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Important things to know before enjoying Nagoya adult services.
July 11, 2018 7:52 PM | Nagoya Escort

Important things to know before enjoying Nagoya adult services.


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You can ask your girlfriend or wife if she can give you a handjob, but most likely you won't be able to ask for a footjob.


Most men probably never even had a footjob.

In recent times men's requests has been increasing in number of men asking for a footjob from women.


Usually, it starts normally with the lady wearing stockings of some kind.

There are also many types of costumes (cosplay) that the lady can do.


Furthermore, when using lotion/gel while having the stockings adds to the pleasure.


Adding on there are not many shops that specialize foot-play.

.Footjobs are almost a joke when introduced as an options.


Places that have footjobs usually don't provide a handjob or mostly is a shop that is more of the femdom type.


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When using Nagoya adult service, just see what happens when you try to ask for such a service.


In general the sad reality of Nagoya adult service is the "feelings" that whatever you have desired will not all come true.


If you ever ask for this particular adult service in Nagoya, it may be troublesome for the lady since she has never had proper trainings which is unordinary to her.


Generally, foot-play is treated as a paid option in any shop.

It's ideal that there will be an additional charge of about 1,000 yen? 2,000 yen.


Due to the feet being harder in terms of labor than the hands, you cannot move the feet with dexterity like your hands.

You must get a good grip between your feet and your fingers.


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The most pleasant thing in customs play is being passive and serving.


Most of the time men try not to show their feelings when using such adult services.

After all, because you are a man, you must be manly.


Perhaps the most pleasant thing is to have the service (services) done,

Receiving is the most efficient position when it comes to pleasure.


Sitting face to face with a couple at a restaurant,

Receiving a footjob from the female so that it cannot be seen under the table could be a particular fantasy that can occur during the footjob.


Even if you ask for such services at a soapland, it can be quite troublesome for the lady especially in such small quarters.


Here at JEGC we solve all these problems.

Adult services in Nagoya couldn't be better for international men.

From our concept of providing a omotenashi service; we go out of our way to provide above average service no matter what it may be.

Its almost like you hired a servant to attend your every sexual need.

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Rimming, pussy licking, ball licking, Whole Body Lip is of course the basic play.

No option fee will be charged.

Please rid yourself of shyness and give your body to the escort lady.


You do not have to say or do anything!

A woman will guide and devote herself to you.

"You're going to service me to this degree?"


Our concept is a super service that is fit for kings.

Women are truly committed and devoted to hard work with perseverance.

Producing this is the backbone of our beliefs.


When desiring a footjob you don't want the lady to have dirty feet!

Even after the shower play, most likely the feet won't be fully clean compared to a lady that has had all her body parts tidy from day 1.


Hiring criteria are strict when it comes to Nagoya Escorts, and we hire no bimbos!

The so-called granny's do not exist since even are latter year olds are very well kept.


No editing in Photoshop and all the ladies ages are real.

Cute and youthful, naturally beautiful.


Adult services in Nagoya focuses on escorts from 20s to the late 30s



"I know a man firmly" and "A beautiful wife who does not feel age"

In other words, we choose quality over quantity.


Just sitting in a chair and making you dandy, let me drink tea, take off socks and clothes

Everything from shower to body washing and guiding to bed

Our adult service in Nagoya will be devoted to your satisfaction.


We specialize in types of services that you cannot receive from a standard love one.

What you receive is exactly listed on our website and manga description.


Want to enjoy the pleasures of a king?

You will be in a good mood to know your money will be well spent.

You can start at any time you want to do whatever you want freely!




We are waiting for your call.


Japanese Escort Girls Club, Nagoya branch



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