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The secret to making delivery health service fun in Nagoya legally!
August 25, 2019 7:44 PM | Nagoya Escort

The secret to making delivery health service fun in Nagoya legally!

"Nagoya" is a mecca for adult entertainment!


Nagoya, the largest city in the Tokai region with a huge city that ranks among the top 5 in population.


It is a city lined with Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo, and all of these cities are common as well as the bustling entertainment district, as well as being famous for a red light district.


"Nagoya" is said to be the birthplace of customs, which are said to be store-type shop you can go to.


The area Nagoya is an area that produces adults' entertainment and is also known for the pachinko birthplace in the 1930's but it is also an area that has created new ideas about not only pachinko but with also escorts.


"Nagoya" is also known as a store-type genre holy place, and there are a large number of stores.


I do not know the exact scale, but it seems that the number of sex-related stores, including "store-type customs," is probably the third largest in Japan.


The whole area of ​​Aichi Prefecture is not as enjoyable so you can not enjoy much if you go to the center of Nagoya, but it is not concentrated in one place like Sapporo's Susukino.


Most likely you will have to pay the admission fee just entering the store plus the course fee to actually play with women.



The entrance fee is like a admission fee, and every shop is uniformly 2,000 yen.


For men coming from other areas, "Why? You will be thinking.


That is the "delivery health" that has become mainstream nationwide.


There is also a convenience where users can choose from places such as love hotels, business hotels, and homes, and the fact that they can easily make a reservation with just one phone is also a popular reason.


Three key points of excellent store identification:


1 The phone number is a fixed phone number

 Deriheru with good management has landline instead of using a mobile phone which can be manipulated in many ways.


2 Gravure pictures of women are of high quality

Places that use photoshop or photos taken with a mobile phone, instead of using professional photographers and studios can be a red flag when it comes to reliability.


3 Pay directly to escort rather than the staff or driver.

Under current customs and sales laws, it is illegal for Deliheru staff to collect charges directly from customers. Are there any guarantees that stores that cannot keep the minimum relevant laws can also keep their promises with customers? 



We are very happy to have many repeating users requesting our services since opening


Located in the rural busy areas of Japan, with easy access delivery to almost every hotel imaginable.


We offer a service that you can feel relieved by the consistency of quality services and the hands of a healing escort particularly with our Nagoya girlfriend experience.


If you can enjoy our healing relaxation, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of lightness on your return.


Young escorts who feel the possibility from now on etc. wants to heal actively.

We hope that she will assist with your every desire.


A room focused on relaxation. Please spend a wonderful time using our meeting point rendezvous option where you can use a love hotel which is almost equivalent to the price of a delivery coarse.  


I think you often find shops using the Internet. Being made beautiful and easy to see on a firm site page


Do updates regularly, such as real-time updates and announcements for newcomers


I think that it may be possible to trust stores that respond politely and properly when making inquiries by phone.


If you choose the shop paying attention to the above-mentioned thing, the probability that you can play in the excellent shop will be high.


Many men have the same idea when it is time to play, such as after a bonus or a weekend after a monthly salary.


Stores who start immediately are less likely to have good girls.


Of course there is an exception, but if it's a popular store, there will be waiting time like that.


Do not make excessive demands to shops


Naturally, I would like new customers to use it again from the shop side, so I would like to find popular women to increase satisfaction.


It depends on the situation at that time, but I would like to find a woman who is close to your preferences and wishes.



The trend is likely to be stronger for group stores that are expanding significantly.


If you have a preference, you have to pay nomination fee and usually await availabilities. 


Sometimes appearance may not be good enough, but service technique is good.


It is important to nominate as much as possible even if you pay the nomination fee if you like.


Nomination fee should be about 10% to 20% in total.


Of course, it's dangerous to trust 100% of the gravure photos, but if you tell the staff your preference, better the shops will match you.


We will teach you shops that you can enjoy playing in Nagoya!

I want to have fun right away! There is a "delivery health" of "Nagoya" that is recommended for those who want to know good shops that are fun and enjoyable before they choose by themselves.


We do offer twice as much or three times as much better customer experience and four times more fun than any other shop in the area so do enjoy our Nagoya branch!


We are waiting for your call.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Nagoya branch


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