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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

Japanese girl Japanese girl
Japanese girls keeping slow rimming

I do not like a rush. Slow and erotic rimming by Japanese girls was perfect to me.

Most escorts in my country are just to cum. I have never had rimming.
It is great Japanese girls lick around my anal slowly. They do not think anal is a dirty spot and do not finish with the top of their tongues quickly.

Japanese girls repeat the nasty service as if they taste my anal. So I could enjoy sexual feeling service taking time.
I liked the combination of testicle massage and riming together to make it even better.

The tongue tip of Japanese girls touched my anal, and they blew gently. The ticklish stimulation was good, too.
Rimming can bring you orgasm for its strong ecstasy. It must be same for Japanese Fuzoku beginners.
But orgasm comes slowly. So I can enjoy long course easily though I have an early ejaculation basically.

Casual date with Japanese girls
April 12, 2016 10:55 PM | [Casual date with Japanese girls]Permalink

If you want to hang out with Japanese girls casually, I recommend you to use Escorts in the city.

Unless it is a small town, all cities have a few Escorts at least.
It is surprising that those Escorts have college students and married women.
It surprised me more that they told me they work as part-time job.

I met a college student who had not worked for Escorts once.
You can meet Japanese girls of your type in Escorts much easier that nanpa pick up in a city.
And you probably can request things to part-time escort girls that you can never expect in nanpa.

There is a possibility you can meet infamous TV stars in Tokyo and Osaka.
You cannot meet stars, but you may see idols who are not featured yet.
Who can complain pretty Japanese girls you see in movies or dramas serve you?
You will think how lucky you are.

You can have opportunities to have fun with Japanese girls even if you do not understand Japanese very much.

Probably a lot of foreigners think speaking Japanese is a must to hang out with Japanese girls. 

I thought I could not get a chance until my Japanese was improved enough for smooth conversation when I visited Japan for the first time.

As a result, I could have an opportunity to hang out with Japanese girls before I mastered Japanese enough.
I called in a foreigner friendly delivery health, the customer service answered in English. I could book though I do not understand Japanese.
Thus, I think you do not need to give up adult entertainment with Japanese girls.

The escort girl could speak English. She talked to me in English when she explained things like the service.
But she moaned in Japanese when I pet her body. I was pleased to think she had such a big ecstasy that she could not care language.

Japanese girls giving service matching to their costumes.

Because agents prepare plenty of costumes, I wonder how to play every time I have cosplay with Japanese girls.

When I want to have erotic massage service, I often ask Japanese girls to wear maid uniform suitable to the service to men.

Japanese girls in maid cosplay show maid-style cuteness in their greetings. Japanese girls make a mood matching to the costume.
Just watching their cute smile excite me for the coming massage. I can enjoy good mood fully.

Their massage technique is wonderful, too. It was also nice that they care and ask me which part is tired.
One of the reasons I want to enjoy cosplay with Japanese girls is many Japanese girls look cute in maid costumes.
I can feel Japanese escorts' preference that they prepare many colors and designs of maid uniform costumes.

You may not know delivery health is a popular Tokyo Escort among foreigners.

You may not know delivery health is a popular Tokyo Escort among foreigners.

I work in a company in Tokyo. Foreign clients often come. So I often dine with them and help the stay in Japan.
They sometimes ask me to introduce Tokyo Escorts. I took them to many Tokyo Escorts.

I had not expected foreign men liked delivery health.
I had thought they wanted something wild and exciting, but they want high-quality service by Japanese girls in relaxing mood.
They told me Japanese delivery health is a hot topic in abroad, too.

Thus, I invited foreign men to some good delivery health escorts I know. They get very satisfied and leave Japan with smile for a good memory of Japan.
I often use delivery health. Pretty and cute escort girls give devoted service. It often impresses me.
This devoted service like Japanese delivery health is rare in foreign escorts.
It is a matter of course that foreign men get pleased very much.

Tokyo Escorts are very clean.
March 11, 2016 2:11 AM | [Tokyo Escorts are very clean.]Permalink

I travel to Japan regularly on business trip.

I am always dirty. I was interested in Japanese girls. And I started using Tokyo Escorts recently.
Maybe because I can speak Japanese, many Tokyo Escorts let me come in.

I go to in-call Tokyo Escorts, too. Their cleanliness impresses me.
In my country, you sometimes have to start it with an escort girl in an unclean room.
I do it because I paid. But I do not feel great for the lack of cleanliness.

However, they clean up all of waiting rooms and private rooms in escorts in Japan.
As their bathrooms are clean, I can take a shower and soak in a bathtub with escort girls.
We do not use bathtub daily, but I relax in Tokyo Escorts.
The bed of Tokyo Escorts are fluffy. Body to body physical contact with Tokyo Escort girls is terrific.

Body to body and slow simulation given by Japanese girls

Sexual feeling service by Japanese girls was enchanting with its body to body adult entertainment and matched me for its slow pace.
I liked slow and up-down motion of boobs to make me feel them when she pushed her boobs on my chest.

I could see her naughty boobs swinging when I looked at her breasts a little. I was so happy.
When it comes to body to body service to rub boobs on my back gently, I like Japanese girls the best.

When Japanese girl and I keep holding each other, I can smell female scent enough. I want the time last for hours.
Since I came to Japan, my plan on days off has changed a lot. Long time body to body service with Japanese escort girls is a great stress relief.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)


I think Japanese girls are compatible to foreign men.

Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment is never less than foreign ones. Fuzoku adult entertainment business in Japan is changing to accept foreign guests considering of the future.
In my experience, foreign girls have nice body with assets, and are dynamic and wild in sex. Japanese girls are different. Some Japanese girls are really ecchi dirty. Some Japanese girls are shy.

The reason I strongly recommend foreign guests to try Fuzoku adult entertainment is the fun with shy and innocent girls matches foreign men better in my opinion.
Moreover, Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment is secure in medical health aspect because they take ateady check about venereal diseases.

And Japanese girl have service mind to provide good service to all guests.
Japanese girls always smile, do not show a nasty look, and make a soothing mood for guests. It is comfortable.
Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment offers the world top-class service in all aspects.
Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Japanese girls have good taste in choosing lingerie.

I had hentai pervert fun with cute Japanese girls looking like real high school girls many times.
The take-home pantie option that a girl takes off her good-looking pantie and gives it to me.

I like take-home pantie after long watching a girl in youthful lingerie like pale pink.
Another excellent point of Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment was Japanese girls' reaction, such as shy look during handing lingerie to me.

Japanese girls in lingerie were impressive, but their adorable reaction was more memorable than anything.
Maybe many men request the same play to see the shy look of Japanese girls.
It is one of enjoyment to memorize this adult entertainment that you take time to smell the pantie just taken off.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Technique-based Japanese girls
February 20, 2016 2:59 PM | [Technique-based Japanese girls]Permalink

We hear an excellent reputations about Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment from foreigners.
Many foreign escorts look like they are trying to get ecstasy.
Japanese girls emphasize technique, so foreign men can enjoy the session with a different mood.

Moreover, Japanese Fuzoku has delivery health for hotel lodgers.
You can call in escort service to your hotel on phone casually, so you do not have to seek and go to store like a brothel.
The service is good. I hear most users are very satisfied.

Their sensitive and emotional face is liked in addition to their technique-based service style.
Japanese girls are more shy than foreign girls. That's why I think their sensual look is a turn-on.
Some Fuzoku adult entertainment agents offer bargain price or prepare various optional services.
Many men seem to be excited at optional services. I think you would enjoy Japanese night life a lot.
I recommend you to use Fuzoku adult entertainment in Japan because many of Japanese girls are pretty.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Japanese girls love foreign men.
February 19, 2016 12:57 PM | [Japanese girls love foreign men.]Permalink

The proverb "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." is true about young Japanese girls above all. It is certain that Japanese girls tend to feel foreign men with exotic mood look better than Japanese men of same ethnicity.

Therefore, we often hear that a man that was not so popular in his country got many flirting Japanese girls during his stay in Japan.
Also, more young Japanese boys expressed with the word "Herbivore" avoid active approach to girls recently. So the current situation is grateful for us that Japanese girls are more attracted to foreign men that are expressive and passionate in romance.

Moreover, Japanese girls tend to allow pretty wild physical contact by foreign men that foreign girls think hard. So you can feel secure.
Furthermore, Japanese adult entertainment areas have amazingly various Fuzoku adult entertainment business that is impossible abroad. Not only a sightseeing spot tour, but also an adult entertainment tour is worth to try when you visit Japan.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Good and polite service provider, Japanese girls

The number of foreign tourists attracted to Japanese charm and culture and visiting Japan are increasing these days. We hope very much you try Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment shops.
Japan has many kinds of Fuzoku adult entertainment service providers.
Some are in-call with real stores, and some others deliver Japanese girls to your homes or accommodating hotels to provide service.

Especially deliheru (delivery health) or hoteheru (hotel health) service at your home or accommodating hotel offers good relaxing mood in spending time with a girl in your familiar place.
Moreover. Fuzoku adult entertainment by Japanese girls has an excellent reputation for the polite service.

For example, Japanese girls provide long heavy licking on your body carefully.
Japanese girls will wash your body gently in the shower room as if it is fragile.
Their service and behavior include Japanese omotenashi mind, so it will heal and satisfy you for sure.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Meet Your Japanese Escort Girls In Tokyo!

Are you alone in your hotel tonight? Our sexy girls will escort you and make your Tokyo night

more exciting and enjoyable!

Do you like hot girl? Young girl? Sexy girl? Naughty girl? Or Kawaii girl?

How about fit girl? Busty girl? Long hair girl? Girl with very nice sexy legs?!


Are you the one Lost in Translation at the Hyatt? The sexiness & hot night is the world's

equal human body launguage! Westin? Hilton? Imperial? Prince? Marriot? You name it! Our

classy escort girls will fill your needs tonight at your hotel.

You will satisfy after the great night with the hot Japanese girls with great Japanese


Runway from the humidity and let's have a great activity with the hottest girl at your hotel

room instead. We also provide the rendezvous service at our meeting­points, if you are

sharing the hotel with someone or simply uncomfortable invite girls over to your hotel. She

will help you entering the Love­Hotel together. The Japanese girl will escort you to the very

naughty side of Tokyo!

100% Legal Service of Japan.

Don't be tardy for the naughty.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. 9:00AM ­ 5:00AM).

Inquiries >> "customer service" (24 hrs.)

GFE: Take Panty Away From Japanese Girl

GFE, or Girl Friend Experience, with Japanese girls is lots of fun but if you can keep her panty in hand, you can enjoy even more after she goes back home!



Have you heard about the used panty vending machine in Akihabara? When I heard about "Japan's used panty vending machine," I was not even surprised the fact it exists.

Reason 1: Japan used to had stores that sells young girls' used underwear and used Japanese school uniforms long time ago.

Reason 2: Japan has high tech vending machines that you feel pretty comfortable putting 1,000yen bill(No need to shake the poor vending machines neither.)

Reason 3: Healthy Japanese guys are naughty & nerdy.


Unfortunately some of thoses used panties are manufactgured to apper used, but it is clear that those used underwear kept entertaining Japanese guys for decades now.


How those Japanese guys going to use the used panty at home?

Panty fun 1: Wear it on your head.

Panty fun 2: Wear it to enjoy the tight girl's panty.

Panty fun 3: Smell the panty and dream about the girl at night.<- Recommended!


Our store do have panty option, unfortunately not from the hentai vending machine but the girl can strip just for you and you take her panty home as your souvenir. Some of you might have a problem bring it home but if you can find the place to hide the tiny panty. This is a great way to invest the 1000yen to enjoy the night at your home. That way you do not feel lonely after the fun time with the girlfriend experience.


Don't miss Japanese unique night entertainment !!

If you have a time..... Feel Free Cal us 03.5793.1515(+81)

AM 9:00 - Next mornig (Last call)AM  5:00 


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