek" frequently.

In Japan, "A" at the beginning of a word is a so-called negative form, so there seems to be a part that became.


From around the time when it was often called "Asexual" around 2003, in Japan it has been the word "a sexual" from the beginning. (At that time, because the opportunity to listen to English pronunciation was "voice", it seems that pronunciation has changed.) (There is also a way to abbreviate "Aseku" at this time.)


Whether "sexual" is set as "sexual" or "sexual", similar to other sexualities (sexuality), fluctuations in pronunciation and notation can be seen.


Differences from other words

There are words that are used similar to A sexuals, but about the difference:


Celibacy is a term that refers to a condition that there is sexual desire, but you do not want sexual intercourse. Sometimes it is translated as "abstinence".

In terms of "do not want to" sexual intercourse, the state is different from the one that there is no desire to want sexual intercourse (feeling sexual appeal) itself.


Soriva (abstinence) is not common in Japan, because it also shows parts associated with Christian culture, but it is common in abroad, especially in areas with strong Christian culture.

Overseas, certain perspectives have been obtained with separateness (abstinence) and A sexual being completely different.


Herbivorous system:

Herbivorous system, is a word unique to Japan, and in overseas it is not possible to see the corresponding word at the moment, sometimes written in "Soshoku - kei" in the Japanese native language.


Herbivorous system is a passive, romantic, old-fashioned, passive, a state that is not good at aggressive approaches of the partner and words that point to such people. However, it is said that it is not that there is no romantic emotion or sexual emotion but is not in a state of losing feelings about sexual appeal.


In that respect, A sexual 'not feeling sexual appeal' and herbivorous 'not got stuck in romantic love, but feeling sexual appeal' are considered different states.


C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g683_683_pc_03.jpg C:\Users\h-kaigai2\Desktop\g683_683_pc_01.jpg



Lustless, refers to the state where sexual desire itself does not exist, but the opinion that this is different from A sexual is different opinion that it is different.

In the case of A sexuality, sexual desire itself has some cases (including no cases), but refers to a state where sexual appeal is not felt by others, and some people treat themselves (so-called masturbation) There is also, but about lack of sexuality, it refers to the state without sexual desire itself.

There is a possibility that Aweless is included in A Sexual.


Sexual aversion:

Sexual aversion, refers to having an aversion to sexual acts and sexual contacts, and I do not feel attracted or interested in sexual acts with A sexual with other people I do not feel like it). In sexual aversion it can happen in any sexual orientation (heterosexual but sexual disgust, etc.), because sexual aversion, it does not mean that it is equal to A sexual. Of course, it is possible that A sexual has sexual dislike.



Sexless is a term that refers to a state without sexual activity among those in a marriage relationship or a romantic relationship, but in the case of sexless, at first sex acts were done, but for some reason it gradually stopped sex acts.

It points to the state, it seems to be different from A sexual who does not feel sexual appeal from the beginning and does not feel the necessity to do sex act itself.


Sexual desire disorder (HSDD):

The HSDD - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) seized the condition of decreased sexual desire and sexual interest as pathological (it is cited as DSM - 4 disease classification)

As a morbid factor there are mental factors such as sex hormone deficiency and depression, influence by medicine, and the person refers to the state wanting treatment (such as counseling or medication treatment etc) It is thought.


In this part, A sexual person is considered to be different from sexual desire disorder (HSDD) because it does not want treatment (because there are many cases that there are no pathological factors, and even if there is a case, treatment is not wanted) It is.



In the DSM-5 disease classification table, in the case of women, "Sexual Interest / Arousal Disorder" (sexual consciousness / sexual arousal disorder), in the case of men, "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder" (sexual desire disorder obstacle) However, if you recognize yourself as "A sexual", and if you can convince it (do not feel the necessity of treatment) then it is concrete to say that it is not a disorder but a A sexual thing Because it is being done, it will be different.


I do not feel sexual appeal and I do not feel any romantic feelings to anyone = aromantic asexual (A Romantic Asexual / A Romantic Asexual)

I do not feel sexual appeal, I feel romance emotion in opposite sex = heteromantic asexual (Ha Romantic Asexual)

I do not feel sexual appeal, I feel romantic feelings in same sex = homoromantic asexual (homo romantic asexual)

I do not feel sexual appeal, I feel romance emotions in both sexes = biromantic asexual (bi-romantic asexual)

I feel romantic feelings in subjects who do not feel sexual appeal and regardless of gender regardless of gender = panromantic asexual (Pan Romantic Asexual)




Japanese Escort Girls Club is a unique service where you can be any type of a-sexual and still get an escort to your liking because you can have it your way however you like.


So if you're in the Yokohama Kannai area also feel free to stop by near our shop to meet an Escort Yokohama to your liking.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama Kannai  branch


Hotel delivery health in Yokohama provides sensual time immediately.

There is something that only an amateur girl can taste.

Moreover, it is said that it does not adopt the woman who is feeling a life feeling by the shop's policy,

I was also happy that an elegant lady will come on top of it.




【What if I nominate...】

I used Hotel delivery health in Yokohama and all the ladies were adult women in their 20's ~ 30's.


The staff recommended a lady in her late 30's.

She had preeminent style slender and style lady.

Call the reservation to the store and check in to the hotel. I waited for about 40 minutes.


Kissing suddenly when entering the room.

Hotel delivery health in Yokohama provides kissing immediately.

I enjoyed a sweet kiss with my escort.

The course began playing after choosing 90 minutes and paying the fee.


She got fully naked and starting touching my private parts.

As soon as I got fully hard she commenced with giving me a blowjob.

It seemed to shoot to the mouth skill that skillfully used the tongue, but I endured it.


I had my body washed in the shower room.

If you enjoy the married woman's body wash, take a bath in the bath.

Neat service with a periscope blowjob. More radical services waited in the bed.


Forced cunning straddling the face if you change your posture on your back.

My married woman was already in a state of Nuren.

I just licked each other like sexuality with Six Nine.

The last is using high speed bending with lotion.

I fired quickly to use heavy waist.

I am very satisfied with the married woman's rich play.


The woman I saw the other day was exactly my type and ideal for my pecker.

A beautiful personality is so relaxed and healing.


When she takes off her clothes, her tits and ass were big,

Her waist was with elegant proportions that were fit.

It was very beautiful and amazing


I brightened the room a little to take a closer look.

I had her observe my genitals.

She spread my dick with the hands of women and appreciate the contents of it.

Clitoris was played with since I ordered the Denma.

Love juice came over from the vaginal opening.

This is also my first excitement with sumata.

Eventually I have ejaculated four times this day.

I think that it really fits within the whole hotel delivery health Yokohama scene.




Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama  branch



Kenja Time with Yokohama Escort Girls


If a man is satisfied after ejaculation, he falls into a state commonly called "Kenja Time".


This refractory time means that sexual hormones are temporarily diminished after a male has reached orgasm and you can reflect more with a clearer state of mind.


There are various reasons, but it seems to be thought that after the male has finished mating with his female companion that is natural that he is aware of his surroundings as a means to survival...


During this Kenja time, it can also be a time where bias thinking is minimum. It can be thought of as the time where the man can fully take in what the lady has to say.


So here are a few words that can help during this refractory period!




■ "Let's be together forever" is a strong impactful praise!


Men who lost their sexual desire are more likely to be become affectionate to their partner.


It's common to snuggle up with those who you are fond of but for the ladies you have no particular interest in but sex, it may be a bit more complicated.


So once the orgasm has been completed, it is ideal that if you want to stay/cuddle with the lady afterwards, it means you like her and vice versa.


If the lady mentions she wants to still be with you even though you allow her to leave, how will that make you feel?


Usually if someone tells that to you, no doubt you will be touched and sympathetic.


 ■Looking back at the few past moments that were good and reflecting.


Going over the services and talking about whatever may have been exquisite or could show improvement could be a nice option.


If she tells you she had a good time, wouldn't that make you feel good afterwards?



■ Even if you were sweaty etc, she would still be more than happy to cuddle.


Of course it is recommended to take a shower afterwards but even if not she should still be more than willing be in your company.


Even a man in a state without sexual desire does not require love from the other person.


When I go out of bed with a quick shower, it is lonely with that.


I feel that it is much cute as if you are holding on your opponent rather than hanging on it and saying "I want you to cut it" or "I want you to have an arm pillow".


 Kenja time is an unavoidable situation that any male encounters, but because of this situation, it can also be an opportunity to experience a real girlfriend feeling!


Please do not be affected by extra sexuality, effectively utilize the situation of men's wise men and build deeper affection.


Therefore, if the female is aware of your state after orgasm and is delicate and careful with your emotions, there should be much expectancy of her staying with you afterwards.




What do you think of a woman at a time like that?

What kind of woman do you desire to be with you?


Appearance and style, of course, looks may be more important,

Is a woman who is just solely attractive guarantee  you feel comfortable at such a time?


All the women at JEGC Yokohama Escort Girls will not  get in your way with your post-coital tristesee(PCT) etc.


You will not regret it because during the post-coital tristesee (PCT) or refractory period, Yokohama callgirls will love you with true sincerity.

During the refractory period she will be  your perfect girlfriend.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama  branch




There is a big holiday known as the Chinese Happy New Year.


Depending on your location and employment, most nationals will get at least a week off for vacation etc.


That means there will be many tourists coming to Japan during this time.


Here at JEGC we try to prepare for any kind of surge so we are fully capable of servicing everyone acceptable to meet wonderful ladies here in Japan.

Of course there are many individuals and companies that currently reside and are in business here and they will be celebrating on the proper days.


For those that do not go back to their home towns are usually free with many days off giving you the freedom to do what you please.


Especially when being in Japan you have access to many great locations and not have to worry about the commotion of the holidays.


You can choose whether you'd like to relax or go all out and party!

Throughout our members, we have many Asian/Chinese customers that have given us great appeal on review sites so please have a look if you get a chance.


For reference: "Taking in the Japanese culture while enjoying Chinese traditional foods in Yokohama was very nice. I tried my first lady escort and met her at the meeting point near Yokohama Kannai station. The love hotel was very nice and affordable. Overall the experience was 10/10 and I will be calling JEGC again during my next New year visit. " (Chinese-American  age 35)  


Starting off the Lunar New Year right is very important, that is why we work very hard to gain the trust of those who are worried by not any record off illegal conduct or STD's.


Being the "year of the dog", it is supposed to symbolize good luck and fortune especially when adopting one. (Colors may vary)


Even though during the Lunar New Year's most shops and restaurants are closed, there still should be thousands off places open that serve Traditional cuisine for you to get over your home-sickness and reap all the benefits from eating the specific dishes accordingly.


Japanese ladies are known for their fatigue and prosperity; Very clean, properly maintained  plus positive & nice.


Full of beauty and friendly, JEGC escorts in Japan are happy to serve you with politeness.


You can choose how you want the service to commence by either delivery to your hotel or home within the delivery radius near the designated shop for just about the same price with for however long you'd like even with the rendezvous course.

Of course JEGC will be up and running during these holidays so please be sure to try us out and receive an unforgettable experience in hospitality to start of your "new" year.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515 

Giving feedback
November 15, 2017 8:07 PM | [Giving feedback]Permalink

When after the session, you can share your experience with the lady on one of our websites (j-night.com) to receive a discount on your next session.

90mins = 1,000yen    or   120mins = 2,000yen.

None of your personal information will be seen on the website.

You will need your PIN# (Membership) and Email address and be sure to put in your correct name so we are able to know who you are.


Not only does this help customers to understand what to expect it also helps us to understand her characteristics when with certain customers.

For a small effort, you will play a part of a win/win/win situation!

Also by introducing a colleague, you will be able to receive a discount as stated above.

Be sure to get your friends full name & PIN number.


J-night is full of information from past reviews of up to over a year ago.


You can also see what are sister shops "JEEMC & JFFC" are all about as well.


There is a window with all of our videos from each branch listed for your viewing pleasure as well.


Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter for any updates and subscribe to our youtube channel for extra delight.


We're needing more reviews in the Yokohama Kannai Area!!


Delivery to the Kawasaki area is available as well!!


We can also send girls from Tokyo for an exclusive price!!

High class Yokohama outcall 

Moer Japanese Escrort Girls Club Information Click here!!

Here are tips on how to enjoy Yokohama more!

With many overseas customers in Japan, there are various shops in this area.

・Foreign customers are not accepted. Only Japanese! !

・It is OK if you can speak Japanese · · ·

Such people who experienced and those who have tried;

"When the woman came, she was different from the picture."

"I wonder if there are legal issues... I have been unsure of ever since"

"It was actually higher than the amount I heard."


Although some people already know, we have developed two types of services in the Yokohama area.

 ・massage and handjob

 ・fetish services and handjob

Both are available to many customers.

However, from many members we have received claims of having our women to be more intimate like lovers.   We have received their requests.

Now the wait is finally over!

On September 1st, we will start a "play shop that you can enjoy without actually having penetrative sex" in Yokohama! !

Of course, we will accept orders in English by phone,  so we will resolve your concerns in advance.

・100% legal service

・We do not process female images.

・Venereal examination is done regularly, and women who encountered problems will not go to work until they are fully recovered.

Majority of the women are adults.

From their prime late 20s to the early 40s, "They know men well" and "A beautiful woman who doesn't show her age".  
In other words, we accept only a few women with the highest rarity value.

That's why:

・Experience is rich & experienced.

・Very sensitive to the feelings of men's desire.

・Different from the inexperienced young girl.

・Desire for sex is stronger than young women, aggressive!

Our women are:


【Women who know the erogenous zones and look for new erotic sections in all places】

What do you think?

It is exactly the shop that puts a man's dream in a service! !


For your loneliness and desire while staying in Yokohama Japan ...

They will make your fantasy come true.         


【Since super-service play is a concept, you can enjoy while feeling like a king.】

Customers at first don't do anything, leave it to women.

If it is not our company, you will not be able to experience what our services has to offer so please try.

→ We offer various rich play such as whole body licks, rich body wash which the soft female skin is very much satisfactory.

Since the setting of the two people is between lovers, there will be no changes with the women ...

Of course you do not have to withhold or hesitate, you can choose to do what your heart may desire.


We will be pleased if you can experience such royalties playing as far as time permits.

Please come and experience the best time at Japanese Escort Girls Club by all means. 



If you have at time ...

Please call us soon..



Yokohama GFE Just Started!!
September 15, 2017 4:51 PM | [Yokohama GFE Just Started!! ]Permalink

Thank you for the long wait!

We have just opened our 100% legel, 100% Japanese escort service in Yokohama!


For customers who have already used our services and even those who came to Japan for the first time; we recommend you our unbelievable

"Night Erotic Hospitality" service! !


What is a delivery health escort service?


In Japan, it is forbidden to perform sex services for money.

So, this health service was born! ! !


Then how does everything happen・・・・


It is everything else other than sex that lovers do.


In addition, our shop continues to pursue services that customers will enjoy  doing things that can't be done on a daily basis.


That is the ultimate service.


For example・・・・


Two people who love each other make it easier to be passionate?


If you spend your precious time paying to be with a women,

How about feeling pleasure while not having to do a thing?


In other words, you do not have to use your hands. Please leave everything up to her.


The desires of your body and the desires of your heart will be satisfied by our women.


For example, entering the room, your clothes will be gently removed by the woman.

Even in the shower, women carefully wash your body.


After returning to bed, the women will lead you ...


In Japan where sex is forbidden,

It is better than penetration, using other methods to make you reach your climax.


Please enjoy the service from our skilled women.


Ultimate hospitality by Japanese women

The best climax that can not be experienced everyday

Body pleasure and enrichment will be promised.

For that, we also promise you the following! !

100% legal services


There are no lies in the profile! ! !


We do not process images


Additional charges beyond what is stated on the homepage will not occur.

Customers who use Japanese health services for the first time · · ·

Customers who have experienced services in the past ...

Customers who used our affiliates ...

We await for your call.

03.5793.1515 (12PM - 5AM)

Our Yokohama escort service provides 2 types of services

Our Yokohama escort service provides 2 types of services in one making it very valuable.


The Kanagawa area is truly one of the most competitive place for escort services in Yokohama!

This is a kind of the area where you can enjoy escort services of all types.

This kanagawa district has lots of escort service shops located in Kawasaki, Shin-Yokohama, Isezaki and Kannai area.



However, the more there are lots of shops and women to choose from, the more you will be confused and end up disappointed.

・Since there was too much talking, I couldn't focus.

・I saw the woman's picture, but a different women came.

These kinds of issues happens on a daily basis.



So why do these problems occur?

Bad ways to choose shops.

For example:


・Some people saw a leaflet and just called the shop.

・Some people checked shop's website and did not check the price system well, then the shop sent a

 woman that asked for a ridiculous price.

Some people just called the shop because "it was the cheapest".

If you are using these kinds of methods to search, you will not be able to find out good Yokohama escort service.

That's why we have opened our Yokohama escort service,

"Japanese Escort Girls Club Yokohama Branch" in Yokohama.

You can have a great time without having to do a thing (no hands).

This is our hospitality concept in a Japanese female fashion.  

"lighting your cigarette", "having the lady hold a drink to your lips", "Taking off your clothes and underwear".

Customers do not need use their hands so you can have a very proper service.

Because we are a large business, we train all our women.

"She was different from the website" or "It was different from what is mentioned" will never happen.

Just as you would with a lover, you can kiss, talk and have a sweet time cuddling etc, including a superb body wash and sexual entertainment.

Just as a "King," you can go all out until your time runs out.

Because you can choose for her to sleep over, it can be more of a companion type experience to get rid of your loneliness entirely.

We carefully select only the woman that suits you, "I want to do it with this woman!"

Women we accept are "Mature but always ladylike" and "Not just young but full of character"


We will introduce our women enrolled in Yokohama escort shop.


How does it sound?

We would definitely recommend our service to those who were displeased with other services in Japan!

Please enjoy a great stress free lifestyle.

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