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There is a big holiday known as the Chinese Happy New Year.
February 19, 2018 8:24 PM | Yokohama escort


Depending on your location and employment, most nationals will get at least a week off for vacation etc.


That means there will be many tourists coming to Japan during this time.


Here at JEGC we try to prepare for any kind of surge so we are fully capable of servicing everyone acceptable to meet wonderful ladies here in Japan.

Of course there are many individuals and companies that currently reside and are in business here and they will be celebrating on the proper days.


For those that do not go back to their home towns are usually free with many days off giving you the freedom to do what you please.


Especially when being in Japan you have access to many great locations and not have to worry about the commotion of the holidays.


You can choose whether you'd like to relax or go all out and party!

Throughout our members, we have many Asian/Chinese customers that have given us great appeal on review sites so please have a look if you get a chance.


For reference: "Taking in the Japanese culture while enjoying Chinese traditional foods in Yokohama was very nice. I tried my first lady escort and met her at the meeting point near Yokohama Kannai station. The love hotel was very nice and affordable. Overall the experience was 10/10 and I will be calling JEGC again during my next New year visit. " (Chinese-American  age 35)  


Starting off the Lunar New Year right is very important, that is why we work very hard to gain the trust of those who are worried by not any record off illegal conduct or STD's.


Being the "year of the dog", it is supposed to symbolize good luck and fortune especially when adopting one. (Colors may vary)


Even though during the Lunar New Year's most shops and restaurants are closed, there still should be thousands off places open that serve Traditional cuisine for you to get over your home-sickness and reap all the benefits from eating the specific dishes accordingly.


Japanese ladies are known for their fatigue and prosperity; Very clean, properly maintained  plus positive & nice.


Full of beauty and friendly, JEGC escorts in Japan are happy to serve you with politeness.


You can choose how you want the service to commence by either delivery to your hotel or home within the delivery radius near the designated shop for just about the same price with for however long you'd like even with the rendezvous course.

Of course JEGC will be up and running during these holidays so please be sure to try us out and receive an unforgettable experience in hospitality to start of your "new" year.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515 

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