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Nagoya Escort Girls infoNagoya Escort Girls info

No criminals or mischievous beings allowed!
December 17, 2017 6:38 PM | Nagoya Escort

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Here at JEGC, we have a reputation at stake especially with our Nagoya girls.


Being the longest running legal escort agency in Nagoya as well, it is our duty to set the example since we have the most experience in the industry in "Nagoya massages" for foreigners.


We have encountered many scenarios where we have customers that choose not to abide by the rules set at the club which makes their conduct illegal.


Being in Japan, there may be rules that may seem too strict or ridiculous compared to your home country when it comes to legal services.


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Our English speaking staff are well aware to address all the details with what IS legal and what IS NOT legal or allowed.


The homepage is also specially designed so everything there is to know has been displayed in the most easily readable fashion.


All the girls are required to provide various legal documents in order to work at our club.


They are also specially trained and previously aware of what the standard Nagoya massage is about.


Even the drivers all have to be screened and go through strict protocols just to drive our Nagoya girls.


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We do our best to assure the safety of all parties which is for the sake of everyone as well.


It may be also safe to say we are the most trustworthy company in the industry since there is a strict code of "no lying".


In a worst case scenario, all issues are handled professionally and smooth which can be guaranteed due to experience.


Throughout the years, there hasn't been an issue we have not encountered with our Nagoya girls.


Without prejudices, we like to give the benefit of the doubt to the customer but for those who may seem skeptical or volatile, under the influence, Non-English speaking or has had a past record of rule breaking; We have the right to decline our service to a customer.


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We try not to focus on daily sales and instead plan and act upon future prosperities.


In Nagoya, are most reputable service is the "Nagoya massage".


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Nagoya branch

The year-end and New Year period are as follows:
We are open during the end and beginning of the year.

31/12/2017 : 12:00 pm open - 8:00 pm closed

01/01/2018 - : Regular Hours * 12:00 pmam - Next 5:00 am Last call

※01/01/2018-03/01/2018 : Please understand we charge extra 1,000 yen as the special service fee for New Year holidays.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have
given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued patronage in the year 2018.

Yours sincerely.

Phone: 03-5793-1515 (+81)


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