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A man's dream.... an escort service.
September 4, 2017 6:21 PM | Tokyo Escort Service

Spend an exciting time in Ikebukuro with our escort.

Our shop image blends in well with the current times.    


There are many escort service shops in Ikebukuro, many that are cheap to expensive.

A man's dream....  an escort service.

Currently there is a demand from many men who watch adult videos in Japan, and we are aware and established in that business as well.

Japanese women who are seen in adult videos etc. are meant to attract men by their beauty and experience. Also being elegant, adorable and willing attracts the man's attention.


The changes of Japanese escort services.


Ideal girlfriend type escort services are growing.

Nowadays, many shops in Japan have a no foreigner policy.

We have started a foreigner freindly service!

Are the customers having fun though?


Different from others!? Our shops, rich Ikebukuro escort service info:  


Our Ikebukuro escort shops price system does not change because you're not Japanese.

We accept reservations in English and resolve customer's anxiety in advance! !

Our women truly are dedicated to serve you and emphasize hospitality to the fullest.

"My ideal Japanese woman services me like a maid sexually."

She'll lick your whole body including testicles which your wife or girlfriend might not like doing. She will go as far as it takes, and it will make you think "She's willing to do that !?"

However, leaving everything just up to her may not be that fun.

At whatever time you feel the need to start touching etc, you can unleash yourself whenever for however long time permits.

Rich service that has not been experienced that'll make your eyes roll.

It is a service that'll replenish you without even having sex!!


Recommended Play Styles at Ikebukuro escort


There are 2 types of ways of interacting with our exquisite women.

One is the meeting plan where you can meet at a designated place with a woman and enter the hotel together like a lover or couple.

Secondly, there is a delivery plan that you can experience the excitement of inviting your lover/girlfriend to your current hotel or home.

When spending time with a Japanese women, the atmosphere is considered to be the most important aspect.


We are pleased to provide you with a service that opens the door to various new ways of excitement.


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