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Nagoya Escort Girls infoNagoya Escort Girls info

3P Escort service in Nagoya is beginning to become very popular.
April 1, 2019 7:16 PM | Nagoya Escort

※This image is of our sister company service "femdom club."


Looking for a new adult experience? Ever had the chance to enjoy a threesome?

2 Japanese ladies is always better than one?


The only downside is it will of course cost twice the amount including a nomination fee.

Exp: 90minutes=25,000 x2 + 2,000 nomination  x2 (Prices may vary)


How to reserve 3P Escort service in Nagoya?

First of all it is very easy to reserve.


If you look at the homepage you will see the service called 3P displayed in the Nagoya girl's page. .


What is the 3P rate system?

Because the charge system differs considerably, it is necessary to be well understood in advance.


Conscious case: only for two women


This is simply that only the money for two people is charged.

Most location that would even provide a threesome option charge additional fees.


The market price is around 5,000 to 10,000 yen. Moreover, there are many places where there is no description depending on the shop, and it may come over if you check the charge by phone.


3P is a mandatory nominational reservation!

You cannot use as a free course.



For example, most Japanese women often don't accept or let alone understand 3P services, so it is necessary for a 3POK woman to be on standby when you want to use.


In addition, because it is difficult to play, you will be tempted to choose a good pot, so it will become increasingly difficult to establish it.


Therefore, reservation is required if you do 3P. Make sure to make a reservation in advance by finding out the timing of your favorite 3P escorts in Nagoya. 


Find a escort who is threesome compatible and make a reservation in advance.


Having trouble finding the work time for two girls?


There is a time zone in which both Nagoya threesome ladies are acceptable.

If you do not meet, you cannot make a reservation.


If you have gotten contacts for both girls before, it's also a good idea to get in touch and have time for them.


If the Threesome option is available it will be listed on our schedule page.


You could never regret choosing this option when the services can go beyond your imagination.


First of all, the girls will ride in the same car or in a separate car and will arrive at home (or hotel) when it is time.


As one side may be late, it is better to think that time will go back and forth for a while.


 And when they arrive, they come in together...

Communication from here is quite difficult.



For example, two people with easy-to-dissolve nature is fine, but there are also many non-cooperative escorts in Deriheru, so the air may be subtle (JEGC has a solid educational teaching so no problem).


If possible, you can choose two people who look tempting at the time.


You do not know how 3P should go?


That is the best part because you can leave it to the girls to do their thing since they are experienced.

You can also lead them to whatever it was you have planned within the legal boundaries.


We hope you enjoy our services while imagining a sexual 3P Escort service in Nagoya.


Also be sure to never forget all our girls are 110% Japanese and hold the Shinto omotenashi spirit!


Nothing comes close when it you have 2 Japanese escorts for a girlfriend experience.


(If you're lucky, 4P would also be possible with 3 Japanese Nagoya escorts)


Selected women introductions   List of enrolled women are here:






We are waiting for your call.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Nagoya branch


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