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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

Escort Tokyo Escort Tokyo
Good Tokyo Escorts on your trip to Tokyo

Good escorts for foreign tourists in Japan exist in Tokyo mostly.

It is because we want you to make a good memory with high class escort girls when you come to Japan.
In Tokyo with many adult entertainment areas, you will meet favorable escort girls for sure.

There are many types of Tokyo Escorts in Japan.
The service differs in each Tokyo Escorts like delivery health, soapland, pink salon and so on.
There are many adult entertainment areas. Above all, Yoshiwara is good for foreign men.
Yoshiwara is a place you can experience Japanese traditional escorts and red-light district.

I recommend soapland when you have fun in Yoshiwara.
There are very high-class escort girls in Yoshiwara.
They are polite. You will see what Japanese adult entertainment is.
And those escort girls will make a good memory.
Please have adult entertainment in Yoshiwara, Tokyo, when you travel to Japan.

Tokyo Escorts offer totally different services depending on area and agent.

Completion of Tokyo Escorts is hard not only for us, foreigners, but also for Japanese people working or living in Tokyo.

I collected information before I came to Japan. Surprising numbers of Tokyo Escorts exist just on internet.
If you count Tokyo Escorts not coming up on internet search, the number will be huge.

In my experience, the two delivery health agents I used on sightseeing trip in Japan were completely different.
Their escort girls were up to the early 20's and mature women from the 30's. The same service felt very different.
Also, some Tokyo Escorts divine girls by body figures.
They are like agents of slender girls only, chubby girls only, big boobs, big booties and so on. You can choose Tokyo Escorts by body figure of your type.

Moreover, I also saw Tokyo Escorts of certain concepts, such as roll play, cosplay mania, domination, masochistic and so on.
As those Tokyo Escorts are all over Tokyo, it is good to try more than one area.

Checked foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts on portal sites

Japan's capital city, Tokyo, has all kinds of escorts, such as soapland, fashion health, delivery health, SM club, onanism club and so on.

Therefore, I recommend you to stay in Tokyo if you want to fully enjoy Japanese sexual service.

However, several Tokyo Escorts limit foreign guests to use their service. You have to know this.
Some Tokyo Escorts say no foreigners completely. Some other Tokyo Escorts accept if you can speak Japanese to some extent or specific languages like English or Chinese.
Thus, it is smart to check information of foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts before you hang out the city. It is better than walking around to seek Tokyo Escorts to use in the town.

There are many internet information sites featuring foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts only.
The information of these sites can be displayed in foreign languages, so there is no language barrier. It helps smooth check of Tokyo Escorts information.
Please make a good use of them and fully enjoy Japanese escort service.

The variety of Tokyo Escorts surprised me.

Tokyo has really many Tokyo Escorts.

There are many and various services. I used every day but never got tired of Tokyo Escorts.
On the first day I came to Japan with big expectation, I had adult entertainment with a fresh escort girl that was just graduated high school.

And on the second day, the escort girl was a mature lady that was very different from the girl on last day.
I used a delivery health of mature escorts, The service and communication skills are totally different. I could release sex drive in new feeling again.

After that, I used masochistic sexual feeling massage and fully enjoyed Japanese girls' skills to make men cum.
To speak of a distinguish experience, onakura (onanism club) was very exciting in my opinion.
Meeting Japanese girl is a rare experience. Moreover, masturbation before the girl gave me more mental excitement than physical excitement.
Like above, there are many Tokyo Escorts to satisfy various sexual propensities, I recommend you to try more than one agent. Once is not enough.

Many Tokyo Escorts are fun spots.

I like Japan very much and visit for sightseeing on vacation.

I do night entertainment with my Japanese friend every time. The friend said he would take me to fun spot and took me to Tokyo Escort called Oppabu (Oppai Pub).
Oppabu is a dream store where escort girls entertain as hostesses and please us with their boobs.

Very many Japanese girls have nice body figures and beautiful boobs.
They are very kind in the service, and conversation is interesting. Oppabu with nice boobs was a great adult entertainment.
The next Tokyo Escort he took me was a pinsalo (pink salon).
I selected an escort girl's photo at the reception and received service in the store.

I took a shower first. The escort girl served well. I ejaculated a lot because I had not for a while.
In pinsalo, I could get very nice sexual service from the escort girl, which oppabu does not offer.
I would like to use this again for sure. I will make a reservation by myself and travel to Japan.

You can relax and enjoy Tokyo Escort.

Foreign men come to Japan maybe on business trip.

When you spend a night alone at hotel, you might feel lonely.
There foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts. How about comfort by girls?

How about stimulation with aroma scent by a good looking girl if you like relaxation through your sense of smell, too?
They touch your penis well during massage.
You will have bit ecstasy when she touches from your glans penis to testicles.

You can call in Tokyo Escorts to your hotel. Thus, you can sleep in a warm bed just after the session.
You do not have to take a cab again to go back to your hotel. That would cool you off. It is nice.
Among many escort girls, you can find Japanese classy and cute girls. It is also nice to request a girl when you call in Tokyo Escorts to your hotel.

There Tokyo Escorts to taste sensation.

Probably, foreign men travel to Japan from abroad and look for some stimulus Tokyo Escorts.

Normal escort service is pretty good, but I recommend you to try CFNM style escorts if you have some masochism in you.

There are escorts to try soft SM in stead of hard one.
Some Tokyo Escorts have selected high-class girls only. You can make a good memory with beautiful girls.
If you are not sure finding escorts without getting lost, delivery health is convenient to use.

Girls do not give sexual service at once. They do dirty talk or facestitting after gentle massage relaxes you.
Especially GE tease with binding will give you extraordinary submissive ecstasy.
They look up and tempt you. You will ejaculate.

There is Tokyo Escorts to heal tiredness from trip.

Maybe many foreign men come to Tokyo on their first sightseeing trip to Japan.

Some of you probably go around famous sightseeing spots in daytime and wonder what to have for night entertainment.
Escorts is good for adult entertainment.

Traveling is fun, but you can get very tired.
Some Tokyo Escorts are delivery health by professional technicians.
They can rub oil on your body carefully and give good massage on tip toes, the bottom of thighs, shoulders and neck.

When you are relaxed and refreshed, dirtier service is provided.
Prostate massage escorts are good if you want to know new sexual feeling.
They give lots of stimulation not only your penis, but also inside the anal.
They widen your anal gently and stimulate it with a finger and enemagra for ecstasy.
You will be able to gain strong ecstasy that makes your legs numb.

Tokyo Escorts are very provocative.

I came from U.S.A. to Japan for business, and the thing that surprised me the most is that the cities change their look massively at night.

The capital city, Tokyo has escorts everywhere.
There are very many Tokyo Escorts like soapland, fashion health, pink salon, or delivery health. They are various with different price and service.

Most girls are Japanese. They do good service to foreign men like me.
I cannot forget how nice it felt in soapland when a girl gave me full body wash.
Japanese omotenashi spirit is impressive when we see it in Tokyo Escorts.

The soapland I went was within walking distance from the station.
People can go there without car as they have their store in good access.
I did not know the area, but the website of the soapland was kind, so I could find it easily with a help of their map.

Tokyo Escorts are splendid and fun.

I came from far Australia to Japan because my friend in Japan recommended me to visit.

I came on business trip, so I did not hang out very much. But I tried this Tokyo Escort because my friend recommended.
Health escort girls did not feel nervous at a foreign man. I could relax because they were having a good time in the session.

The start is some conversation. The subject is nothing special, but it is a nice time in Tokyo Escorts.
I have an average body as an Australian male, but it is athletic for Japanese girls. They gave lots of compliments on my body.
In the service, escort girl wears lingerie only, licks my nipples, grabs my penis to stimulate gently.

Too strong sexual feeling made me cum three times. She took care of me every time.
This health had an extension system with additional pay. I extended of course and fully enjoyed the sweet time with her.

Kabukicho is good to experience Tokyo Escorts

I think very many foreign people travel to Japan.

And most of them do sightseeing mainly around Tokyo for the good access.
I also think most men want to try escorts and girls in the country they visit.

I recommend Kabukicho.
The location is very good as it is near Shinjuku Station.
Moreover, there are not only love hotels, but also regular business hotels or city hotels for sightseeing tourists.
The Japan's biggest night entertainment area has very many escorts.

Because Kabukicho is an adult entertainment with many accommodating facilities, outcall escorts called delivery health flourish in addition to incall health.
It is secure if you call in outcall to your accommodating place. You do not have to walk around in an unfamiliar area.
Furthermore, the advantage of delivery health is GFE mood in one to one session with an escort girl.
It is good for men wanting a ecchi dirty time with Japanese girls.

There are a lot of attractive Tokyo Escorts.

You have to select escorts carefully when you come to Japan.

There are scorts that are not foreigner friendly. You will not have a good time if you use them.
Then, you come to think Japanese girls are like that, and the image of Japan can be bad.
There are many Tokyo Escorts. And there are many foreigner friendly escorts that foreign men talk about. You can be secure.

There are many authentic Tokyo Escorts. You will have a good time if you use them.
Attractive Japanese girls do sexual service to foreign men. If you are horny, you will have a good adult entertainment.

You will see other men in real store type Tokyo Escorts. Delivery health is better if you do not want to see other men.
Delivery health is the major service in Japan currently. You can have adult entertainment easily with phone call to the escorts.
Escort girl leads the session. So foreign men can have a good time in the first time, too.

Tokyo Escorts are the world's top standard.

Japanese people are famous as delicate and caring folks in the world.

Therefore, Japanese escorts are the first class.
Especially Tokyo welcomes many visitors, so selected women are working.
Today, I explain good points of Japanese escorts precisely.

The reason why Japanese escorts are the first class level is that it is established as a decent job.
The training to escort girls differs in each country. Japanese escorts have training system. They cannot debut until they achieve to the designated level.
They study well what pleases men in addition to personal experiences.
Also, it is a virtue of Japanese girls to learn and practice as they should do.
And they make efforts for better service based on the basic.
Moreover, for example, they divine categories clearly like "married women", "SM", or "cosplay", so it is nice that you can have a matching service.

Girls working in Tokyo are good looking of course and have great body figures.
Each man has his preference about body type, so please check escort girls on the websites.
You must want it now if you look escort girls and service.

Let's experience adult entertainment using enemagra in Tokyo Escorts.

Tokyo has masochistic sexual feeling escorts, which provide service for foreign men.

They provide various services. But the service using enemagra is a hot topic among foreign men.
Enemagra brings a different sexual feeling from penis stimulation. The massive ecstasy is good for foreign men wanting to have adult entertainment.

Tokyo Escorts of masochistic sexual feeling is good at moving enemagra in the anal. Basically, all girls have got skills, so you can enjoy prostate massage without nomination.

First, they stimulate your anal hole with flexing if you are new to escorts.
If you are a foreign man, they ask if it hurts or not in English. You can enjoy prostate massage feeling secure.
The pleasure is addictive.

Soft SM experience in Tokyo Escorts

Quite a few foreign men want to try SM, but I assume they worry about getting hurt on their bodies.

So you may think certain braveness is needed for this adult entertainment. But Tokyo Escorts have SM for beginners. I recommend their soft SM when foreign men try for the first time.

If you are interested in SM and try, a Japanese girl dominates you in a soft way like binding.
They, of course, care to bind soft so that your hands and legs would not get marks. The caring skills are impressive.

You will be humiliated in binding, and masochistic joy will awaken then.
I think you will notice a change inside you if you try this in Japan. Try this soft SM if you are coming to Tokyo.

Tokyo Escorts are going to change for foreign men.

Adult entertainment for men is escorts after all in Japan and foreign countries.

Men finally go to escorts to release sex drive in the world.
I think the hottest city in Japan is Tokyo of course.
The city where many people come for fun is the best place for dining and adult entertainment.

The numbers of escorts are remarkable.
The big city has many escorts, so you have plenty of choices for adult entertainment.
Those many escorts are of many categories, so you can find matching escorts.
There are many bilingual escorts for foreign guests speaking English, or imekura (image clubs) of adult entertainment with anime characters for many foreign anime fans.

Service for foreign people are rising rapidly in Tokyo like this.
Many foreign people come from abroad to Tokyo for sightseeing and business, so many foreign men are escort service users.
They work hard to improve their service to satisfy those men.

You might be able to touch booties in Tokyo Escorts whose rule is "No touch to girl".

Tokyo Escorts with "No touch to escort girl" policy never allow you to touch their breasts or private parts.

However, facesitting is okay to enjoy in some Tokyo Escorts saying "No touch to girl".
Facesitting is a wonderful service to have female soft booties on your face.

They push their genitals over lingerie on in addition to booties. Facesitting is good for men not interested in female booties.
I hope you find an escort girl in Tokyo Escorts who let you enjoy the sense of booties and private part with slow and teasing motion of her hip.

At the same time, many escort girls entertain you with various skills like tucking your face between her thighs.
You should concentrate to touch her thighs with you face in facesitting adult entertainment if you are fetish for thighs.
It is popular as a service to sense female body odor the most.

Tokyo Escorts have many English-speaking dominants.

Tokyo Escorts are perfect even for foreign gentlemen who think verbal communication with female dominant is a must to enjoy SM session.

In Tokyo, there are many dominatrix who understand foreign languages like English. So you know what it means when you receive dirty talk.

You can request the details of dirty talk in SM clubs, such as words are harsh, and way of talking is soft.
It is good to repeat SM adult entertainment till you can find your favorable dirty talk.
There are many points to request, such as the strength of whipping, or the part to get wax torture.

Dominatrix in Tokyo Escorts are famous for their very good skills of SM waxing. They have skills like pouring wax on your nipples only.
When you have wax on the particular part, the heat turns addictive.
For quite a few people, joy of SM awakened in waxing.

Tokyo Escorts are the best in the world.

Tokyo of Japan is the most popular sightseeing spot in the world.

Not only premium gourmet and amusement, but also omotenashi by gentle Japanese people, impress you completely, and you feel like staying more.
The 1st class omotenashi is available not only in hotels or restaurants, but also in escorts that men love.

Especially Tokyo Escorts keep the high standard that is said the world's top level.
The recruitment standard is severe. It is a tough business that beautiful girls wanting to be models or actresses are hired.
Because escorts train their girls for good service and technique, what turns men on anytime is not only their looks.

They accept foreign tourists willingly regardless of the nationalities nowadays.
Because girls speak English or other languages, sexual communication has no problem.
Because of their high level about looks and service, foreign men can have good adult entertainment, too.

You can enjoy Tokyo Escorts at many hotels.

If you are not familiar to Tokyo area and worry about getting lost on the way to escorts, you should use hotel health.

Escort girls are delivered to your hotels, so you can wait there and have sexual feeling adult entertainment.

It is good to think what you want to do with the escort girl while you relax your body tired from the travel on the bed.
Many men have massage service first when their whole bodies are tired on sightseeing trip.
Good massage on shoulders, legs and back, releases muscle fatigue.

You should try Japanese CFNM escorts that is popular among foreign men.
Hotel health brings anal sex toys, too. Have your anal tortured and experience how great Japanese escort are.
Hotel health brings quiet anal vibrators commonly so that your neighbor would not hear the noise.

Sexual feeling in Tokyo Escorts to lick my neck line

I was fascinated with upper body licking (heavy licking on my upper half body) so much that I think Tokyo Escorts can be the world's No.1 when it comes to bed technique on the upper body.

When female lips just touch my neck, I can start fully enjoying the joy of numerous gentle kisses.

At the same time, I could see well that those girls know how to stimulate mentally, such as whispering sweet words.
They try sucking gently as much as they can when they suck my neck avoiding any pain or uncomfortable feeling. So I do not have to worry about bruise.
They suck my neck with adequate pressure and suddenly start rolling their tongue. I liked the surprise.

You can figure out how great their escort girls are if I tell the Tokyo Escorts give ecstasy on your neck that can thrill your spine.
As they are so good at service using their mouth, their skills like upper body licking satisfy everyone surely.

Tokyo Escorts make you want to be involved deeply in their nasty play.

It is good of Tokyo Escorts that girls change suddenly as soon as the casting starts. They are known as good actresses in adult entertainment.

You just notice Japanese cuteness when you say hello. But their way of talking turn into sadistic gradually. The start was wonderful.

I chose a situation that a tasty dominates and molests me.
She invited me to the bed petting my penis and butt before she dominated me. The time before the session started was dirty.

It was good that she kept playing as my request that I wanted her to hold me down even if I resisted.
She pushed my body down though I moved my hands and legs, and she started sucking my nipple. The nasty horny girl was great.
As they do not molest us in the way we do not want, we want to be dominated under the girls' play. This is the reason I liked Tokyo Escorts.

Tokyo Escorts if you want to have a fun time with an attractive girl

Perhaps, some men are thinking about a fun time with Japanese girls having different attraction from girls in your countries.

Maybe some foreign men want a soothing comfort when you use Tokyo Escorts.
Tokyo Escorts for massage is a good option when you want to have a soothing time with a pretty girl.

The sexual service is rather with whole body massage than urgent touch on the penis.
Some Tokyo Escorts use aroma oil. The nice scent will relax you, too.

You've already feet like ejaculating when your penis and testicles are touched after relaxation.
Some Tokyo Escorts provide blow job with a nasty look or facesitting with a little SM spice.
You can have a bliss in the relaxing adult entertainment.
Some Tokyo Escorts offer a little sweet time cuddling on the bed after the service.

Tokyo has plenty of Escorts.

A big city, Tokyo with so many sightseeing spots is also known for its good cuisine.

However, the best point should be the numbers of night entertainment areas, and it is known as a city that never sleeps.
Each night entertainment area dotted in Tokyo has its characteristic and attraction.

There are many clubs, hostess bars, and Tokyo Escorts. Many men go from one to another to enjoy endless entertainments.
Especially Tokyo girls are good looking. In addition, many Japanese girls look younger and cute. Foreign guests like it.
Their manners are good. They never be rude to guests.
Even beginners do not need to think what to do because girls lead.

Furthermore, the service is various, such as sex toys or cosplay, to fulfill your requests and desires.
All of them are offered for reasonable price. Tokyo Escorts are stunningly safe and secure to have fun compared to escorts in other countries.

To Tokyo Escorts if you want to experience oral sex

There are many countries not for oral sex in the world.

Thus, I assume many men were rejected blow job by women in your countries though you were curious.
Then, please come to Japan and do have adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts.

Many Japanese girls do not mind satisfy men with their mouths.
Thus, many Tokyo Escorts adopt blow job as a happy ending in the service.
Some Tokyo Escorts offer CBJ, and some others offer BBBJ.

Moreover, some Tokyo Escorts focus on blow job.
Those Tokyo Escorts give lecture to their escort girls to improve BJ technique, so you can enjoy their skills.
Would you care for a experience to enjoy ecstasy of oral sex fully in Tokyo Escorts?

Tokyo Escorts is a good way to spend your pockets of time.

I came to Japan on business trip. I wanted to use Tokyo Escorts if I get some extra time to spare.

I decided to book from my hotel after a business party with my client.
First, I searched Tokyo Escorts on my smart phone.

Some Tokyo Escorts looked good. But I was nervous before I called.
I can speak some Japanese, but what should I do if they do not understand what I say.
Anyway, I should try. I called from my smart phone.

Inquiry and reservation was no problem. Conversation in English went smooth.
To my question, they told some escort girls can speak basic English, and the service would not have a problem with gesture communication even if the girl does not speak well.
I felt secure so called in it to my hotel. I had their service.
Conversation turned out better beyond my expectation. We had a good sixty-nine, and she gave me blow job.

Tried Outcall Tokyo Escorts.

I came to Tokyo alone for sightseeing. I felt lonely in a hotel room at night.

I wanted to receive sex service because, you know, Japanese girls are nice and pretty.
I was for it and took a look on Tokyo Escorts information on the bed.

While I looked many sites, I realized there are more foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts than my expectation.
I did not know Tokyo area very much, so I wanted outcall escort service at my hotel. I found delivery style Tokyo Escorts.

I found an escort girl of my type with quiet and clean impression and fair skin. I called the agent.
Luckily, the girl was available. I waited her with expectation.
She arrived after a while and said hello sweetly.
The service was mainly massage. But it was body to body style, and she licked around my whole body.
I felt so good that I had a great ejaculation.

Select Tokyo Escorts checking their service.

I think some foreign men are interested in Tokyo Escorts.

And some of you must have particular service you want in your mind.
It would be a disappointment if you cannot get the service you wanted when you were looking forward to it.

You should look the service on the official websites of Tokyo Escorts when you search.
For example, some Tokyo Escorts are available for blow job and fingering in female vagina. And some other Tokyo Escorts offer hand job only and forbid BJ and petting to the girls.
Detailed services differ in each Tokyo Escorts.

Some Tokyo Escorts include a little SM taste in the basic service.
Even if you do not get anal stimulation in your countries overseas, you may receive prostate massage by finger or enemagra.
You will enjoy unknown ecstasy by nice sexual feeling stimulation.
Please bring a sweet memory with Japanese girls when you leave.

Early request for your favorite escort girl is good to enjoy Tokyo Escorts.

I think some men like Japan very much and travel once in a while.

When you travel with your GF, you cannot. If not, you would like to spend a dirty time with girls of your type with nice body figures.
Especially when you are alone at hotel at night, you must think about it.

You can request escort girls of your type in most Tokyo Escorts.
Each girl has good points, such as curvy body with big boobs or high-class elegance.
You can choose a girl of your type among them.

I recommend you to make an early reservation if you find your favorable girl.
Especially high-ranking girls may not be available when you call.
Or you might have to wait till next day to request your favorable girl because she is full-booked on the day.
It is good to find your favorite girl and book quickly when you want to use Tokyo Escorts.

Make a good use of coupon for Tokyo Escorts.

It is a good idea to go to foreigner-friendly Tokyo Escorts after you do fun sightseeing.

If it is difficult to find Tokyo Escorts, you can call in delivery health to your hotel. Please use it smart and have a good time.

You can get the latest information on the internet when you want to know about Tokyo Escorts carefully.
You can find Tokyo Escorts near your hotel or offering a good deal.
Some Tokyo Escorts require you to tell about the coupon on your booking call though some others do not.

It is secure to print the page and bring it if possible.
You can have a good time with Japanese cute girl for a little more reasonable price if you make a good use of coupon.
I think everyone has different preference, such as blow job or mainly massage. You should choose matching Tokyo Escorts.

Sticky stimulation on whole body by Tokyo Escorts

The reason I want to choose sexual feeling massage of Tokyo Escorts is the sticky service in body to body style.

It is one way to release my stress to get nipple massage with our arms and legs tangled.

The body to body massage is not just close attaching, but also skin contact as wide as possible, which is a wonderful point.
Especially when our thighs touch each other's, sexual feeling is aroused quickly, I liked the girl feeling good.

Her finger motion on my nipples slowly aroused sexual feeling. It starts with gentle molestation.
Her tips of fingers repeat nasty motion as if her tongue licked and rolled my nipples. It is the best part of sexual feeling massage.
Even finger techniques are different in Tokyo Escorts. I think everyone would like this.

The advantage of outcall Tokyo Escorts you can enjoy at hotel.

Outcall Tokyo Escorts for adult entertainment with sexy beauties are a must-try when you stay at hotel on business trip or sightseeing travel.

They do not have real stores. But you can call in outcall to your room with a phone call. So it is no problem you are not familiar with Tokyo night life. You can select service and escort girl carefully. Even if you have not tried Tokyo Escorts, no need to worry.

Tokyo Escorts are extremely severe about hygiene management and STD prevention.
They let escort girls take STD check regularly and offer good welfare.
Many delivery health escort girls are professional. They have polite attitude, gentle behavior, and high motivation to learn adult entertainment skills. You can experience all of them during the session.

You can also try simple-version soapland-style nurumassage using nurulotion and mattress.
You can call in delivery health escort girls to basic hotels for your short stay. This service is a must-do for men traveling alone to Japan.

Long prostate massage is never boring in Tokyo Escorts.

I found dry orgasm symptom when I was checking the service of Tokyo Escorts on the internet.

I was interested in the service to molest prostate surely, but more surprise was that men can enjoy such an orgasm.

I had heard Japanese escorts have so good skills that merely bore us even with long stimulation on one spot. I was secure to choose prostate massage.
I chose a long course for my first trial of prostate domination. It was amazing the methods change in time.

Even the soft touch on prostate made me feel wonderful pleasure that I had no had in my life.
It shifted to torture gradually. I knew she observed if I was used to the sexual feeling and changed the strength.
I could get dry orgasm easily thanks to her efforts. I realized Tokyo Escorts are great.

Tokyo Escorts make all men masochistic.

I was not interested in SM at all before. I never wanted to try if it hurt even a little.

However, I start thinking my masochism can be awaken in gentle humiliation to my erogenous zones like Tokyo Escorts.

I use masochistic sexual feeling service. One of its characteristics is molestation to bring big sexual feeling like nipple pinching.
Since I started enjoying this masochistic sexual feeling service, I have been trying adult entertainments for masochistic only.

The reason I got into masochistic sexual feeling was the horny girl's skillful strength to pull my nipples. She gave adequate strength that brings enjoyable ache observing my reaction.
I avoid pinch on my cheek or thigh. I request molestation on my erogenous zones like nipples or testicles only.
Even if I do not tell how strong it should be, Tokyo Escorts are wonderful enough to give adequately.

Tokyo Escort girls always want to touch my butt.

I have been interested in tasty type Tokyo Escorts offering adult entertainment who get horny at a view of male body.
In this type of Tokyo Escorts, things are easy to me. Even though I do not speak Japanese well, I can figure out the girl is excited by her look or gestures.

I liked it that the girl touched my butt as soon as we meet. The start of the session is like horny girl's.
The nasty physical communication to say hello petting my ass felt great. I had not had that in my life.

The horny girl repeated gentle petting on my anal with her fingers. She also showed the technique to vibrate her fingers.
I think it good as it tells how hard she tried to satisfy me with her hand technique. It was not just acting dirty.
It was a luxury of my life that I can have a dirty time with a girl having cute and horny aspects.

Tokyo Escorts are good to use if you feel horny during Tokyo trip.

Japanese cities are more sensational than Western cities in a sense.
They sell sexy comics and anime goods everywhere in Akihabara. If you go to convenience store, you will see so many magazines of young girls in bikinis and porn magazines on the shelves.

Tokyo Escorts are the best to use if you feel horny during Japan travel.
Tokyo Escorts for reasonable adult entertainment with Japanese beauties help foreign tourists. There is no prejudice or rudeness in this country. You can relax and release sex drive as an ordinary customer.

Especially, soapland is good in many Tokyo Escorts.
This is Japanese original adult entertainment. You can gain original and special sexual feeling, such as body wash by Japanese beauty in a special bath house or topless nuru massage using mattress and nurulotion.
A beautiful woman with smile is willing to push their breasts, boobs, and nipples on a man in various poses offering normal massage and acrobatic service. You can get hornier and refresh in a happy ending.

Enjoy omotenashi hospitality in Tokyo Escorts

Foreign tourists visit Japan for sightseeing, shopping, and dining.
This is not only about Japan. But you can count people when you come to Japan.
Japanese people are regarded very steady, polite, and kind in the world.
It is natural you are curious what kind of entertainment is waiting in that country.

Tokyo has not only sightseeing spots, but also many amusement facilities. You never get boring.
Your travel will be fulfilling when you are entertained with omotenashi hospitality in many places.
This is only for gentlemen. But I would like you to add Tokyo Escorts on your plan.
This is another place to experience Japanese omotenashi hospitality.

If you always choose elite Tokyo Escorts, you will merely fail.
Agents and escort girls are professionals in service. They will satisfy you to the fullest.
Needless to say the service, hospitality is the biggest good point about Japanese adult entertainment.

Girls in Tokyo Escorts are premium beauties inside and outside.

Tokyo is an international city and Japan's capital city with beautiful urbanized landscape like Ginza or Shinjuku.

It is very famous as a business and sightseeing city, but it is getting known as a secret night entertainment spot of many Tokyo Escorts.

There are Tokyo Escorts foreign tourists can knock the doors casually.
People have the image that Japanese is the only language used in Tokyo. But you can enjoy night entertainment smoothly in your mother tongue only these days because there are English available soaplands or outcall escorts ready for Korean or Chinese.

All girls in Tokyo Escorts are premium beauties from all over Japan.
Many clean and neat girls with beautiful black hair, oriental looks, big breasts and booties on slender bodies, and omotenashi hospitality above all. Thus, you can experience 1st class hotel level hospitality and politeness in soapland, fashion health, or delivery health. Even elder gentlemen will be satisfied with the polite service.

Tokyo Escorts for a memory of Tokyo

Japanese people have mentality that they have to entertain people with full hospitality originally. It is considered that shows up in good service at accommodating facilities, sightseeing spots, restaurants, or gift shops.

It is same in Tokyo Escorts as sexual service industry. Agents and escort girls try to provided high quality service.

The best choice for high-class escort service is elite Tokyo Escorts.
The interior is high-quality, and the staffs are well-educated.
Masseuses in soaplands welcome you with a respectful bow touching the floor with three fingers of each hands. It is impressive to see moderate and classy Japanese women that we watch on TV show.

It is great there are many elite Tokyo Escorts like that.
Moreover, girls in Tokyo are premium. Their looks and body figures are good.
In addition, they have Japanese classy modesty, too. Certainly, this can be a big good memory for foreign men.

Your image about Tokyo Escorts

I think foreign visitors have various images about Japan.

And Japanese people are known as steady and kind people in the world.
Perhaps, many foreign men are interested in the female sexuality in the country.

Tokyo Escorts are good to satisfy that curiosity.
Above all, delivery health must be fun as it is flexible.
You can request their costumes or rendezvous style meeting because bilingual staffs arrange your requests.

Long-distance relationship is never boring. International romance would be more exciting.
Escort girls play GFE style rendezvous service that lovers finally meet. High-class Tokyo Escorts allure and entertain you with sexual service and fantasy, too.

Good Tokyo Escorts for foreign men

Tokyo offers many kind of Tokyo Escorts. All of them have originality to please guests.

As more Japanese businessmen are exhausted, massage type Tokyo Escorts are popular.
This can be very good for foreign men on fun but a little hard travel.

First, you take a shower and lay on the bed to receive whole body massage.
As masseuses learn massage skills, they are very good at flexing your shoulders and back. Your body will feel light.
However, it is worldwide that we get horny gradually if we receive massage by girls in sexy style.

The good point about Tokyo Escorts called sexual feeling massage is they start erotic massage to meet our expectation.
It is sure you cannot stop getting turned on as the massage slowly comes across the point with stimulation on male whole body erogenous zones.

Tokyo Escorts to feel Japanese omotenashi

Nationwide and worldwide trend comes into Tokyo.

It is not too much to say the best exists here as it is the center and the dispatched place of information.
It is same about Tokyo Escorts.
Foreign tourists, especially if you are a man, cannot miss this.

It is cool to taste Japanese omotenashi spirit in Tokyo Escorts. I think you will have an impressive experience.
My recommending Tokyo Escorts is sexual feeling massage that is booming in Japan recently.
Men just relax on the bed. Then masseuses do everything for you.

They unclothe you and wash your body in a bathroom. Sometimes, they fix and help your drink.
Communication will be fine with gesture in this service even if you do not understand Japanese.
Actually, the relationship based on intense experience is a turn-on instantly.

There are many Tokyo Escorts.

I think many foreign tourists visiting Tokyo are looking forward to Japanese culture experience.

Men expect Tokyo Escorts as one of them probably.
Maybe you are looking forward to seeing how devoting Japanese people are in escort service business as they are known for always earnest.

There are various Tokyo Escorts for many kinds of adult entertainments.
For example, pink salon or hand health with hand job is casual and reasonable to go.
However, most of these Tokyo Escorts do not have bilingual staffs for foreign tourists.

High class Tokyo Escorts are better for further satisfaction.
High class delivery health and soapland welcome foreign tourists. They have full-time English-speaking staffs certainly.
Quite a few escort girls speak foreign languages. So you can enjoy more erotic adult entertainment with better communication.

Tokyo Escorts provide good service.

A boy meets a girl. Then what they do is same all over the world.

Maybe the process is different, or maybe each country has its own acts. But the main action is same basically.
I think all men from any countries have desire to do it with girls with hair and eyes of different colors.

Tokyo Escorts make the desire come true easily.
Tokyo must be the highest-level in Japan. You will be satisfied.
If you choose foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts, they have staffs speak fluently in other languages, so reservation is easy.
Also, some escort girls speak fluently. It is very good for men who want to communicate in good conversation.

Many girls in Tokyo Escorts have great looks and body figures. You would enjoy their body and good conversation as verbal communication.
Caring hospitality will make your travel very satisfactory for sure.

How to enjoy Tokyo Escorts fully

I think most foreign travelers visiting Japan are kinda rich.

The price in Tokyo is high. Even though other Asian countries are developed, Japan must be more expensive than them.
To be honest, very wealthy travelers are common.

Tokyo Escorts like elite delivery health or high-class soapland are good for those rich male tourists.
You have to go to red-light district for soapland, so it might be for a group of men.
It is fun to go to real store talking with your friends.

If you seek a little more relaxing adult entertainment, it is good to get the first class accommodation like VIP and have luxury adult entertainment in the suit room.
You can feel like a harem king if you call in many girls for 3P or 4P. I recommend you if you visit Japan from abroad and have much budget.

Tokyo Escorts are good for tired men.

If you are a little tired after sightseeing, Tokyo Escorts are perfect. They heal and comfort foreign men.

As they offer many options, you can release sex drive, and many men use Tokyo Escorts for its very good transportation access.

I assume you have certain free time on your travel. It is good to have Japanese girls comfort you in the free time.
Tokyo Escorts welcome foreign men very much. You can get service by girls easily.
You should check HP first if you are interested in adult entertainment with Japanese girls.

If it is out-call Tokyo Escorts that escort girls bring sex toys and costumes, even foreign men unfamiliar to Tokyo Escorts in Japan can have a good time with no problem.
Men just need to relax and wait on the bed. Slow sexual feeling on male penis is given in the service. You can call in Tokyo Escorts to your hotel when you feel very horny.

Good spot to go for Tokyo Escort

Shinagawa Station area is good to stay if you are a foreign tourist on sightseeing in Tokyo.

Railways connect for all destinations in this area, so the access with easy transferring is excellent.
You may not know, but this Shinagawa has an aspect as a busy area for Tokyo Escorts.
Now you know this. Perhaps many foreign men want to enjoy this fully.

Although there are many Tokyo Escorts for various adult entertainments. Outcall escorts called delivery health is especially popular.
It is good to access their websites and check escort girls of your type if you have internet on your PC or smart phone.
Things will go smooth if you call Tokyo Escorts after that.

As foreign tourists visiting Japan increase rapidly, Tokyo Escorts try to welcome them.
They have staffs speaking foreign languages, and some escort girls speak other languages, too. Thus, foreign tourists would have good fun.

Shiroto (girl next door) type Tokyo Escorts are very popular among foreigners.

There are Tokyo Escorts with a very good reputation from foreigners.

I had thought it was because their staffs and escort girls can speak English. But I had a great time that lives up to all the rave reviews it got when I tried.

The Tokyo Escort had only small Japanese girls.
Moreover, all of them look like minor, which gives amateurish innocence.
In other escorts I had been to, escort girls had looks and presence of escort girls.
Innocent girls not telling they are escort girls. This is the reason of the popularity of Tokyo Escorts like this agent.

However, she was wild as soon as we got private.
The unexpected aspect was great. I fell in love at once.
Her small body that my hands hold. But it was so sensitive. She showed great reactions. The girl was good for men to give in the bed, indeed.
Also, her technique to make me cum was something.
Her very light body on me gave sumata like swinging.
The view was pretty good to watch, and I felt nice stimulation. I ejaculated a lot.

Tokyo Escorts provide enjoyment and excitement using the time to the fullest.

Tokyo Escorts are to release your sex drive. And there are many Tokyo Escorts to relax and get lots of comfort.

I have early ejaculation. I ejaculate quickly for a little stronger stimulation.
Then I have to wait recovery or give up.

However, Tokyo Escorts provided a different entertainment.
First of all, they do not make me ejaculate quickly.
They let me enjoy slow stimulation and stop their hands just before I ejaculate. When I calm down a little, they start stimulation again.
This arouses my sexual feeling more and more. I could have orgasm that I had not had in my country.

Moreover, body wash in a bathroom was great, too.
Escort girl gets bubbly and washes my whole body like a sponge.
The soft stimulation turns me on gradually. The advantage was I could enjoy long time.
I could enjoy all of the session including a sweet hug and pillow talk like GFE even after a happy ending.

Tokyo Escorts are far more fulfilling than foreign escorts.

It is not too much to say Tokyo is the hottest spot for foreign adult entertainment lovers.

The first reason is service categories provided by Tokyo Escorts are incomparably more than other countries.

You can expect BJ or HJ as variations at the most in foreign escorts. In Japan, they are basic. You can enjoy genuine SM, and some Tokyo Escorts entertain with prostate massage and dry orgasm that are getting popular among foreign men through words of mouth recently.

I assume quite a few foreign men recognize Japan equals manga or anime. Otaku's paradise, Akihabara, is in Tokyo. There are many Tokyo Escorts where escort girls in cosplay of bishojo (pretty girl) characters in those 2D provide ecchi sexual service.
Therefore, it has enough VFM for foreign men to spend travel fee and come to Tokyo if you want adult entertainment with 2D characters.

Tokyo Escorts make me want my testicles flexed in the palm.

In testicle massage of Tokyo Escorts, I can feel thrilling just when female fingers touch my testicles.

The best thing in the nice testicle massage was the sexual feeling at the time when female palm wrap my testicles up.

Female palm is soft. You can feel pretty good when your testicles fit in that.
When it shifts to a little stronger testicle massage, I felt soft texture and a little stimulation on my testicles together.

I had not known this sexual feeling massage till I came to Japan. Their technique to regulate a testicle ache to the minimum is great.
However, sexual feeling grows more and more. So I can be fascinated with sexual feeling of testicle massage. I like it.
I recommend Tokyo Escorts that can satisfy you only with testicle massage of various skills.

Experienced royal Tokyo Escorts.

It is nothing special for men to do ecchi (you know what it is?) with girls of same nationality. So maybe many men want to try ecchi with foreign girls if possible.

When you travel, you are relaxed and excited apparently. It is natural more men want to try adult entertainment in the countries you visit.

In that case, using escorts in the countries is the best way.
I need to tell why you should avoid to have affairs with regular girls in foreign countries.
Escorts is the best to enjoy ecchi sexual affairs with no strings.
Especially, it is very fun to see how Japanese abundant omotenashi hospitality appears in Tokyo Escorts.

When a foreign tourist has adult entertainment, premium Tokyo Escorts are good as their service is fulfilling.
For example, escort girls welcome you in casual kimono style. You can have a big fun to unclothe a girl in kimono like one scene of Japanese historical play.

Escort girls in Tokyo Escorts are trained well.

I traveled to experience Japanese omotenashi.

After I was impressed at their hospitality that the escort service in my country does not compare with, I was curious how good adult entertainment with well-trained Japanese escort girl would be.
The service was high-level. I felt going all the way to Tokyo was rewarded.

I chose a Japanese girl of my type on the official website of the escort and waited. The escort girl came and talked in English for me. We had a good conversation.
During body wash, she cleaned my body according to my request. We took a bath together. When hot bath improved blood circulation, we moved to the bed.
In the massage, my erection is harder and more powerful.

I panted unintentionally when I got good massage on my arms and legs. I had had my butt flexed well in my country. I could not stop panting.
Hand job mixing teasing once in a while felt really good.

Tokyo Escort to make out with girls

It is a good idea to enjoy Japanese anime or game fully when you come to Japan and travel in Tokyo area. But I recommend Japanese original adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts because Tokyo Escorts are common service.

If you are not popular among opposite sex in your country unfortunately, you can expect fun like GFE in Tokyo Escorts.
If you are not popular among girls, flirting and making out is mission impossible pretty much. If you wish you could flirt with girls, you can realize your dream in Tokyo Escorts.

I had been interested in this kind of ecchi sexual industry. The great ecstasy is well-known. So I tried it on the trip to Japan. I had a very nice time because of Japanese girls that have got skills.
I was surprised at the strong sexual feeling of tease and denial that I experienced in Japan for the first time in my life.

Tokyo Escorts featuring deep erotic service

Tokyo has been flourishing from Edo Period. If you are familiar to Japanese history, you must know. Tokyo still has lots of well-known commercial facilities and Tokyo Escorts. And it is easy to use for its very good access.

It is another smart idea to use out-call Tokyo Escorts at your accommodating facilities when you travel to Japan.

Delivery health is different from regular Tokyo Escorts. Japanese girls are delivered to your accommodating facilities. The advantage of this out-call style is that you can enjoy the adult entertainment fully in your staying places.
You should enjoy one-to-one service with Japanese girl.

When I traveled to Japan for sightseeing, I called in delivery health, out-call Tokyo Escorts, to my accommodation. As soon as I met the Japanese escort girl, we got friendly. And I could receive a wonderful service.
The service was very erotic. They seem to have many Tokyo Escorts featuring that service.
If you want to taste lots of sense of shame, calling deliheru, out-call Tokyo Escorts to your accommodating facility is good.

Try Tokyo Escorts at your hotel in Tokyo.

If you are like me visiting Japan from abroad, you do not have home here to call in out-call escort girls, but you can call in Japanese escort girls easily to any of many hotels in Tokyo.

As they come quickly, I do not have a long empty waiting time. I heard out-call Tokyo Escorts called delivery health have many users.
You should wait the arrival of Japanese girls with throbbing hearts.

Some men might feel awkward to try Tokyo Escorts for the first time in Japan. Out-call Tokyo Escorts is easy to call escort girls, so you do not have any sense of shame.
If you get naked and excited go to bathroom with her, she will lead you in the body wash and touch your erogenous zones softly.

Japanese girls are good at serving a sweet time to foreign men. You will be healed by her service mentally, too.
You must be pleased in Tokyo Escorts if you surrender yourself into her arms.
As classy girls talk dirty in your ears, it will be exciting.

Tokyo Escorts to get ecchi adult entertainment

I like Tokyo Escorts for ecchi fun very much. I often come to Tokyo to enjoy the adult entertainment fully.

When you have Japanese girls, the time never be businesslike. Men won't regret.
You should make a little time and try Tokyo Escorts for GFE when you come to Tokyo.

When you have a sweet time with Japanese girls, it feels like GFE. You can taste GFE if you hold her hands and talk about you on the bed in Tokyo Escorts.
It is good to start the session after you and she become like lovers.

The service is never plain. It is sweet throughout. You can hug and do French kisses with the girl or lick her private part taking time in sixty-nine style.
Each services by Japanese girls is affectionate. It is sure you will be satisfied.

Tokyo Escorts is the center of sexual industry.

You must have many spots to visit when you come from abroad to Tokyo for sightseeing, such as Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, Odaiba, Ginza and so on.

It is fun to enjoy sightseeing spots, shopping spots, and good foods of course, but it is a good opportunity to try Tokyo Escorts, too.

Tokyo is popular for its variety among foreign people, and there are many Tokyo Escorts, too.
Japan is a country of omotenashi. Japanese girls' service is outstanding in the world. Their elegance, hospitality, and caring service might addict you.

Hot Tokyo Escorts spots are Yoshiwara after sightseeing in Asakusa or premium hostess clubs or casual hostess clubs called cabakura after shopping or dining in Ginza or Roppongi.
There are many popular spots like Kabukicho or Shinokubo around Shinjuku that is popular among foreigner.
Also, you can call in Japanese girls of your type anywhere because out-call Tokyo Escorts are common, too.

You can calm down and wait the arrival of out-call Tokyo Escorts.

My first trial of Tokyo Escorts in Japan was in-call. I felt a little uncomfortable that I had to see other men in the waiting room.

It bothered me someone knowing that I would do dirty things with a girl. But I found there are out-call Tokyo Escorts called delivery health. For that, I can wait by myself. I do not have to care other people's eyes. I thought it perfect to me.
I keep calm while I wait Japanese girls. This service is great.

It feels like GFE and so fun when I check in a hotel and wait in a hotel near Tokyo Station.
No one notices that I am using Tokyo Escorts after we meet. The girl give body wash with lots of touch on my body.

We get pretty frank after body wash.
We hold hands or touch each other's erogenous zones naturally when we get in the bed.
Because GFE style service by Japanese girls is available in out-call Tokyo Escorts. I am totally into it now.

Rendezvous style is available in Tokyo Escorts.

There is one agent of Tokyo Escorts that I like. I always use it when I visit Japan.

This is one of out-call Tokyo Escorts that deliver escort girls to hotels directly. But I sometimes meet escort girls in the city and go to hotel when I want to meet them outside.

I rather have rendezvous service to meet escort girls in a city recently. As Japanese girls come quickly, there is no loss time.
The service starts after getting in a hotel room, so they do not charge for the time I walk with girls in a city.
I can't miss the opportunity to walk with beautiful Japanese girls in a city for free. You should use rendezvous style in Japan.

During moving, you do not do dirty things but can enjoy conversation like GFE walking with no rush.
Service after a little GFE is very fun. I strongly recommend you to try rendezvous style if you use Tokyo Escorts from now.

The reason I am into Tokyo Escorts

Since I traveled to Japan several years ago, I have been fascinated with its advantages. I travel to Japan every time I have vacation.

Four seasons and Japanese foods are enjoyable in Japan. And Tokyo Escorts is another reason I like Japan.
After I visit cities I want to go, I always call in out-call Tokyo Escorts called delivery health. Deliheru is the service that Japanese girls visit my place at once.

Japanese girls visit my hotel in Tokyo and serve lots of adult entertainments. Since I tried the ecchi sexual service once, I have been into it.
I went to many towns for sightseeing and was tired, but deliheru Tokyo Escorts are easy because men do not have to go out.

Escort girls visited Tokyo hotels and provided good and long service. Their devoting sweetness was irresistible.
Adult entertainment with girls works not only for my sexual pleasure, but also for relaxation.

Got spanking on my butt with dirty talk by a girl in Tokyo Escorts

I love AV made in Japan. I always wanted JAV situation in Tokyo Escorts when I go to Japan one day.

My dream came true finally the other day.
My favorite AV was lots of spanking by woman. I always wanted to have Japanese girls spank me.

People say girls in Tokyo Escorts are great actresses in the service. It was very nice to me.
They use sadistic words to turn men on during spanking. I thought it is what I wanted. I checked words of mouth and went to Tokyo Escorts.

The Japanese girl did not understand English very much, but I was turned on enough in the situation that a woman tells me off with dirty talk during spanking.
Her dirty talk was wild, and she was just sexy in the conversation after a happy ending. The change of attitude was hot, too.

Tokyo Escorts is good for short entertainment, too.

I was horny though I did not have much time. I tried Tokyo Escorts for the first time in Japan. I was not sure if it would be really satisfactory until I tried.

My schedule was tight, so I worried if I could enjoy sexual feeling service with Japanese girl. I was afraid the session could end at the middle of nowhere.

However, girls in Tokyo Escorts made me feel sexually quickly. I was surprised at their fast skills.
I chose a short course, but the girl sucked and licked my whole body as soon as the session started. And she also showed a combination of licking service and hand job. It felt nice.

I could feel the girl was experienced about the service to men. The Japanese girl was down to earth and kept giving sexual feeling throughout though the time was short.
Once in a while, her hand motion got fast. I thought she was working hard to arouse me. No rush even in a short course in Tokyo Escorts.

Many girls have long arms and legs in Tokyo Escorts.

I like Tokyo more than other cities in Japan.

I was sure that it is a very nice city during several times visits. Days there were exciting and fun.
Modern Japanese girls are pretty with long arms and legs. I saw many models in Tokyo Escorts.
Such models with great body figures provide sexual service. I felt this is a wonderful adult entertainment world.

Some Tokyo Escorts have staffs and escort girls speaking foreign languages for foreign tourists like me to use. It must be a great opportunity if you want to have fun with Japanese girls.
If you miss this opportunity, it would be difficult to have a dirty fun with Japanese girls. I recommend you to try Tokyo Escorts.
ay go to hotel with the escort girl you requested if you choose outcall Tokyo Escorts. Japanese girls tell you the way. And you will have a good conversation if the girl speaks English.
The adult entertainment is great, too.

Choose a girl of your type for safe adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts

When a foreign man travels to Japan for sightseeing, you might think something dirty in a hotel room just for yourself.

How about sex drive release using Tokyo Escorts at that time?
Adult entertainment in Japan will be a good memory.

You can choose girls of your type. You can choose young girls or classy Japanese beauties.
If you like elder women, hitoduma (married women) type Tokyo Escorts must gave your favorable escort girls.
Now you can request and call in Tokyo Escorts to your accommodating hotel if the agent is delivery health.

Many Tokyo Escorts are good about STD prevention for both sides.
You will be able to enjoy adult entertainment without worry bad diseases in Tokyo Escorts where condom is must-use.
In-call Tokyo Escorts clean and sanitize guest rooms quick and well after another guest used, which is secure.

Used Tokyo Escorts on sightseeing trip

I traveled to Japan for sightseeing the other day. I tried night entertainment of Tokyo Escorts.

When I searched Tokyo Escorts on my smart phone, I found foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts, so I went.

The store was a little far from the station. But it was an easy round trip because they have pick-up service.
I think foreigners not familiar to Japan can go to Tokyo Escorts without getting lost with the service.
I was very sweaty when I met the Japanese girl. It was a hot day. But I could take a shower before the session, so I think she was not uncomfortable with me.

I liked the Japanese girl at the first glance at the reception. I had a great time throughout with such a perfect girl to me.
We licked each other and had ecstasy.
Because she listened to my request well and gave proposals about adult entertainment, I felt it was worth to pay money more than enough.

Tokyo Escorts is a good present as a memory before departure

I took my foreign friend to Tokyo Escorts. He stayed at my home.

He would leave soon. I wanted to present a wonderful memory to him because he has been studying hard to understand Japan.

At first, location. I could not think any other places but Tokyo.
As this is the area with all kinds of Tokyo Escorts, there must be his favorable Tokyo Escorts.
If he likes Tokyo Escorts beyond expectation, I can offer heavenly course from one to one.

I let him try delivery health of innocent girls first.
He met the escort girl and had a little sweet time like a date. Then, he will have Tokyo Escorts service.
I followed them secretly. I could see my friend was talking happily over there.
And they started holding each other's shoulders naturally. I could not see more than the walk to the hotel, but I am glad at my friend telling me he had a great time.

Delivery health is good Tokyo Escorts for foreigners.

There are many foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts.
Many Tokyo Escorts are English available. You will find your favorable adult entertainment.
I used Tokyo Escorts in Japan though I was poor at Japanese.
I tried many Tokyo Escorts, but I still often use delivery health.

Delivery health is Tokyo Escorts providing fashion massage and so on.
Escort girls are delivered to home or hotel. You can enjoy one to one ecchi.
Ecchi does not mean intercourse sex. It is mainly massage and petting.
However, Tokyo Escorts provide excellent service instead. I like it.

If CIM is available in the Tokyo Escorts, you can cum in female mouth.
It is great to ejaculate in the mouth of Japanese pretty girls.
It turns me on so much that I can get hard on again after cum.
Japanese girls do not get scared at foreigners, and they do not show different reactions.
It is nice that Japanese girl satisfy me as a regular man.
The best friend in Japan can be escort girls.

I have been using since Tokyo Escorts impressed me

I visit Japan regularly. Tokyo Escorts became one of my entertainments.

I started it because I wanted to have fun with Japanese girls. One to one adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts impressed me.

The private time was not too wide or too small. I thought the size was good for two persons.
I had in-call type sexual service in my country, too. But it was not comfortable, such as the lack of air-conditioning.
But Tokyo Escorts was good. Air conditioning is available, and I can soak in a hot bath, too.

As I can speak some Japanese, I have some conversation, too.
Maybe because a foreigner is rare, escort girls talk to me a lot.
What is my job? How is my country? It is just some casual conversation. But talking with Japanese girls is fun.
Some Japanese girls make efforts to speak in English. That effort impresses me.

Caution: When you use Tokyo Escorts

When my friend came from abroad to Japan for sightseeing, we went to Tokyo Escorts.

The reason was my friend wanted to try adult entertainment in Japan. It was a good opportunity to search a lot.
We, Japanese, think using Tokyo Escorts is nothing special, but things are different for foreigners.

I felt confirmation in advance makes adult entertainment for foreign friend or guest smooth. It is good to know who will entertain my friend.
For example, Tokyo Escorts with the sign "Foreigners welcome" do not mean all escort girls available.

The website did not tell precisely, so I called and made sure.
The staff asked the date and time first.
He checked available escort girls at the time and chose escort girls ready for foreigners.
In the end, he named three Japanese girls, so I had my friend choose one.

Tokyo Escorts. The reception staff was nice, too.

My friend come from abroad to Japan for sightseeing regularly.

There are more foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts recently, so he has more opportunities for adult entertainment with Japanese girls.
We sometimes call in Tokyo Escorts to hotel and sometimes go to their stores.

I went to real store of one of Tokyo Escorts the other day. It was a nice place.
The waiting room was comfy. You can relax sitting on the couch and wait.
My friend also liked it as we could have a break before the session.

The staff asked us some drink during waiting time.
My friend was surprised at the service that Escorts in his country do not do.
Also, we weer told to answer some survey. He thought it is a good idea to confirm what a guest wants in the service in advance.
He said it is great Japanese girls ask guests' requests and lead the session instead of just doing what they like.

Tokyo has more foreigner friendly Escorts.

I wanted to entertain my friend from abroad when he visits.

I know he likes girls. So I thought of Tokyo Escorts.
I live in Kanto Area. I searched Fuzoku Escorts information around my neighborhood and Tokyo.

There are some Escorts in my neighborhood, too. But there are more Tokyo Escorts, and I felt Tokyo Escorts are more ready to accept foreigners.
Many Tokyo Escorts did not accept foreigners before. But it has been changing these years.
However, local cities and suburbs are not ready yet.

So we decided go sightseeing and to Tokyo Escorts after that.
I told the approximate time to the agent in advance. They seemed to arrange for us. We did not have waiting time really.
The escort girl could speak some English. She and my friend could communicate without problem.
I am glad they could have a good time with laugh together.

Variety of Tokyo Escorts
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When I visit Japan for sightseeing travel or business trip, I see many night entertainment spots in Tokyo.

Especially, there are many and various Tokyo Escorts, and there are foreigner friendly secure Tokyo Escorts, too.
Some Tokyo Escorts are in-call agents, and some other Tokyo Escorts are outcall delivering escort girls to our staying hotels.

In-call Tokyo Escorts are called pink salon, soapland, and fashion health.
The service is from soft-core to harder. And the price is various, too.
It is good to fully enjoy Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment in premium soapland. Or casual fun in pinsalo or fashion health is good to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Outcall Tokyo Escorts are called delivery health or hotel health.
Many of them do not have real stores. Because it is easy to call escort girl with one phone call, we can say foreigners can book easily.
And you can relax and receiver service without uncomfortable worries as it is not in a store, but in your accommodation facility. We recommend it.

Tokyo Escorts are getting ready for English service.

I have opportunities to entertain foreign guests for my business.

I wanted a group of men to try Tokyo Escorts the other day.
I think many men like ecchi adult entertainment in foreign countries, too.
I recommend you to make sure points in advance to care to avoid troubles in Tokyo Escorts.

I searched Tokyo Escorts. The quick way to find is to check if the Tokyo Escorts are foreigner friendly or not.
Tokyo Escorts did not accept foreigners very much before, but they are getting ready to accept corresponding to the global society.

And I hear Tokyo Escorts have English speakers as staffs or escort girls because people gather to Tokyo in Japan.
If you speak basic Japanese, it is good. But it can be difficult.
In that case, it is smart to ask the agent in advance if they have English speakers. Then, things will be easier.

Tokyo Escorts are the best for foreigners' adult entertainment

Japan's proud city, Tokyo, is busy all the time in day and night. It is a hot entertainment spot at night because restaurants and bars are open.

A lot of foreigners visit Tokyo throughout a year.
Many foreigners want to try Tokyo Escorts in Japan.

Tokyo Escorts in Japan are regarded wonderful first-class service and girls in the world.
Tokyo Escorts make efforts to provide safe adult entertainment as a global level game will come several years later.
The city is convenient with many Tokyo Escorts to use in any areas of your accommodation.

Akihabara is known as a town of anime, so Tokyo Escorts there offer casting with girls as anime characters.
Like that, each area has its originality, so adult entertainment would be fun.
The service of Tokyo Escorts are evolving. It would be more and more fun in the future.

Tokyo Escorts original service
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Japanese Escorts, sexual industry, has much more originality than other foreign countries.

Our country has same kind of service, but it is just simple. The service is nothing but for a happy ending, cum.
Therefore, the most of the service is directly to cum. The good point is you can cum quickly.

Compared to it, Tokyo Escorts gave me an impression that Tokyo Escorts offer extra with a happy ending.
In pinsalo (pink salon), BJ is main to cum. And the room is not very private.

In addition, I tried erotic massage, too. The massage was high-skilled. Even hand job brings lots of ecstasy.
Also, I saw Tokyo Escorts with specialized types of girls.
Specifically of married women or mature women, tasty or amateurish girls, chubby or slender and so on. I think a ecchi dirty time with favorable girl is Tokyo Escorts originality, too.

Tried in-call type Tokyo Escorts for the first time

I come to Japan regularly. In most cases, I call in Tokyo Escorts to staying hotels. But I went to in-call type Tokyo Escorts and tried adult entertainment for the first time the other day.

I dropped by on the way from shopping by chance. I was lucky to have adult entertainment without a booking.

There are many Tokyo Escorts on my way. Each Tokyo Escorts had clear explanations about their system, so I could find a matching agent without a problem.
I entered and waited in their waiting room. The mood in the store was pretty good, so it was not tough to wait.
I had a thrilling expectation how the girl would be in in-call type Tokyo Escorts as same as the waiting time in a hotel for outcall escort girl.

It is pretty nice to wait escort girls appear. The girl on the day was burning hot that upset me.
The great adult entertainment with such a sexy Japanese girl kept me excited even after the service.

Girls of Tokyo Escorts improve their technique every day.

I was surprised when I knew professional aesthetic masseuses work in Tokyo Escorts.

I thought beauty care and sexual feeling massage were different. And I did not understand Japan then. But I checked the Internet and found out some Tokyo Escorts support their girls to get qualifications.

I thought this system is very good as they can improve their massage skills to gain qualifications and get money, too.
The daily improved sexual feeling service skill satisfies men of all nationalities of course.

When I used Tokyo Escorts, I was fascinated with the whole body massage with hand motion from up to down and adequate pressure.
I still remember sexual feeling massage was very exciting because of the first whole body massage with palms.

Tokyo Escort assures sexual feeling experience.

In a capital city, Tokyo, a lot of Tokyo Escorts run their business. I am a foreign man. The numbers of Tokyo Escorts is surprising. I had no idea which one to choose.

But my Japanese friend said any Tokyo Escorts are sure to experience sexual feeling, so I tried casually. As a result, I was satisfied and glad at using Tokyo Escorts.

Sightseeing in Tokyo on the day was physically hard, so I used delivery health. I had a good time with the Japanese girl and hustled a lot in the adult entertainment. I was refreshed enough.
When the Japanese girl gave me body to body massage with delicate finger motion, I understood that's the Japanese girls' way.

I had a happy ending by hand job using delicate finger motion. The girls stuck to me after a happy ending. It gave me mental healing, too.
I used Tokyo Escorts on the next day, too. I would like to recommend Tokyo Escorts as they are so sensational.

Tokyo Escorts is an enough reason to visit Tokyo

Tokyo Escorts are very sincere.

Tokyo Escorts do not look suspicious. Their hospitality is like high-end service. I could relax soon after I got in.
And Japanese girls of Tokyo Escorts were really nice.
I know they were doing their job. But their tenderness looked too natural to call business. I felt as if I became a popular man.

I was tired on the first day, so I chose delivery health.
When I talked a little Japanese, she listened seriously to understand me.
Her eyes were very pretty, and I held her naturally.
And her fulfilling service made me cum twice though my body was tired.

Tokyo Escorts experience on the second day was a different one, pinsalo (pink salon).
My friend helped me as a guide and took me without an advanced notice.
The service started with one-to-one steamy hug.
And the blowjob was great. I had not had that deep strong suck in my life. I cum a lot in her mouth.

I crazy for uniform went to Tokyo Escorts.

I had seen Japanese high school girls on TV or Internet only. But I had adult entertainment with Japanese girls in school uniforms in Tokyo Escorts for cosplay.

I like short skirts very much. I asked Japanese girls to wear shorter skirts. They did for me. And the service was satisfactory, too. I like it.

When I saw school uniform in real that I had seen only TV or Internet, I felt emotion and excitement a lot.
When a girl in school uniform came up, I was happy about coming to Japan and using that Tokyo Escort. And I was looking for coming session with the girl in school uniform in front of me.

When the session started, I put my head under her skirt to smell her private part. Tokyo Escorts must be the only place to do such a hentai pervert act.
When I checked her lingerie under the skirt, her skirt and lingerie were matching. I found it great.

Ecstasy in Tokyo Escorts
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When a Japanese man did business entertaining for me, I went to Tokyo Escorts. The Japanese man booked in advance, so I could have adult entertainment with a Japanese girl smoothly, which was nice.

There was not a waiting time really. Right after checking in at the reception, the girl appeared.

I had not had adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts, so I checked the adult entertainment carefully and asked questions to the staff. The receptionist was very polite. I appreciate it.
I heard many Tokyo Escorts are foreigner friendly now. It is very helpful.

I had the adult entertainment with excitement. The feedback is very good in a word.
Even though we had a language barrier, the girl was very nice and caring. She pleased my body and gave a wonderful feeling.
I would like to go to Japan for adult entertainment again.

I used Tokyo Escorts to be sociable, then...

I used delivery health of Tokyo Escorts and understood Japanese girls are ecchi dirty, too.

I have had an admiration for Japanese girls from my school days and studied Japanese at college. And I came to Japan. I thought all of Japanese girls are classy like the image of Yamato-nadeshiko.

One day, my coworker invited me to delivery health.
I could not say no for communication between coworkers.
We called in Japanese girls to hotel. The Tokyo Escorts my friend called in was a masochistic sexual feeling service for a little M men. I was blindfolded and tied up with soft rope. She licked and touched the whole body erogenous zones of me that could not move.

My penis was out there. And she talked dirty of course.
I have been in Japan for years and know Japanese slang words. I felt embarrassed.
More and more dirty things were done. In the end, I jet cum like a boy.
Since then, I sometimes call in Japanese girls of the agent.
I am addicted completely.
Japanese girls are ecchi dirty, too.
It was a big discovery.

Just watching naked body in Tokyo Escorts is exciting.

Strip tease is that men watch Japanese girls getting naked. I had similar adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts, too.

Strip tease is to watch with many guests. But I could watch a Japanese naked girl by myself in Tokyo Escorts. I think it was very luxurious.

In strip tease, women take off her clothes at a little distant place. But Tokyo Escorts I had was taking clothes off in front of me. It turned me on a lot.
The girl was very close, so I could smell her fantastic smell well. It was such a turn on watching the view forever and ever.

I think each man has his preference how to get naked. If you request Japanese girls, they will take their clothes off in the way you want.
You can request only bra on and so on.
I had a great sexual feeling adult entertainment after she took her clothes off.

Came overseas to Tokyo and had golden shower adult entertainment in Tokyo Escort

There are too many Tokyo Escorts for a foreigner to choose one to enjoy. My favorite one is delivery health.

It is not in-call service. Escort girls are delivered for service.
It means delivery fashion health.

The delivery health offers very wide adult entertainment.
You cannot have intercourse sex that is banned under Japanese law.
However, other many services are enjoyable.
The Tokyo Escort I used the other day offered golden shower adult entertainment.
Golden shower is "Seisui" in Japanese. It indicates holy water directly.
I imagined the movie to expel the devil and asked what it is. Then, you know what? It was pee.

I see to hear pee.
Peeing adult entertainment is fine with me actually. I paid a little extra optional fee and asked.
I wondered how to enjoy and took it on my face.
I came all the way to Japan and took pee of Japanese girls. You can call me a big hentai.
But I was very satisfied.
You will find a matching adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts delivery health.

Secret adult entertainment is possible in delivery health in Tokyo Escorts

We, foreigners, are often nervous when we go to Tokyo Escorts.

Foreigners are noticeable, so if someone sees us in Tokyo Escorts, it is apparent.
I did not use Tokyo Escorts because of that problem, but I found a good service.
It is delivery health service.

We do not have to go to Tokyo Escorts for delivery health service.
We can have adult entertainment with Japanese girls at home or hotel.
We do not need to see anyone but the escort girls.
Since I found the service, I have often been using delivery health.

I was afraid Japanese girls would be scared at a foreign man, but they did not at all.
Some Japanese girls are happy at the rare experience.
Japan values on rules and politeness. As long as we keep the manner and rule, nationalities do not matter. They treat all men equal.
This country is very nice.
Delivery health escort girls in Tokyo Escorts provide very erotic massage, too.
I am often glad at my life in Tokyo recently.

Tokyo Escorts are convenient in the life there.

The convenient thing for me, a foreigner living in Tokyo, is Tokyo Escorts.

They have Tokyo Escorts named delivery health. You can call in Tokyo Escorts to your home.
The service is, for example, erotic massage.
If you call in Tokyo Escorts when your horny, escort girls let it release.

Intercourse sex is illegal in sex industry in Japan.
Instead, they provide pantie job called sumata.
Your penis is put between thighs to thrust. It looks so nasty, and it feels as good as intercourse sex, so it is satisfying.
I cum a lot on the thighs of Japanese girls every time.

I am afraid of bad rumors as a womanizer, so I cannot play around with women around me. And I do not want to mess my job for such a thing. I like this job in Japan.
There are many Tokyo Escorts, and foreigners can have adult entertainment very much. It is smart to pay and refresh.
I nominate Tokyo Escorts about once in two weeks currently.

Can you believe Tokyo Escorts make a man squirt?

I squirted for the first time in my life when I used Tokyo Escorts.

My friend told me professional girls in Tokyo escorts can make men squirt in Japan. I did not believe it.
But I squirt in fact.
Japanese girls in Tokyo Escorts have surprising technique.

I was afraid Japanese escort girls would hesitate and would not give lots of service, but things were different.
Tokyo Escorts give and give erotic service to me, a foreigner to Japanese.
The Japanese girl licked my body so much that my whole body was wet. And she teased my anal with her tongue and finger.

I had not experienced that. I felt embarrassed and got blushed.
And she put her finger into my anal to stimulate prostate and pet my penis in a nasty way.
I had an unknown ecstasy called dry orgasm. I felt blank and squirt like a whale.
I could not see her face for a sense of shame.
I still feel good when I remember that.
Tokyo Escorts are great.

Tokyo Escorts impress me on every business trip.

I often visit Japan on business trip.

I visit Tokyo, so I do not feel Japanese tradition very much, but escorts are an exceptions.
I really feel Japan is a special country every time I have adult entertainment in Tokyo Escorts.
What is great is that Japanese girls are classy, and their service is with hospitality.

Escort girls in my country do not show their tenderness to us in my country.
We see it as a businesslike service.
But Japan is different.
You can have a heart-warming time like GFE.
They are so devoted in the service and entertain us with ecchi erotic service.

I often use Tokyo Escorts called delivery health. They deliver escort girls. When I see their escort girls, their earnest attitude tells me something.
I often understand this is the service business.
Tokyo Escorts never makes men unpleasant. They satisfy your dirty sex drive, so you can pay willingly.
They can be proud of Tokyo Escorts to the world.

About Tokyo Escorts my friend and I went

My good friend come to Japan from abroad regularly.

He wants to have fun with girls every time, so I sometimes arranged Tokyo Escorts.
Mostly, it was Tokyo Escorts delivery to his accommodating hotel. But we tried Tokyo Escorts with real stores the other day.

We did shopping in Tokyo. After that, my friend said he wanted to go to real store type Tokyo Escorts.
We had no reservation, but we could find easily because there were a lot of Tokyo Escorts.
Then, we had a good time together.

We waited a little in a waiting room. My friend told me that time was good.
Waiting in a hotel room is thrilling, but it is also nice to wait with me imagining how the girl would be.
I had felt embarrassing at men in a group going into Tokyo Escorts. But it was no problem as my friend was having a good time.
And he was more excited on the way back because the service was great.

Tokyo Escorts are available for a party of foreign tourists.

I has a business entertaining for foreign guests. I arranged Tokyo Escorts for adult entertainment.

The party was of more than a few men. But the Tokyo Escort arranged Japanese girls for all because I told them date and time in advance.
There was not a waiting time really. After we headed to Tokyo Escort, the service started immediately.

I called Tokyo Escorts several times in advance to prepare well for this time business entertaining.
I think you can have Tokyo Escorts service even if you call for ASAP service maybe. But my case was a party of foreign guests. The staff said advanced reservation was helpful.

I was nervous if they could enjoy Tokyo Escorts. But they gave me a feedback that Tokyo Escorts were very good.
They had escort service in their county, too. But girls of Tokyo Escorts showed hospitality in spite of language barrier, which made men feel wonderful.
They declared they would have Tokyo Escorts again in Japan.

My friend greatly admired Tokyo Escorts.

A foreign friend of mine visited Japan the other day.

He came for sightseeing mainly, but I let him try Tokyo Escorts in his extra time.
I searched Tokyo Escorts. We went to foreigner friendly in-call Tokyo Escort.

The place was a little away from the station. But they had transportation service between the station and the Tokyo Escort. It was helpful.
If you can use to-and-from transportation service, you do not get lost on the first visit. This is secure.
My friend was very happy about the car ride because he would have get very sweaty if he had walked. He sweats a lot.

I told our request like girl's type at the reception.
Each of us had the best matching girls. We had a great time.
My friend greatly appraised on the way back. He said "Japanese people are sincere to live up to requests. Tokyo Escorts are worth to pay money."
I would like to take him again when he visit Tokyo.

Escort to Tokyo Escorts
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A foreign friend of mine would come to Japan. I knew he likes dirty things, ecchi in Japanese. So I wanted him to enjoy adult entertainment of Japanese escorts.

I researched Tokyo Escorts' information in advance to make things easier on the day.
I found out several Tokyo Escorts accept foreign men.

The categories of Tokyo Escorts are various. I asked my friend which one he would like.
I asked him to confirm their websites, too. We decided to go for the Tokyo Escort that looked good.
His travel date was already fixed, so I called for a reservation in advance.

Therefore, we did not have to wait in a waiting time. They guided me at once.
I escorted him to the Tokyo escort, but I enjoyed the service, too.
I had a good time, but he had a more exciting time.
He said many times "It was great. Tokyo escorts in Japan are excellent."
He also liked no waiting time.

Advise for foreign men if you want to enjoy Tokyo Escorts.

Tokyo is a very nice city with plenty of sensational culture.

Japanese people used to be known for having a long torso and short legs. But young Japanese girls nowadays often have model-material body figures with thin long beautiful arms and legs.
Tokyo Escorts called Fuzoku offers adult entertainment by those pretty girls.

Tokyo Escorts correspond to various languages to entertain foreign tourists. It is a golden opportunity for you if you are a foreign man and want ecchi dirty fun with Japanese girls.
It is hard to experience ecchi with Japanese girls if you miss this opportunity.
You can call in Tokyo Escorts to your hotels. And I recommend hoteheru (hotel health) if you want to go and get it quickly.

Tokyo has adult entertainment areas (including red-light districts) here and there, and many hotels.
You have a Japanese girl of your type and go to hotel with her. As you can have a good conversation on the walk, I assure your ecchi adult entertainment would be more enjoyable if you request a Japanese girl who can speak English.

Many foreigners have fun in Tokyo escorts.

Tokyo has many escorts, and many foreigners have fun.

Many foreign tourists use Tokyo escorts as a memory of Japan because Japanese girls provide ecchi sexual service there.
Quite a few agents have photographing as an additional option.

If you flirt with ordinary Japanese girls, it may cause a trouble. An affair is cheating for your partner.
But Fuzoku escorts have nothing troublesome.
You can enjoy as much as you want and say good bye with no string.
It is just business, service. You can use it casually.
Tokyo does not have so many illegal escorts, so you can have adult entertainment safely everywhere.

In-call escorts is good, and you can call in delivery (outcall) service to your home or hotel for adult entertainment.
The latter is rather popular in Tokyo.
You are one-to-one in your home or hotel room. You can receive ecchi sexual service in a relaxing space.

Went to Tokyo Escorts longing for high school girl in school uniform

I watched Japanese high school girls on TV and always longed for them. I had Fuzoku adult entertainment in a Tokyo escort ready for cosplay.

I was desperate for short skirt. The system I could choose a costume checking the length of skirts was very good to me.

When an escort girl in a high school girl uniform appeared, I could feel my pleasure and excitement was rising rapidly.
I was really happy at trying Tokyo escort and was excited at how to enjoy the coming session.

I could even do a very hentai pervert action to put my head inside the short skirt and smell her crotch.
I saw the Tokyo escort is an elite escort club as Japanese girls choose lingerie matching to each costumes.
It is also wonderful Japanese girls do not mind even if I ask them to pose and act like cute high school girls.

Tokyo escorts allowed me to bring sex toys.

I wanted to get AF using my favorite anal vibrator, so I chose a Tokyo escort that allowed me to bring sex toys.

I was interested when I heard many Tokyo escorts say okay about bringing personal sex toys for CFNM service.

Another reason I was satisfied with that service was the Japanese escort girl was good at using anal sex toys.
The anal vibrator I brought was different from regular shaped one that the agent prepare. I was surprised she handled it skillfully and dominated me.

She gave me delicate and excellent skills on my anal, such as changing the "in and out" motion depending on the sorts of anal sex toys.
I can recommend. It was a great time as if I was learning ABC of using anal sex toys.
Did you believe your favorite sex toys are for masturbation at home only? Forget it.

Tokyo Escorts satisfied me quickly.

I used Tokyo Escorts for the first time when my schedule was tight, so I worried if it would be satisfactory.

I was not sure if I the orgasm could be at halfway ecstasy without long sexual feeling service.

However, my worry was senseless. Escort girls in Tokyo was good at speedy sexual feeling service, too. I was surprised.
As soon as she knew my schedule was tight, she showed a combination technique of nipple licking and hand job.

As Tokyo Escorts has many experienced Japanese girls, they serve calmly to guests that are hurry without extra time.
But their hands stimulate harder. I liked their good service to satisfy me more.
No matter how quick the session goes, Japanese girls kiss you with affection after you cum.

Escorts for night entertainment in Tokyo

I have been totally fascinated with Japan since I traveled Japan. And I travel to Japan almost every time I get a long vacation.

The reasons I like Japan are, for example, Japanese four seasons with variety and Japanese food culture corresponding to seasons.
I visit cities that I like. Sightseeing is one purpose, and I always use deliheru in Japan.

Deliheru is an abbreviation of delivery health. Simply put, it is one of Japanese Fuzoku adult entertainment escorts that delivers Japanese girls to your accommodating places for lots of ecchi sexual service.
Since I tried, I am fascinated with it and always call in it to my accommodating hotel in Tokyo.

Delivery health is convenient to me tired from sightseeing in daytime because I do not have to go out and can have Japanese girls at night.
Above all, caring service by Japanese girls without a rush is wonderful.
Japanese girls are kind and submissive. Needless to say their sexual service, a sweet time to spend with Japanese girls is relaxing, which is another good point.

You want body wash in Tokyo Escorts last forever.

Cleanliness is a big issue in Tokyo escorts. Body wash in a shower room is very caring and a nice experience. 

I liked I could ask to wash not only my erogenous zones like penis or anal, but also my hands, feet, and back gently.

I was wrapped up with a Japanese girl's tenderness feeling she made my body clean during body wash.
I had heard Tokyo escorts has many sweet Japanese girls. But I had not expected even body wash is so different.

Tokyo escorts are so different from that in my hometown. There was no businesslike atmosphere during body wash.
Moreover, I could feel their premium service mind to ask me if I did not feel uncomfortable or itchy.
Erotic body wash using boobs in body to body style was good, too.

You can watch naked girl by yourself in Tokyo Escorts.

I had believed a strip tease is watching a girl taking her clothes off with many other men.

However, I can have a private strip tease by an escort girl in Tokyo Fuzoku adult entertainment. It is a luxury adult entertainment.

The thing was different from the strip tease in my image. The Japanese girl taking her clothes off was close to my face, which turned me on more.
It was excellent to watch the dirty scene of a girl getting fully naked while I felt the sweet smell of her hair or body all the time.

You can ask how to unclothe. So Japanese girls are available to my maniac/ fetish request that full nude but stockings on.
It was just a girl getting naked, but it brought me bigger excitement than that in other escorts I had used.
Everyone must achieve to the maximum expectation for coming sexual feeling service when Japanese girls takes off all clothes.

Tokyo escort's entertainment: Casting like AV

My dream came true finally in the Tokyo escort that entertains with AV-like situations.

I watched JAV (Japanese AV) before that a female teacher spanks a man's butt. I have wanted to try the naughty play.

Tokyo has many escorts for Fuzoku adult entertainment focusing casting. It was another advantage for me that I can compare Japanese models for their acting ability.
Reviews help me. I could find a matching Japanese girl if I seek the reputation "A sadistic girl providing a great dirty talk."

Even if you do not understand Japanese at all, watching female performance with reality in verbal humiliation with dirty words will turn on and dominate enough.
I could get excited just looking at the sudden change from strong talk to sexy dirty talk by a dominatrix.

Experienced professional massage in Tokyo Fuzoku Escort
I was surprised when I heard first Japanese girls are working in Tokyo escorts though they want to be professional beauty therapists seriously.
I was wondering why they need to do sexual feeling service although they want to be aestheticians.

But when I researched Tokyo escort information well, I understood why Japanese girls want to work in the shop. They support their masseuses to get qualifications.
To Japanese girls wanting to be professional aestheticians, this agent's system is very good that they practice massage and earn money.

It was natural their massage skill was satisfactory as they improve their technique every day.
When a masseuse just moves her hands to stimulate my body, I am allured at great pressure on her palms.
My image about Tokyo escorts used to be just sex industry. But I feel the dream and hope of Japanese girls now.
Rich variety in Tokyo Escorts for Fuzoku adult entertainment
Japan's capital city, Tokyo has a phenomenal numbers of Escorts for Fuzoku adult entertainment.

The numbers were too many for me, a foreigner, to figure out which escort agent provides which service.
The service was different from my image, but it was very satisfactory after all because I had a hot time certainly.

I used the delivery health that I checked before the trip on the first day in Tokyo stay.
I used delivery health because I had thought it would be a physically hard day. However, I hustled so much that I was more exhausted.
But I had a good time for sure.
I think her technical finger movements and GFE style body to body service showed all good points of Japanese girls.
And a sweet time after cum was a big mental healing that she gave me some massage.

I liked it and kept having Japanese escorts for Fuzoku adult entertainment every day from the next day.
I tried a MILF's mature eroticism and got excited at a very cheap Fuzoku shop called pinsalo (pink salon), too. Finally,
I experienced onakura (onanism club) that my country does not have.

All of the services were creative. They are not only to satisfy sex drive, but also to mix with entertainment elements. All Japanese Fuzoku escort service was really sensational.
GFE in Tokyo Escort
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Tokyo Escort is not just about sexual service and ejaculation.

Some Tokyo Escort has dating service. It is good to use when you want to enjoy GFE outside.
Some foreign men might want dining at good restaurants or a little entertainment at game arcade or amusement spot with pretty girls.
The Tokyo Escort with dating course offer you GFE that you can walk with a pretty girl with no rush.
You can meet the pretty girl at noticeable meeting places in Japan. No need to worry about getting lost.
You can get back to hotel with hand in hand after a date.
Then, you can take a shower with the pretty girl and have a sweet time with her.
You will feel good. Female smooth skin comforts you. And you can have a dirty fun, too.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Massage Tokyo Escort is good when you are tired.

When you come from abroad, you spend a good time watching at unknown scenery in Japan. But you walk in unfamiliar places, so you might be tired at night.

Some men must want whole body massage including your penis.
If you get a dirty mind like that, you can find massage Tokyo Escort.
The Tokyo Escort stimulates exploring your erogenous zones. Some Tokyo Escort develops your unknown erogenous zones for sexual feeling.
There are Tokyo Escort where pretty girls can do more than just touching and licking to men because the Tokyo Escort teaches those pretty girls in good lessons.
Therefore, the sexual feeling better than regular massage shops will be brought to your penis or inside of you anal if you like.
Some Tokyo Escort are not available for foreigners, so you have to check if the Tokyo Escort is foreigner friendly first.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Tokyo Escort offers adult entertainment with a little mature women, too.

Maybe some foreign men want to spend a good time with a little elder pretty girl in Japan.

Adult women are erotic. And many Japanese mature women are pretty enough to fascinate you.
Tokyo Escort is good if you are looking for that service.
Some Tokyo Escort do not accept foreigners, but foreigner friendly Tokyo Escort is increasing, so you can find Tokyo Escort having mature escort ladies.
You can consider well and request if you have certain preference about looks.
Afterwards, you meet her and enjoy a little conversations and your desirable Tokyo Escort.
Tokyo Escort provides service on your nipples and penis of course, and French kisses and tit sex make you feel good.
In soft domination Tokyo Escort, nymphomaniac service turns you on at once.
You can spend a good stimulating time with mature Japanese women.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Casting adult entertainment in Tokyo Escort

When foreign men come to Tokyo, you might think regular sightseeing is not enough.

Perhaps, you want to have some hot fun with pretty girls of your type above all.
You have to pay some money to Tokyo Escort, but you can touch pretty girl's body and get good thing on your penis for sure.
If you image some story, you can tell it to pretty girls and enjoy casting.
How about you are a home teacher, and you and the pretty student do it after a lesson? Or you can spend a dirty time with a nurse at a hospital.
Some Tokyo Escort prepare cosplay costumes, so you can enjoy more realistic.
English ability depends on each pretty girl. If you do not mind language too much, you can choose among more pretty girls.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Tokyo Escort has many agents.
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Tokyo Escort has many sorts of agents.

Therefore, foreign men can try Tokyo Escort matching your mood at the time.
If you want sexual feeling for Tokyo Escort in a bathhouse, you should soapland for adult entertainment.
First, a pretty girl takes your clothes off and flirts with you till you get to the bathroom.
And the pretty girl washes your body with lots of bubbles. She will wash your penis carefully like massage.
You will feel good. Then, she takes you to a bathtub filled hot water. She will stimulate your penis and nipples sticking her body.
Your penis must be hard on in a bliss already.
After that, nurumassage on the mattress starts. Heavenly massage using lots of nurulotion leads you to more ecstasy.
You can go crazy in ecstasy and cum by sumata and so on in the end.
Some Tokyo Escort agents use 'sukebe-isu (shower stool with a u-shape hole in the middle)' for your pleasure in adult entertainment.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Tokyo Escort's sixty-nine is different.

I heard Tokyo Escort in Japan gives much more luxury feeling. I tried with expectation. I found it wonderful that a pretty girl attached her body closely during sixty-nine.

Tokyo Escort was a little different from my imagination. I enjoyed sixty-nine in Tokyo Escort that entertained me with nice sensation of female thighs.
When I was licking her private part hard, she moved her legs and pushed them on my face. So I enjoyed the nice feeling fully.
At the same time, I smelled her nice thighs. The pretty girl fave me an angelic impression with cleanliness for the sweet smell of her private part.
I am tidy, so I had not been for sixty-nine before, but Tokyo Escort changed my sexual propensity.
Now, I rather choose pretty girls in Tokyo Escort for their sixty-nine technique.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Want to have fun with Japanese pretty girl? To Tokyo Escort

I think some of you are tired of sexual time with girls in your countries and want to try those in other countries.

Probably, Japanese naked girls doing dirty things on adult videos Tokyo could turn you on.
If so, you can have fun in Tokyo Escort.
First of all, I can find pretty girls of your type. And you can have those pretty girls entertain you a lot in Tokyo Escort style.
Tokyo Escort makes your whole body feel good with massage or heavy licking so that it refreshes your tiredness by traveling.
Lets' look at each other with pretty girls and taste French kisses and sixty-nine.
It is good to ask at reception if you wish particular service in Tokyo Escort.
It may cost extra optional fee, but you can get more Tokyo Escort fun if you pay that additional fee.
Please enjoy a good time fully.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Tokyo escort stimulates every lines of testicles.

I experienced testicle licking in Tokyo Escort for the first time. This kind of testicle service was rare in my country.

I did not know what kind of sexual feeling it would bring. I was nervous at the first time of testicle licking. It felt so good on the surface beyond my imagination.
The rough feeling of the pretty girl's tongue moved along the links of testicles. I was surprised at that sexual feeling.
I was amazed and thought that was Japanese girls' technique in Tokyo Escort, and I liked the Tokyo Escort service to stimulate testicles using not only her tongue, but also her hands.
I could see the pretty girl never thought her hand could rest while she was giving some sexual feeling.
It was terrific that he pretty girl's earnest service mind aimed to give stimulation on my testicles using Tokyo Escort time to the fullest.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

New escort girl of Tokyo Escort caught my heart with her tongue motion.

I liked heavy licking on my whole body in Tokyo Escort as a service to cherish all over my body. I was surprised at the sexual feeling and the new escort girl's technique.

Although she was not used to sexual feeling service, she sucked my whole body affectionately. I think this devoted service of Tokyo Escort is very Japanese.
I heard pretty escort girls work hard to get repeaters. As she licked my whole body so good, I wanted to recommend my friends, too.
I liked heavy licking from the side to the nipples. It was a nice surprise for me that my side is an erogenous zone.
At the same time, it is also good I could see how the pretty girl moved her tongue in the close distance when she was licking my side.
Just looking at her tongue motion to cause visual excitement told me Tokyo Escort matches me.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Tokyo Escort can manage a wide range of services.

I had an opportunity to go to Japan. My friend recommended me to try Tokyo Escort.

I went to Tokyo. Like I had heard, there were various Tokyo Escort.
I was told I should choose Tokyo Escort matching my desirable escort service.
They can manage a wide range of requests, such as massage, domination, cosplay, casting, GFE and so on.
There are Escort in foreign countries, too. But I am afraid that does not have variety like Tokyo Escort.
Also, foreign escort gives an impression of rush to do the flow and finish the service quickly.
However, Tokyo Escort in Japan asked me which part I felt good.
Is nipple good? Do you like tickling on the back? What do you want me to do on your penis? Tokyo Escort gave various stimulation like those.
Tokyo Escort does not finish service until the end of the session time, so you can have lots of fun.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

The good points about Tokyo Escort

I can say Tokyo Escort by Japanese pretty girls is very nice and comfortable.

You cannot expect Japanese omotenashi culture with hospitality to customers in many other foreign countries. Quite a few escort girls do not think about detailed caring service.
Therefore, they just think making men ejaculate within the session time. So it often happens that rubbing male genital takes the most part of the session.
However, Japanese escort girls turns men on through sense of visual and with their words, too.
Even if massage on male genital is slow, men can be excited at nipple licking or a dirty foxy look.
Sophisticated Japanese escort girls as in Tokyo Escort know what turns most men on.
Therefore, you can enter in any Tokyo Escort and let the pretty escort girls lead. Then, you can have an erotic fulfilling time in Japan.
Tokyo Escort trains their pretty girls, so they have high-level service mind.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

I enjoyed it with my dream busty girl with lolita-face in Tokyo Escort.

In my country, you can hardly find a girl with big breasts and lolita face.

But I find everywhere as soon as I arrived Japan.
The unbalanced combination of baby face and big breasts of Japanese girls in a town satisfies our eyes.
Moreover, there are many ideal girls in Tokyo Escort.
"Baby face! Big breasts!" I repeated these two keywords and asked Tokyo Escort to arrange an escort girl of my type.
First of all, we started hot kisses.
During the kiss, I handed to her big breasts naturally. The softness beyond my imagination drove me crazy.
I unclothed her and pulled her big breasts out of her brassier to such them.
She gave a gentle look on me sucking her big breasts avidly.
She sometimes moaned in lovely voice, sometimes pet my head gently, or held me tight. It was a real bliss.
In the end, I ejaculated by titty wank (breast sex) using her nice big boobs certainly.
It was so good that I jet massively. My sperm jet to her pretty face.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

My first Tokyo Escort made a great memory.

Tokyo Escort is safe to enjoy in Japan that is famous for its safety.

My first Tokyo Escort was 2 years ago.
I used in-call health. I requested a slender escort girl with black hair.
The reason of the request was the most Japanese looks and mood.
I met the pretty escort girl and did feel that I was going to having a steamy time with Japanese pretty girl.
The Tokyo Escort entertained me with service and hospitality like first class stores or hotels.
But she was not businesslike, which was good.
She was sometimes sweet and adorable, and sometimes wild and hot. I saw her many attractive aspects as a woman.
Above all, her service was really good.
Deep kisses was not only passionate, but also skillfully stimulating using her mouth in my mouth.
This oral technique worked well for whole body licking and blowjob, too. I had a great time.
After the session, she missed our time and sent me off politely. I could have a very nice memory totally.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Have Tokyo Escort on the insomnia night

I traveled to Tokyo on business trip a short time ago.

I got an insomnia at the accommodated hotel in an unfamiliar place.
I called in Tokyo Escort hoping the service would make me sleep.
It was midnight, and I had no clue about the area. Outcall was helpful.
I heard there is a big demand for not only in-call or real stores, but also outcall like this delivery health in Japan.
I told her I could not sleep. Then, she offered massage to make me relax and sleep.
She flexed my back and lower back. Head spa and facial massage were given, too. It felt nice.
That was not all. Tokyo Escort gave sexual feeling on my erotic parts after that.
When nipple massage started, I thought it was just caring massage.
My peanas got hard on gradually. She flexed testicles and made it even bigger.
She made me cum in the end with hand job. I ejaculated all frustration and could sleep tight.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

I have been interested in Tokyo Escort.

I moved to Tokyo recently. Because I have heard Tokyo Escort is great, I was interested and tried.

Since I was in Japan, I wanted to do a very Japanese thing. I went to Tokyo Escort for school uniform cosplay.
I heard their escort girls are young. The pretty escort girl on the day looked like a real high school girl.
She said 20 years old, but Japanese girls look younger than real age. I was very pleased at the service by such a pretty girl.
The casting story was I was a dirty teacher giving personal lesson to a pretty school girl after classes.
When she said "I do not know, Sensei.", I wanted to bully her saying "Why don't you understand?"
I enjoyed touching her breasts and underwear asking if she could memorize with that punishment.
It was entertaining. Time passed by so quickly.
I would love to repeat.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Emotional Tokyo Escort
January 23, 2016 6:00 PM | [Emotional Tokyo Escort]Permalink

I often go to Tokyo on business trip because I work for Japanese company.

I have often heard Japanese escort girls are wonderful with service mind.
I was interested in and tried Tokyo Escort. It was impressive as I had heard.
Tokyo Escort has various services. I requested casting (image play) new to me.
The situation was a naughty nurse examined me.
She wore pink nurse uniform and white stockings.
I was already turned on watching that. She drove me crazy with touches all over my body asking if I felt ill.
She whispered into my ears, touched my nipples, and teased my groin, too.
No one had touched me in that caring and tender manner. It was also nice she had fun.
She was glad at my very big penis (she said so!) and sucked happily. I gave emotionally cheers.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Foreigner friendly Tokyo Escort is increasing relatively.

I came to Japan once more than 10 years ago.

I searched Tokyo Escort, but I remember there were less foreigner friendly Tokyo Escort.
But Tokyo Escort welcomed me when I traveled to Japan for work the other day.
I searched in Tokyo and had an impression foreigner friendly Tokyo Escort is increasing much more compared to 10 years ago.
I went to Tokyo Escort with a real store. There were not only Japanese, but also foreigners in the waiting room.
I felt secure at the scene.
I called in advance this time. The Tokyo Escort arranged an English speaking escort girl.
The escort girl told me she can speak English because she lived abroad for several years.
She said she is happy to have English conversation as foreign guests often come.
I asked questions to embarrass her, such as how to say dirty words in English. had a great time.
Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
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[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

An incident in Tokyo Escort
January 22, 2016 6:00 PM | [ An incident in Tokyo Escort]Permalink

I traveled to Japan several years ago.

I had been interested in that country, and I liked it during the safe stay because of their good security.
I have been traveling there a couple of times since then. And I tried my first Tokyo Escort the other day.
I go to escort in my country, too. But I liked Tokyo Escort in Japan more to be honest.
I was surprised at Tokyo Escort bowing with the words "Thank you very much for coming today."
The girl helped me to take clothes off and led me inviting a shower with her.
I thought she was polite and caring. But I was more surprised at her washing my body.
She did not rub my body with a towel. She scooped bubbles in her hands and washed my body like petting or massage.

My private part grew gradually. I was embarrassed because she washed it gently, too.
I wanted to tease her because she blushed while she washed my private part.
I touched her breasts and private part to make her feel good in the bath tub for a little sweet revenge.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
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Advanced inquiry to Tokyo Escort
January 21, 2016 6:00 PM | [Advanced inquiry to Tokyo Escort]Permalink

My foreign friend comes to Tokyo regularly.
He came to Tokyo the other day. He is as dirty as I am. He asked me to introduce a girl.
We checked several websites of Tokyo Escorts from PC in my home.
He seemed to find a nice girl. "I like this girl." I called to ask if the Tokyo Escort accepts foreigners.
Some Tokyo Escort agents say foreigner welcomed on their official websites, but other Tokyo Escort agents do not say so.
It does not mean all of them are not available.
The Tokyo Escort I called the other day did not say anything on their website.

I told them we would like to go after a couple of hours. Then the staff said welcome and an English speaking escort girl would be available at that time.
My friend was pleased he had a great session and conversation with that English speaking escort girl.
Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
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Tokyo Escort. Advanced question. Type of girls.

I have a good friend in a foreign country.

He traveled to Japan once in several years.
I get days off and show him around in Japan on that time.
We always do sightseeing in daytime and go for Tokyo Escort at night.
At first, we did not make a reservation and jumped into some Tokyo Escort.
But we often had to wait without a reservation. We thought it was a waste of time.
Thus, we make an early reservation recently.
I want my friend to enjoy Tokyo Escort with a girl of his type when he comes. I ask him which girl he likes.
He can access to Tokyo Escort websites in his country. I let him look profile photos and so on to tell me which girl is favorable.
When he decide the date to come to Japan. I call Tokyo Escort and ask if the girl would be available for a temporary reservation.
He always tells me his trip date earlier. Thanks to it, I can book ea
Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
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Good way to enjoy Tokyo Escort
January 20, 2016 6:00 PM | [Good way to enjoy Tokyo Escort]Permalink

I hope you to try all generations of Japanese escort girls in Tokyo Escort.

Please enjoy the cuteness of young girls fully.
Originally, Japanese girls look young, so you may feel as if you were doing dirty things to a very young girl.
Besides, you will feel more sinful reality if you have the escort girl wear a high school uniform, sailor style uniform.
And mature women are good in Tokyo Escort that are contrary to young girls.
You can enjoy mature erotic female body and techniques to please men that they have practiced in their life experience.
Because they make you feel good for sure with their pin-point techniques, you will not miss pleasure.
Moreover, it is a matter of course you are made to cum many times unintentionally. If you have too much sex drive, you should nominate them.
You can have plenty of candidates of both types in Tokyo Escort.
Please have a dreaming time with the dream woman.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Japanese original adult entertainment in Tokyo Escort

I hope you to experience Japanese original service very much in Tokyo Escort.

More and more specialty Tokyo Escort shops open to correspond to various sexual propensities of men in the world recently.
For example, hand job Tokyo Escort. This service is rare in foreign countries. This Tokyo Escort is to make you ejaculate by hand job.
In fact, it is a very deep entertainment to experience.
In addition to hand job, you can ask the escort girl to wear your favorable costume or casting for your ideal situation. The hand job will be more turn-on.
For example, if you come to Japan hoping to meet Japanese girl, please enjoy the casting situation a girl urges.
Moreover, you can use options like kisses, whole body licking, lingerie service, or topless service, you can have a hotter CFNM experience.
This adult entertainment is specific to Japanese Tokyo Escort specialized to hand job. Please try it.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Girls in Tokyo Escort are kind and super technicians.

Each Tokyo Escort had fancy and original exteriors.

Thus, I hesitated to enter. But I really wanted to enjoy an erotic time with Japanese girl, so I decided to call in Tokyo Escort to my accommodating hotel.
Tokyo Escort in a hotel rather feels home ground of me to have fun.
Moreover, the escort girl and I were by ourselves. It was a satisfactory time beyond expectation that I could have not only escort service, but also fun conversation.
To be honest, it was not easy to talk because my Japanese was very very basic, and her English was not fluent at all.
But we could communicate and got close to each other while we exchanged languages using body language.
In the service, she exercised her small body to the fullest. It felt very nice, and I felt affection more and more.
She made me feel very good for sure. As I hustled and ejaculated three times, I cannot say it was not satisfactory.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Want to choose Tokyo Escort for its performance

I experienced casting for the first time in Tokyo Escort that is known for its GFE. Japanese girls are actresses. I was surprised in Tokyo Escort.

I am into a little domination. I like being sadistic or masochistic. I chose a story of humiliation and molestation.
Escort girls showed great performance as if it had been real. It was excellent we could be loud in love hotel using and in-call Tokyo Escort.
We are not supposed to do things escort girls really do not want, but I like wild situations like using options, such as pantyhose tearing.
We can have counseling before the session in Tokyo Escort, so the session can be real to the end, which is a great entertainment.
Casting can be a turn-off at once when you realize the escort girl play businesslike. I made a very good choice of this Tokyo Escort.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Escort girls in Tokyo Escort surprise us with their breast size.

I had thought all Japanese girls are small, but I was surprised at a very busty girl in Tokyo Escort when I was looking for an escort girl to nominate.

I thought she could not watch her feet because her breasts were so big. I wanted to touch the breasts with my hands in real.
I am glad at I tried Tokyo Escort because I had never got excited so much. I was really excited before she appeared.
The escort girl was good at service making good use of her big breasts. In Paizuri (Titty fuck), she did not push my penis, but wrapped my penis up gently.
Just looking at her act to move her breast gently to wrap up my penis was a surprisingly big visual excitement.
I had not had adult entertainment with lots of surprises like that. Each technique fascinated me.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515
・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)

Even a request for a mature escort girl in the late 50's was easy in Tokyo Escort.

I was surprised at Tokyo Escort. A request for a very mature escort girl was available. You can enjoy Tokyo Escort service by an escort girl nearly 60's.

In my country, most men are not for mature women. The oldest escort girls were in the late 30's. So men for mature women like me are sorry.
However, you can request mature escort girls in the 50's in Tokyo Escort as much as you want. It was wonderful to find many escort experts improved sexual feeling technique.
I had thought blowjob is about same with anyone, but BJ by mature women were much better.
I really enjoyed super erotic sucking BJ. I am very happy at my visit Tokyo Escort.
I recommend you to request an experienced and erotic mature escort lady in Tokyo Escort if you like mature women.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/concept.php|
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[Facebook] www.facebook.com/japanese.girls.club

Let's enjoy the powder texture fully in Tokyo Escort.

Even if you have enjoyed the escort service using nurulotion in foreign countries, you will be surprised at powder play in Tokyo Escort.

Powder for sexual feeling play is to enjoy the smooth feeling as well as nurulotion. But powder can be used as slip resistance, too.
When powder is adopted in nipple tease, the smooth feeling aroused sexual feeling, and a little slip resistance effect made the fingers pinch the nipples well. It was excellent.
I felt it was a new sexual feeling play, and you can expect amazing hand technique in Tokyo Escort using powder.
Just petting on the surface of buttocks feels very dirty with the combination of female hands and powder. You should experience it.
You should have visual excitement with staring female finger movement well in that Tokyo Escort.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
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Tokyo Escort has many maternal women.

It is not rare a lonely foreign man in Japan gets a homesick because he cannot go back to his home country for a while.

Tokyo Escort's advantage is to heal those lonely men with their motherhood. The service style you can behave like a spoiled boy is popular.
Many men improved their homesick in Tokyo Escort service to enjoy motherhood from escort girls fully, such as petting on the head during sucking female breasts.
When you enjoy maternal Tokyo Escort, I recommend you not only to request an escort girl of your type, but also to add cosplay.
Because you can have homely cosplay like you behave like a spoiled boy in front of a woman with an apron, you should choose costume carefully.
Escort girls in Tokyo Escort try talking gently. It is good you can stay as a spoiled boy throughout the session.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
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Soft SM in Tokyo Escort impresses even foreign men.

Foreign gentlemen from the countries where SM play means hard session are often impressed at soft SM in Tokyo Escort.

The play style, such as dirty talk with a little torture like pinching your cheek or body, gains high reputation from SM beginners regardless of nationalities.
There are quite a few Tokyo Escorts with English spoken escort girls. Dirty talk in fluent English is possible. Your masochistic sexual feeling will be aroused more and more.
When a foreign man comes to Japan, or he takes a friend from his country that does not speak Japanese, the dirty talk in soft SM is good to enjoy.
Soft SM is a hot Tokyo Escort even beginners can enjoy.
Tokyo Escort prepare sex toys with less heat and pain for wax play and whipping to beginners. You do not have to worry about traces on your body very much.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
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Comfort Tokyo Escort makes your whole body healed.

Tokyo Escort with massage service heals exhausted foreigners after long transportation to come to Japan.

The massage is not just for sexual feeling, but also finger pressure massage based on Oriental wisdom. You will be surprised at the ecstasy.
Especially in winter, massage makes you happy with warmness on your whole body as hyperthermia effect by lymph circulation improvement.
Many foreign men say Tokyo Escort was the first one to release not only long trip fatigue, but also mental fatigue.
Sexual feeling service differs a lot in each country, so many men are surprised at Tokyo Escort focuses on healing so much.
Quite a few men tried prostate massage for the first time and got addicted to the orgasm with no touch on the penis at once.
You can make an erotic memory in Tokyo Escort with various services.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Japan Kanto Tokyo and Kansai Osaka
Elite Escort You've Never Had Before

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
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The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours information

The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you a prosperous 2016 filled with health, happiness and success.

The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours are as follows: 

31.Dec : 9:00am open - 8:00 pm closed

01.Jan :  Closing day

02.Jan : Regular Hours 9:00am - Next 5:00 am last call

Note: New Year Special Price 1,000yen will be added through 02.Jan to 03.Jan

We appreciate many customers who used our service this year.

We, all staffs, will do our best for your satisfaction in the new year.

Thank you in advance.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued patronage in the year 2016.

Japanese Escort Girls Club

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515  | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)

[Nationwide] //japanese-escort-girls.com/
[skype] japanesescortgirlsclub












比喻"保健" "沙龙" "情趣角色" "SM","M性感","手交""性感按摩","痴女"





























Wish you have a wonderful time in Tokyo.

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515 

     International 81.3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).


【What's New In Tokyo: Star Wars Movie Theater Tokyo 】

Hello gentlemen! Are you ready & naughty for the hot night(s)? Here is the hot news that you can enjoy Tokyo Life! Of course you are always welcome to use our service for entire nights and sleep during the day :D Enjoy Tokyo with our escort girls tonight!

**Please notice that the dates and locations might change.



There is new Star Wars "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" or スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒 in Japanese is coming up on December 18th 2015 in Japan. Lets see how Disney makes Star WaFor the gamers, SW also sells "Star Wars Battle Front" on Nov.19 which developed by DICE, EA Digital Illusions CE, of FPS and BF4. Unlimited "Erotic" powerrrr!




【Delivery Fee to the hotel and residence】

Free: Shinagawa-ku. 1000JPY: Minato-ku,Meguro-ku,Ota-ku (Omori Area),Shibuya-ku (South of Ebisu.) 2000JPY(75mins minimum):  Ota-ku (South of Omori),Chuo-ku,Shibuya-ku (Around Shibuya Sta.) ,Setagaya-ku (South of Tamagawa Street) 3000JPY(plus 90mins minimum): Chiyoda-ku,Shinjuku-ku),Ota-ku (Haneda),Minato-ku (Odaiba),Setagaya-ku (North of Tamagawa Street) ,Takatsu-ku,Nakahara-ku,Saiwai-ku,Kawasaki-ku.  ※Delivery starts from minimum of 90mins for residences.




We have good Tokyo Escrot Girls!!

Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).





我们是日本Japanese Escort Girls Club











生舔 &口内喷射






如果您住宿于酒店,(公务酒店 情人酒店 )备有公寓。


告诉我们酒店房间或公寓号码名字,利用时间 项目,指名小姐。










为了随时能和您取得联系,请您使用日本的电话和带有wi-fi 电话









High class Escrot in Tokyo.

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).

What's New In Tokyo: Halloween Roppongi 2015

"Halloween Event in Roppongi"


Almost Halloween time! Are you getting ready with your costume of this year?


There is lots of club in Roppongi and Shibuya but Roppongi is probably the hotest spot for Halloween.

You might feel naughty after watching those Japanese girls in sexy costumes.

Don't forget to give your candy to the naughty girls, they will lick it well ;)

How does Japanese Escort Girls Club work?

You will have a Girl Friend Experience with our Japanese girls
(without sexual intercourse, providing sex is illegal in Japan).

Girls will dress just the way you want. Play you with sex toys, with just the one you need & just the way you like.

You will happily end as your lust; in her hand, in her thighs, in her mouth, finish as you wish.
Would you like to take our girls out for dinner, shopping, sightseeing maybe? Please do, enjoy your stay in Japan with our girls.

We are most willing "to be part of your memory making in Japan" with the spirit of OMOTENASHI.



【Transportation Fee to Roppongi  MInato area】

To Roppongi, or Minatoku, delivery fee is 1000JPY.

To Shinagawa-ku is free delivery fee.

High class Escrot in Tokyo.

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).

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Japanese Escort Girls Club in Tokyo

Reservation : 03.5793.1515(+81)

Open : 12:00 pm - 5:00 am (Last call)

High Escort Japanese Lesson: Lesson in Bed 【ありがとう】

Thank you so much for using us always.


For the first timers, thank you so much for visiting our website.


For all of your Jr., please wait for a moment, we will definitely provide a gorgeous sexy girl so your happy ending is almost there ;) Our services are located in Tokyo or Osaka.


Most of our customers are living in the area, visiting for business or sightseeing. Very few are coming to Osaka and Tokyo just for our service; I was actually surprised that there is people stop by the town just to see the escort girls and even repeating for more at the first time, but now I think it is worth it. Most customers are going around the city of Tokyo/Osaka. So why not learn some Japanese, especially Japanese in bed. It will be fun and also make you more attractive. You can also use the sentences with your Japanese girlfriend ;)

Today's word is Arigato, or Thank You in Japanese.


          Kyou wa tottemo tanoshikatta desu, Arigato.

(Thank you today was a lot of fun.)

Konya wa tottemo tanoshikatta desu, Arigato.

(Thank you, tonight was a lot of fun.)

          Arigato, Kimochi-ii desu.

          (Thank you, it feels great.)

Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515 (+81)

Booking by phone only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).


High Escort Japanese Lesson: Lesson in Bed 【可愛い / かわいい】

Thank you so much for using us always.


For the first timers, thank you so much for visiting our website. For all of your Jr., please wait and hold for a moment, we will definitely provide a gorgeous sexy girl so your happy ending is almost there ;) Our services are located in Tokyo and Osaka. Most of our customers are living in the area, visiting for business or sightseeing.


Very few are coming to Osaka and Tokyo just for our service; I was actually surprised that there is people stop by the town just to see the escort girls and even repeating for more at the first time, but now I think it is worth it. Most customers are going around the city of Tokyo/Osaka. So why not learn some Japanese, especially Japanese in bed. It will be fun and also make you more attractive. You can also use the sentences with your Japanese girlfriend ;)


Today's word is Kawaii, or cute/pretty in Japanese.

If you have either a Japanese girlfriend or female friends, you probably have heard this ward at least thousand times :D Sorry we love this word! This is probably the most favorite word of Japanese girls.



          Anata wa tottemo Kawaii desu! (You are so pretty)

          Nante Kawaii nodesyou! (How pretty you're!)

          Konnani Kawaii Jyosei wo mitakoto ga arimasen! (I've never seen such a pretty woman like you!)

          Anata ga tottemo Kawaii node doki-doki shimasu.  (My heart is beating hard because you are very pretty)



Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515(+81)

・Booking by phone only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).








Tokyo Escort Girls: GFE Service Complimentary & Option of the Week (6)

Thank you so much for using us always.


We always want you to use our service to the fullest, added lots of complementary no-extra charge services!


Such as "Wash your body and nuru massage" "Girl goes naked" "Kiss & French kiss" "You can touch the naked girl's body" "Heavy licking service give and receive" "Blow job with condom (w/o condom is available as the option service)" "Prostate massage (some escort girls are unqualified)""Testicle massage and suck""Sumata""Sweet time with gorgeous naked girl" Those are all basic service! No Extra costs what so ever!


For who needs extra service, here is our option! "Blow Job without condom and cum in her mouth" "Enjoy Rotor to use for each other""Take-home Panty""Take-home a panty hose""Golden Shower""Rimming(Receive from girl only)" Those are available as options!




【Heavy Licking Service: Receive and Giving】

Naughty Service of the week goes...... Heavy Licking Service! She is going down down down wow wow♪


Our escort girls serves to please you with her tongue, lick the top to bottom of your body. Before and After kissing on your lips, go to kiss your ears, necks, nipples, nipples and nipples...circle around and NO she will not stop here sorry, going down down down to enjoy the taste of your body before BJ. You can do the same to her if that is your fantasy. Let's enjoy Japanese girls soften skins. Eat her while she happily screams. This is the one of the True SEXY girlfriend experience, erotic moment with the sensual pleasure.


Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Service. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515(+81)

・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).







Tokyo Hot Spot for High Escorts: Roppongi Hills

We cannot talk about Tokyo Night Life without "Roppongi."


Especially Roppongi Hills is the most popular place to hang out during the day and night. There is Mori Art Museum, MORI Arts Center Gallery, Tokyo City View, TOHO Cinemas, Grand Hyatt TOKYO, Roppongi Hills Arena, TV-Asahi, J-Wave 81.3FM Radio and more!


Mori Art Museumis open late at night for the public. Modern arts, fashions, architectures, design, photography, artistic videos etc. 【Mori Arts Center GalleryLocating Roppongi Hils Mori Tower 52nd floor. Manga, Anime, Movie, Fashion etc.

Tokyo City ViewYou can see the one of the best view in Tokyo from the observation deck in the heart of Tokyo night scene. It is a great spot for spending your time with girls.


TOHO CinemasAll digital. They are always showing the newest movies. Popcorn... yes cannot watch movie without that.


Grand Hyatt TokyoOne of our customer's favorite hotels in Minato-ku. Ten restaurants and bars are providing great foods, drinks and their hospitalities.


Asahi Television (TV Asahi) & J Wave 91.3FM Radioare also located in Roppongi Hills.



Almost a month to go for the Halloween in Roppongi 2015!

Wooo Cannot wait to see the sexy cosplay on the street of Roppongi!


Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515 (+81)

・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM)





Tokyo Escort Girls: GFE Service Complimentary & Option of the Week (5)

Thank you so much for using us always.


We always want you to use our service to the fullest, added lots of complementary no-extra charge services!


Such as "Wash your body and nuru massage" "Girl goes naked" "Kiss & French kiss" "You can touch the naked girl's body" "Heavy licking service give and receive" "Blow job with condom (w/o condom is available as the option service)" "Prostate massage (some escort girls are unqualified)""Testicle massage and suck""Sumata""Sweet time with gorgeous naked girl" Those are all basic service! No Extra costs what so ever!


For who needs extra service, here is our option! "Blow Job without condom and cum in her mouth" "Enjoy Rotor to use for each other""Take-home Panty""Take-home a panty hose""Golden Shower""Rimming(Receive from girl only)" Those are available as options!



Blow Job


Naughty Service of the week goes...... Blow Job!


Welcome to the candy shop♪ Now ready to ship the girls!


Happy News, provide BJ as service is NOT illegal in Japan! Our girls offer you a BJ that you never experienced before. Even you are not a big fun of BJ, you have to try! Blow Job with condom is our complementary service, no extra cost. We also provide BJ without condom as an option, BBBJ, or Bare Back Blow Job. You can cum in Japanese Girl's small mouth. She is more than happy to get you and your Jr. happy endings. Failure Is Not Our Option. You will definitely going to the moon, I mean, MOAN


Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Service. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club, Tokyo


Phone: 03.5793.1515 (+81)

Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).







Seven Questionnaires of High Profile Customers

We send our gorgeous high class escort girls.

Here is Questions & Answers:



Q1Are all your girls Japanese?? I used a similar service but with different shop in Tokyo, they said they sent a Japanese girl but she definitely was not!

A1Sorry for your experience with other shops. I know if you live in Japan for while or you have good eyes, you can easily tell if the girls are either real Japanese girls or Non-Japanese who can just SPEAK Japanese. Yes our girls are all Japanese we won't let you down here.



Q2Is this legal or illegal? Am I getting any trouble??

A2This is the legal service in Japan. What we listed on our website is 100% truth. Our company, or The Kinryu Group, is following the Japanese Law legally so you will not get any troubles nor have to worry by using our services.


Q3I am afraid of bring her to my 5 star hotel.

A3We send out our girls to the upscale hotels daily. We have the hotel lists all over Japan including the security information in case of the hotel needs a card key to use their elevator or not etc. If we find out that the hotel has not accept a girl to enter or difficult to enter, we will tell you right away to save your time and the girl's. Our girls are classy and well dressed. If you wish, we also do offer a rendezvous option that you can meet up with our escort girls in our meeting point. (Tokyo: Front of the Yoshinoya in Gotanda // Osaka: Front of Pachinko Taiyo near Nipponbashi Station.)


Q4I don't want my co-worker or my boss to know.

A4The Kinryu Group has the high security system and all the staffs are well-trained to protect your privacy information with care, not just for the high profile customers but for the all of our Japanese and foreigner customers.



Q5Can I use plastic here?

A5Yes, we accept Visa, Master and AMEX. The credit card transaction company, Star Payment Inc., will process the credit card so it comes as the transaction company name on your credit card history.  It will be added 15% on top of the total price as Transaction fee.


Q6Can I get a receipt?

A6Yes Of Cause. Japanese business men often use this kind of service as their Settai, or to entertain their big customers, so we are prepared and able to issue a receipt on the name of a restaurant. Please request the receipt when you make the reservation.



Q7I'm afraid if the girl has any diseases.

A7All of our girls has a requirement to pass the mandatory STD and HIV test by the doctors REGULARY. Again our company is 100% legal that you can trust our service.



Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).







What's New In Tokyo: Hotel Okura Tokyo Closed Down

After fifty three years of their history, our customers' favorite hotel, Hotel Okura, closed down their business of the main building on August 31st 2015.


This historical hotel opened 2 years before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Since then, the hotel and their unforgettable hospitality caught not only the Japanese customers heart but also the customers from all over the world.


The site of the 11-story edifice will be converted into the two of the new hotels, 16-story & 41-story buildings, to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The south building of the Hotel Okura is still remain open.



We also visited this hotel, had great memories with our customers.

All of these wonderful memories were started from here, this hotel and their great hospitalities. These memories will never erase from our heart.



Even though the memorable building is closed down, these unforgettable times will stay in our heart forever.

Since they are going to build the two towers, we wish lots of our customers are going back to use the hotels and wish you all to re-create great memories with the new buildings once they reopen in few years!



【Location】 ※The beautiful main-building is no longer exist. It WAS located in 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

【JEGC Transportation Fee】The transportation fee to Minato-ku area is 1000yen.




Have a wonderful erotic night!

100% Legal Services. All the girls passed the mandatory STD and HIV tests regularly.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone call only (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).











私たちは「Japanese Escort Girls Club」 と申します。





このJapanese Escort Girs Club をスタートしました。

もちろん、日本のデリヘルと同じで、 100% 法に基づき運営しております!!






日本は昔から風俗産業が盛んであり、現在の法律では「本番行為」 が禁止されておりますので、



















JEGC 03.5793.1515(+81) 


HIgh Class Escort In Tokyo
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Do you know the easy and the cheapest way to get BJ from hot high level sexy girls in Tokyo?

Are you still following The Game by Pickup legend Neil Strauss?

His way might work successfully in the western countries but let me tell you the best way to get a girl, even girls, who have wonderful BJ techniques to your hotel in Japan. Just call the escort service! Wait please don't leave the page yet.

You might want to have a girl who is not a professional, maybe you just want to try pickup girls from bar, then go for it.

Usually Japanese high class escort girls do have regular job or school during the daytime and you will surprise some girls do have high education and look classy.


Highly recommend the escort service to you if your main goal is get the beautiful Japanese girl with well manner,

great hospitality and the great techniques(Blow Job, Sumata, Nuru massage...etc) that you cannot experience outside of Japan.

Because you do not want to put yourself into those situations where: You NANPA a nice easy going girl but cannot even have proper conversations; no body languages even. She and her friends just want you to pay for their drinks.


She might be dead lay. She was he. These things will happen after all the hard work you done to pick up the girls and used of time and/or money.

Just call for a girl to come to your place to give you the fun hot instead. Don't waste your neither time nor money, have a fun with a high class girl when you want it.


Enjoy the hot sexy night with a beautiful Japanese girl before or after the fireworks!

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. 9:00AM - 5:00AM).

・ Inquiries >> "customer service" (24 hrs.)



Tokyo Escort Girls: GFE Service Complimentary & Option of the Week (1)

Thank you so much for using us always.

We always want you to use our service to the fullest, added lots of complementary no-extra charge services!

Such as "Wash your body and nuru massage" "Girl goes naked" "Kiss & French kiss" "You can touch the girl's body" "Heavy licking service give and receive" "Blow job with condom" "Prostate massage(some escort girls are unqualified)""Testicle massage and suck""Sumata""Sweet time with gorgeous naked girl" Those are all basic service! No Extra costs!

For who need extra service here is our option! "Blow Job without condom and cum in her mouth" "Enjoy Rotor to use for each other""Cosplay""Take-home Panty""Take-home a panty hose""Golden Shower""Rimming(Receive from girl only)" Those are available as options!


Naughty Service of the Week: Nuru Massage Body Wash

Naughty Service of the week goes......The Nuru Massage Body Wash!


The traditional Nuru Massage is a Japanese soapland service that has satisfied Japanese guys for decades and today it is ready to introduce to the world class gentlemen! "Nuru" means "Slippery" in Japanese, and the gel definitely lives up to its name. The consistency of the Nuru massage gel is much thicker than regular oils. Once the wonderful massage gel is applied, the skin feels silky and smooth. And a sexy Japanese naked girl slides her body onto your body. You feel her warmness and soft skin, too. This sensation lasts for a long time to extend the relaxation of massages. You can also have this exotic massage in your shower room in your home or hotel.

Have a wonderful erotic night!

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. 9:00AM - 5:00AM).

・ Inquiries >> "customer service" (24 hrs.)


Tokyo Escort Girls Presents: Events For Up Coming Week. Week of Aug.2nd to 8th. 2015

How day All Gentle men! Are you ready & naughty for the hot night(s)?

Here are events for you to enjoy in Tokyo! Of course you are always welcome to use our service for entire nights and sleep during the day :D

**Please notice that the dates and locations might change.

This week, we picked up lots of fireworks events! Don't ask what the fireworks are for. Usually the fireworks events are just for FIREWORKS! It is very culturally important for Japanese people. There is great street food, cute girls with summer kimono, and beautiful fireworks. Enjoy!

【Edogawa-ku Fireworks Festival 2015】

Date: Aug.1. 2015

Location: Edogawa-ku

Girl's Delivery Fee (to the hotel around this area): N/A please comeback to Shinagawa-ku for the free delivery fee service.

【Hachi Ouji Fireworks Festival 2015】

Date: Aug.1. 2015

Location: Hachiouji

Girl's Delivery Fee (to the hotel around this area): N/A please comeback to Shinagawa-ku for  the free delivery fee service.


【Koto-ku Fireworks Festival 2015】

Date: Aug.4. 2015

Location: Koto-ku

Girl's Delivery Fee (to the hotel around this area): N/A please comeback to Shinagawa-ku for  the free delivery fee service.

【Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival 2015】

Date: Aug.8. 2015

Location: Tokyo Bay

Girl's Delivery Fee (to the hotel around this area): Chuo-ku Area 2000yen, Minato-ku Area 1000yen.

Enjoy the hot sexy night with a beautiful Japanese girl before or after the fireworks!

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515  // (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. 9:00AM - 5:00AM).

・ Inquiries >> "customer service" (24 hrs.)


Meet Your Japanese Escort Girls In Tokyo!

Are you alone in your hotel tonight? Our sexy girls will escort you and make your Tokyo night

more exciting and enjoyable!

Do you like hot girl? Young girl? Sexy girl? Naughty girl? Or Kawaii girl?

How about fit girl? Busty girl? Long hair girl? Girl with very nice sexy legs?!


Are you the one Lost in Translation at the Hyatt? The sexiness & hot night is the world's

equal human body launguage! Westin? Hilton? Imperial? Prince? Marriot? You name it! Our

classy escort girls will fill your needs tonight at your hotel.

You will satisfy after the great night with the hot Japanese girls with great Japanese


Runway from the humidity and let's have a great activity with the hottest girl at your hotel

room instead. We also provide the rendezvous service at our meeting­points, if you are

sharing the hotel with someone or simply uncomfortable invite girls over to your hotel. She

will help you entering the Love­Hotel together. The Japanese girl will escort you to the very

naughty side of Tokyo!

100% Legal Service of Japan.

Don't be tardy for the naughty.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo

Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. 9:00AM ­ 5:00AM).

Inquiries >> "customer service" (24 hrs.)

GFE: Take Panty Away From Japanese Girl

GFE, or Girl Friend Experience, with Japanese girls is lots of fun but if you can keep her panty in hand, you can enjoy even more after she goes back home!



Have you heard about the used panty vending machine in Akihabara? When I heard about "Japan's used panty vending machine," I was not even surprised the fact it exists.

Reason 1: Japan used to had stores that sells young girls' used underwear and used Japanese school uniforms long time ago.

Reason 2: Japan has high tech vending machines that you feel pretty comfortable putting 1,000yen bill(No need to shake the poor vending machines neither.)

Reason 3: Healthy Japanese guys are naughty & nerdy.


Unfortunately some of thoses used panties are manufactgured to apper used, but it is clear that those used underwear kept entertaining Japanese guys for decades now.


How those Japanese guys going to use the used panty at home?

Panty fun 1: Wear it on your head.

Panty fun 2: Wear it to enjoy the tight girl's panty.

Panty fun 3: Smell the panty and dream about the girl at night.<- Recommended!


Our store do have panty option, unfortunately not from the hentai vending machine but the girl can strip just for you and you take her panty home as your souvenir. Some of you might have a problem bring it home but if you can find the place to hide the tiny panty. This is a great way to invest the 1000yen to enjoy the night at your home. That way you do not feel lonely after the fun time with the girlfriend experience.


Don't miss Japanese unique night entertainment !!

If you have a time..... Feel Free Cal us 03.5793.1515(+81)

AM 9:00 - Next mornig (Last call)AM  5:00 


High Class Escort servis  in Tokyo

Japanese Escort Girls Club





Meet Your Japanese Escort Girls In Tokyo!

Are you alone in your hotel tonight? Our sexy girls will escort you and make your Tokyo night more exciting and enjoyable!


Do you like hot girl? Young girl? Sexy girl? Naughty girl? Or Kawaii girl?

How about fit girl? Busty girl? Long hair girl? Girl with very nice sexy legs?!



Are you the one Lost in Translation at the Hyatt? The sexiness & hot night is the world's equal human body launguage! Westin? Hilton? Imperial? Prince? Marriot? You name it! Our classy escort girls will fill your needs tonight at your hotel.


You will satisfy after the great night with the hot Japanese girls with great Japanese techniques.


Runway from the humidity and let's have a great activity with the hottest girl at your hotel room instead. We also provide the rendezvous service at our meeting-points, if you are sharing the hotel with someone or simply uncomfortable invite girls over to your hotel. She will help you entering the Love-Hotel together. The Japanese girl will escort you to the very naughty side of Tokyo!


100% Legal Service of Japan.

Don't be tardy for the naughty.


Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo


Phone: 03.5793.1515, (+81)3.5793.1515

・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. 9:00AM - 5:00AM).

・ Inquiries >> "customer service" (24 hrs.)


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