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Nagoya Escort Girls infoNagoya Escort Girls info

Many things to enjoy before indulging pleasures with a Nagoya Escort
October 19, 2018 9:49 PM | Nagoya Escort

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Nagoya city is a compact tourist location for men.

Nagoya is located in the middle of Japan in a big city next to Tokyo and Osaka. It is the central city of Aichi prefecture, which is also known to have the headquarters of "Toyota Motors".


The vicinity of Nagoya Station, which is the main point of transportation, is modern due to the redevelopment of recent high-rise buildings. Because the sightseeing spots are gathered relatively compactly, it is also attractive to be able to go around in a day.


With Nagoya's red light district being near the station as well (Sakae Station); It couldn't be ever more convenient to do whatever you desire, whether it's S&M, soup land service, Massage club, or the usually most desired and used Nagoya Escort Girls Club.


In Nagoya, We tried picking the spots you would most likely visit. Finally we introduce model route and traffic access, so please try it for your trip.


1. Attention to restored gorgeous "Nagoya castle"


"Nagoya castle" is a popular symbol of Nagoya. What I would like to pay attention is the castle tower where the castle 's guardian god "Shachigo ko" shines.


Although you cannot enter until 2022 due to wooden restoration project, "Honmaru Goten" which recreated the design of 400 years ago and restaurant eatery "Kinachi Yokocho" where Nagoya gourmet can be enjoyed was completed in 2018 and is very popular.


Especially "Honmaru Goten" is the residence of the Owari lord who has overturned this area, and the building which was a guesthouse was beautifully reproduced in the present age. Fumo picture etc. are gilded luxuriously, gorgeous and luxurious. You can witness the beauty of Japanese paintings and sculptures that prospered in this era.


Access: 5 minutes on foot from "City Hall station" underground


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2. "Tokugawa Garden" to inform the era of samurai now "Tokugawa Art Museum"


The Tokugawa family who ruled the world of war more than 400 years ago and ruled Japan for about 250 years. Tokiwa garden "which arranged the Owari Tokugawa family's Daimyo garden which built the cornerstone of the current Nagoya in its direct lord.


In the garden where nature and beauty of form is fused, large and small rocks and streams are arranged to express the natural scenery of this area. There are restaurants and cafes that have relocated and refurbished the buildings of the Meiji Era, and there are seats where you can enjoy meals while watching the garden.


In the same premises as "Tokugawa Garden", there is also the "Tokugawa Art Museum" where the items held by the Owari Tokugawa family are exhibited. You can find valuable materials such as armor (samurai-settled weapons) and swords, as well as "Genji Monogatari Scroll" designated as a national treasure.


Daimyo garden.. Luxurious garden that Daimyo made for his own residence. You can arrange large rocks, ponds, bridges, etc., and you can swim around them.

Tale of Genji scrolls Pictorial scrolls ...... Picture scrolls painting scenes of scenes appearing in the work on subjects of the novel novel "Genji Monogatari" written during the Heian period.



If you like a Japanese garden, let's go to Tokugawa garden!

3.Toyota's experiences of technology and history "Toyota Industrial Technology Museum"

From historic sights to high tech museums. 10 recommended places to go in Nagoya


Toyota Industrial Technology Memorial Hall is the unique facility of the Toyota Group's birthplace.


A red brick factory made in 1918 was made use of as a building of the memorial hall, and the automatic loom invented by Toyota group founder · Sakichi Toyoda etc. is exhibited. The current Toyota Motor Company was founded by Eiichiro Kiichiro who inherited the spirit of manufacturing by Sakichi.


After that, Toyota Motors succeeded in producing high-performance domestic cars and was sold all over the world. Toyota cars of the past are also exhibited at the "car hall" in the same building, and you can learn the process until the car is completed in detail.


Toyota Industrial Technology Museum

Access: 3 minutes on foot from Meitetsu Nagoya main line "Eiko station"

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4. The scenic spot spreading greenery at the foot "Nagoya TV Tower"

Nagoya TV tower

"Nagoya TV Tower" is a towering tower in the Sakae area in the center of Nagoya where shopping spots gather.


It is in the corner of "Hisaya Odori Park" which extends north to south of the city center. It is known as the first radio wave tower built in Japan, and it is overlooking the whole area of ​​Nagoya from the observation floor at the height of 100 meters above the ground.


Every week on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, they also hold events that climb the stairs to this prospecting floor.

There is a fence, but since it is open air, if you are not a person who is not good at high places, you can enjoy your lack of exercise.

There is a shop selling cafes and souvenirs at the foot of the tower, and it is a place where you can spend leisurely while strolling through the park.

Closed for renovation from January 7, 2019, planned to be renewed around July 2020


Nagoya TV tower

Access: 3 minutes on foot from "Hisaya Odori station" subway Sakuradori line


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Access from major cities to Nagoya

From Tokyo to Nagoya

Bullet train (Shinkansen) is recommended from Tokyo to Nagoya. It is about 1 hour and 40 minutes (designated seat · 11,290 yen) from Tokyo station to Nagoya station by bullet train "Nozomi".


Although there are flights from Haneda Airport to Chubu International Airport, it takes about one hour by train from Chubu International Airport to Nagoya Station.

In addition, if you want to travel reasonably efficiently, there is also a high-speed bus. I leave Tokyo in the evening and arrive in Nagoya the next morning.


From Osaka to Nagoya

There are various routes from Osaka to Nagoya. If you use the bullet train "Nozomi", arrive to Nagoya in approximately 50 minutes from Shin-Osaka station (designated seat · 6,760 yen).


In private railway, Kintetsu operates the express train "urban liner" connecting Nagoya, Osaka, and Namba, and to Nagoya in about 2 hours (4,260 yen).


It is convenient as there are many high-speed buses operating between Nagoya and Osaka. You will arrive to Nagoya in about three hours.


Nagoya was built around the Nagoya castle more than 400 years ago, and in modern times Nagoya has been supporting the development of Japan as a manufacturing city.


The spot introduced this time is just places where you can feel the history and culture of such Nagoya.

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You should be able to travel with many new discoverings.

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Japanese Escort Girls Club, Nagoya branch



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