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Tokyo Escort Girls infoTokyo Escort Girls info

Anal Fuck is the most abnormal play in Fuzoku.


We would never ask your wife or girlfriend to do Anal Fuck play, wouldn't you?

Because Anal Fuck play really abnormal play in Japan.

Cosplay or another erotic toy would be available but anal play would be not.


Since we were born as a man, we want to try all erotic things.

But, we could not ask girlfriend or wife to do such abnormal play at all. It is so frustrated.


Gotanda area is mecca of Fuzoku.

Anal Fuck play is not abnormal in that area.

You can make your dream come true in Gotanda.

This is the best part of Fuzoku.

So we need to be helped by Fuzoku shop.

Some Fuzoku shops provide such a abnormal play.

But we would like to warn you not to do the Anal Fuzok play!! Because Anal Fuck is full of danger of venereal disease.


Man's dream in abnormal world could be experienced in fetish Fuzoku.

That's really dream.

Because you don't need to feel anything bad and could relax sexually without any stress.

That's why anal fuck is said to be abnormal.

We just want to feel different orgasm from that of normal sex.

But, there is a huge danger that bring make you to ruin.


【IMPORTANT】 Danger of Anal Fuck play!!




・Hepatitis type B and type C

・Hepatitis type A From excrement

・Bleeding and Laceration


Thus, Anal Fuck play is full of risk of venereal disease.

You might lost the future of your penis.
It is nothing to be taken casually.

Of course, you could keep out these disease by being careful when you have Anal Fuck play in right way. But you need the long, long time of study. Originally, Fuzoku is supposed to provide you sexual pleasure without any knowledge of sex.

So you don't need to study and learn anything to feel good.


We would like you to realize that Licking of ass will open your new world of erogenous zones!


Man is supposed to wants to try several fetish play.

They can't help hold their desire of new play, even though it is risky for your physical.

Fuzoku is worth when men feel sexually good and we opened the Fuzoku shop that has such a
essence of Fuzoku.


It is "Japanese Escort Girls Club".


Japanese Escort Girls Club will provide you girlfriend experience and sweet time with beautiful Japanese girls.

This service is opened to make man's dream come true.

During the session, man doesn't need to take care about the lady.

The escort lady always treat you like a king with full of hospitality and kindness.

Basic session will be touching to fully naked lady, kissing, BJ with condom, of course sweet bed time with Japanese lady.


And you can also get the optional service like BJ without condom, Rimming, taking the panty to home, erotic toys etc, by paying extra fee.


On top of that, licking service is the best one.



・Ball sucking

・Licking all over the body


We want you to focus on the Rimming of those ricking service. You might not notice that ass is the most sensitive erogenous zones for a man.

Some men could feel a same or more exciting orgasm than that of penis.

This is very the same one as lady's.

Moreover, there is no risk of getting the venereal disease for Rimming.

It has been rapidly increasing that a lot of men realize a new erogenous zone during the session in our shop.

This is very the Fuzoku shop that you could enjoy the high load of delivery health service.

You are LIKE A KING. Help yourself to release your erotic desire!!


Japanese Escort girls club that you're going be not only received the erotic service from the lady. You do will make her feel good as well.

The way is up to you.

・Suck the nipples

・Rick the pussy



You lead the session from the beginning up to the end.

You are LIKE A  KING.

You do not need to hold you sexual desire.

Let it release to the escort lady.

No risk of Venereal disease and you could feel like a KING.

This is only our shop's concept, not be experienced at another shops.

Anal Fuck is out of date and too risky. Please come and try our special Rimming option service.

The man's dream CIM though it is secret to girlfriend.


Generally it is often said that lady has stronger sex drive than male but it is opposite actually.

Male always interested in erotic stuff however old they become.

Male is the kind of animal that can't help thinking about the erotic things that

please girlfriend and that you want to get from girlfriend even on duty.

On top of that, they are dreaming CIM.

Because it is the action not easy to ask for to wife nor girlfriends.

There are lot of things male cannot tell his girlfriends, for example about the trouble for dairy life and complain on the job, it varies.

But why do you think there are things that you could not ask to do to your girlfriend??

This is because of the mind that we don't want to be thought as the person don't have what it takes.

Male tend to be considerate to female too much and do not tell any complaint and concern about the sex.

So that CIM very the thing man could not ask to the girlfriend is the man's dream.

 80% of ladies would reject to do CIM.


But actually, does another lady will be willing to do CIM for you?

The answer is no.

Of course, some lady would say OK when we ask her CIM.

Considering the whole amount of ladies, only 2 % of ladies would allow CIM.

Only one lady out of five would be happy do CIM for you.

It is waste of time to ask to rest of 4, you will be just rejected.

You could force her to do CIM, but it will be 180° different satisfaction you would get from that she willing to do.

When we take meal for example, it is the difference like the lunch purchased at supermarket or hand-made by your wife.

80% of rejection make us dream CIM more strongly and go to Fuzoku shop.

We go to Fuzoku shop to make our dream come true even though it is not affordable.


But recently about 80% of lady who work in Fuzoku industry unwilling to do CIM service.

They do not give a hang whether CIM is included as a basic service or not.

It is not the story about CIM, they do not like to do licking to the ass, ball, all over the body neither.



The ricking service is the best point of Fuzoku..

Now many escort ladies DO NOT like to do that.

Even if you got the service, it would not be good...


Because she is not doing her best. The Half-assed work would not be accept not only in Fuzoku, but also all other industry. Recently almost all Fuzoku shop in Japan has been going down in quality...


But the mecca of Fuzoku GOTANDA will make your dream come true.


It got to be hard to make your dream come true in almost all Fuzoku in Japan.

But Gotanda area in Japan has a high quality Fuzoku shop that would never disappoint you.

Of course we have CIM, ricking service.「Fuzoku is Gotanda」It is widespread perception among Japanese guys.


The top of Fuzoku shop opened in this famous area, Gotanda.

It is "Japanese Escort Girls Club".


Somehow erotic atmosphere on the shop's name but please do not hesitate to call.

Japanese Escort Girls Club is literally the service that male could feel sexually good without doing anything.


The service that makes man's dream come true is very the service like the soap land.

Ricking service, especially ricking all over your body, ricking to ass, licking to ball are awesome good.

It is so good that many customer could open your new world of erogenous zones.


Japanese Escort Girls Club's ricking service all inspire you with the sexually sound.

Beginning from shower time to bed play, she gives you awesome rick service and raise your sex drive up to the limit.

Man's dream CIM. Please let yourself release everything into her mouth.

Even if you are not good at CIM, don't worry. She will lead you to the heaven.

In addition to Sumata style, you could get cum in your favorite style.

And cum is not the end. As the name of our shop, even if you get the first cum the session will not stop and she will lead to the next.


You can feel totally and sexually good without doing anything right up to the end.
This is the shop specialized in great CIM that would be never experienced from just young lady.


We know everyone comes to Fuzoku shop with his own thought.

It would worth nothing if the lady would not serve you.

Thus, it has been not until you get the service with the lady who knows male well that you are completely satisfied sexually.

Our escort lady know man better and be able to help you with full of hospitality.


But we don't have a so called "old lady" at all.

We have recruited only glamorous lady, not too young.

Because our ladies all know man well, you could get great CIM with every lady you choose.

Please recharge your power by making your dream come true at Japanese Escort Girls Club Tokyo (Gotanda  Shinagawa area)


Tokyo, are you ready?

Now we are exciting to announce that we just started "Cosplay Service" in Tokyo branch.

We recognize Japan, is a power spot to make your fetishism come true.

I suggest this new concept and delight in cosplay world in Tokyo.


Escort lady wear option : 1,000 yen

You could choose the costum below,


This is not available in usual life and nightlife. It should be your awesome adventure.

Do not hesitate to call us when you want your fetishism come true.


Please confirm detailed information on the phone.

Local :06.6214.3338

International: +81.6214.3338


Why Sinshuku has a lot of delivery health??


It is said that more than 70% of Fuzoku is typed in delivery health recently. And Shinjuku city has the most amount of delivery health shops, having a lot of guys everyday.

You could use some lines of train to get Shinjuku station not only to use Fuzoku but also to drink, shopping.

Thinking commercially, the place people get together has many shops.


Another reason is that there are many love hotels in south and west exit of the station.
Love hotel will be surely required when you call delivery health.

Thus, there is few Fuzoku shop in the place has few love hotel.

From these reason, it is necessary that love hotel get increased in Shinjuku.

 The service required for delivery health

DELI image.jpg

Shinjuku is the battle field of Fuzoku for each shops.
There are lot of much high quality ladies.

But it would often occur that even the lady everybody acknowledge as a high quality doesn't have much nomination,
the lady nothing in particular has much more nomination beyond expectation.

No matter how cute and beautiful appearance the lady has, she has a less popularity if she could do only poor service.

If we are said that it is better taking myself rather than wasting money for poor service, there is nothing value of existence of Fuzoku.

Just pretty is not enough for customer of Fuzuku.


She will do anything you want. This is the shop where you could hire a servant for a sex.
You don't need to do anything. She will be always helping you feeling good at any moment you want.

For the young guys, they might feel this service is like playing with caring sister. For the old guys,
they might feel it is like sexual play with the lady who knows man better, smart lady.

Although we can not know how many Fuzoku shops exist,
our shop will provide you the service that you could never get from you wife nor girlfriend.

When we talk about common "Wife health", it is tend to cheap and poor service.
We could meet few nice older lady.

Our shop have such nice ladies who aged well over the years, so called "active service".
If we use duty words, the lady we have is that you want have a sex with, and the lady you want steals from another's lover.

Of course, it is true that cute, beautiful, good body type is important points when we choose the lady.
But it is wrong that men are gonna satisfied with just ejaculation.

We mean the process to ejaculation is much important
When the service is poor, you do not feel like see her again even if you got a ejaculation finally.
In opposite, you feel like see her again when the service was good, even if you didn't have a ejaculation.

The point customer check on lady.


・Your partner is having a good time with you or not?

・You are giving the customer careful hospitality or not?

・She is tring her best for every single things for me.

・She is loving to make a atmosphere.

「Girlfriend experience」is certainly well said, you could experience the feeling that you would have at early time when you got a new girlfriend.

That makes customer feel good to the lady. That is the concept to of our service.

The complete hospitality with love.

IMAGE D3.jpg

You could enjoy even basic type of the session.
Drink a cup of tea, sit on the chair, smoke, take off the socks, wash your body in the shower, dry your body on a towel, our lady will help

you everything instead of you with full of hospitality.

We recruit ladies around 10 to 20 years old, and they have to be well trained and well know about male.
The service that we do is never experienced with your wife or girlfriend.
We have gotten a lot of good feedback from the customer surprising "How deep service she gave me".

Recently Japanese Escort Girls Club has been receiving a lot of repeated customers for last 5 years.
You could think "I wanna her to become my wife", "I wanna steal her of her husband"

during the session. You could completely enjoy with our session.

Regarding to the ranking for repeated customer updated once a month, the lady who ranked high quality is kind of "Icon" of our shop Japanese Escort Girls Club.

If you thinking about getting escort service in Shinjuku area, if you have had our service before,

we hope you have a session with these high quality lady to make much more awesome memory.

One more info, Shinjuku needs 90 min minimam session. But we are sure it worth of that.
Please check Delivery Information.

Waiting for your contact.



The tip of how to enjoy more with Japanese Escort Ladys. What is the good point of Pink Salon in Yokohama city.

When we talk about Pink Salon located in Yokohama area, we couldn't ignore that cheapness and fastness.
The erotic service has been thought that the cheaper price the shop has, the worse service they provide while before,
but recently the shop has been getting clean and easily enter.

Lady's age working in this industry have been also getting lower and give high level service with some concepts, cosplay service, decoration inside of shop.

But when we thinking about the detail of the service, it seems to be shorter and less variation. So there is not enough time to love each other and she has to focus on jerking off.

The worst is the emptiness occur after the session that everyone who has an experience of Fuzoku has experienced.


In that case, welcome to Japanese Escort Girls Club!

・Enough experience for life, of course sex.

・Know well about male's desire

・Has much more hospitality than other Japanese Ladies s

・Has much more sexual drive than othere Japanese Ladie

But we usually associated delivery health with below things:

・The lady's photo is full of fake

・High percentage of picking a non-winning one
Because there are los of shops dosen't have any consept, educational system, training system of service.

The most important thing is the way of shop selection !!

Well, there is the three tips to avoid unwilling shops.


①Make a choice for the shop between middle and high quality shop

⇒It dosen't mean that all cheap shops are bad, but if you would pay bit more, the quality would get much higher.


②Confirmed concept

⇒This is important. The shop that has obvious concept has their own current and detail of session.

So customer could enjoy the service with more easily. The thing like "she did that for me but not for him" will not occur.

③Chose big company
⇒There is definitely confirmed reason to be the BIG. You can trust them.


The shop that has these 3 points is Japanese Escort Girls Club!!

This is very the shop that foreign customer imagine where they could see Japanese lady!!

The reason why we recommend our service is that of recruitment standards and concept.



We have employed only clean, sexy, adorable, cheerful ladies.

To be honest, these ladies usually doesn't work in this Fuzoku industry but we have been find these rare ladies.

→So all lady belong to us is what you think you eager to be boyfriend for her.

They are from late 10 years to early 20 years, often said like「She knows male well for her age」and 「She has natural atmosphere so called adult lady has.」

We have employed only these rare ladies.


For the customer who want to see great lady you would never met at cheap pink salon in Yokohama. 


As if you employ the servants take care of your sex drive.

→ The concept is full of hospitality. You are the king during the session.

At the beginning, you don't need to anything. She will guide you everything.

You could never experienced such service at cheap pink salon.

→You can enjoy rich erotic play like licking to all over you body, tasticle & groin.

No limited ejaculation, gasping, no stereotype of play.

You don't need to hesitate for no limited Orgazsm.  

What Japanese Escort Girls Club will provides you is here.


No more the emptiness that cheap salon will give you after the session.

Instead of that, we have been seeking for relaxing and satisfaction you could feel after the experience.

Hope you have a wonderful time with our great escort ladies.

【Famous Tokyo High Class Escort among the world】



First off, have you ever tried Japanese escort? 

If yes, how was it? If no, then it will be one of things you have to try while you are here.

As it is famous, Japan has gained so much Fuzoku culture like other Europe countries.
Usually escort service in Europe will provide sex. However, in Japan, it is not legally allowed to sell and buy sex.

It many sounds not interesting to you if there isn't sex. But these days in Japan many foreigners love to try Japanese Fuzoku.

 And there are many kinds of Fuzoku services.

Here, I would like to talk about HIGH class escort because this is getting more and more attention since past a few years and though
t to share

this trend information and the reason why so popular even without sex among people who are visiting Tokyo or people who live in Tokyo.


【Japanese "High Class Escort" has not only high quality service but also high quality ladies!】

As it is shown, it's called HIGH class, you will get a variety of high qualified service with pretty, sexy, and kind Japanese lady.

Of course their skills will be professionally well trained. And they will make you relax from your heart and also satisfy you physically as well.

If it's good skill but ugly lady, we won't call it as HIGH class escort service. But the point is good looking girls have professional skills.

This means technically this high class escort isn't just for ejaculation.

It is the thing you enjoy the moment with amazing lady and you get physical satisfaction from them.  

 【However they often cahrge you a large amount of money unfortunately.】

Some company asks you more than 80000 yen for only 90 min.

This price is not reasonable for majority of people.

 And usually the reason why they charge you that much is they do some illegal thing such as selling sex, so their quality of their service isn't good.

What they can do is only sex. And girl are not trained at all because they only need to give you her vagina.

Even basic rate was reasonable for everyone, more options you add like pussy licking, prostate massage,

and testical massage, more expensive it gets such as 80000 yen.  

And if they know you are foreigner, they often charge you extra money.


 Additionally, if you can't speak japanese,

a lot of high class escort shop won't let you use their service or they provide their service

to you even though you don't understand the system and charges in order to get money.

Like I mentioned above, there are many issueseven for Japanese,

but when it comes to foreigners the number of the problems gets doubled sadly.

【So we just opened 100% safe "High Class Escort club" in Toyko for foreigners!】



Since we have received many foreigners' voice to open high class escort service which offers to foreigners only,

we finally decided to have high class escort club in Tokyo. Many interesting things are included!!

And we promise these things listed below.

1.We dont ask you any extra charge unless you add any options.

2.We will explain the rules, fees, and how it works, and answer any questions you have.

3.We only have high level Japanese ladies.

4.Girls' pictures are 100% real.

5.The service we provide is absolutely legal service.

6.We make sure our girls don't have any kind of STD by STD testing at the hospital.

【Reasonable but high level service and lady is the real HIGH CLASS ESCORT!!】

Usually when it comes to High Class Escort, you will have to pay a large amount of money.

It will only allow rich people to use it. It doesn't sound fair.

So we set these reasonable prices below so that everyone can enjoy!

Rendezvous:You come to our designated meeting point and go to Love hotel with the girl.

Delivery: The girl will visit your hotel or your private resident.




 Even though it's reasonable, we didn't give up on girls' level.

Our ladies have higher standards in their appearance.

Also we have professional trainers, so they don't let you down by their skills.

In addition to it, you will definitely love their sweet heart, warm mind, and thoughtful personality.

They will enthrall you with their loveliness! If you want wonderful and romantic memory, they will certainly help you.

Expensive escort is NOT high class escort.

HIGH CLASS ESCORT is reasonable but high level in service and lady. This is the true HIGH CLASS ESCORT in Tokyo!



We are sure that we are the best of "Real HIGH CLASS ESCORT in Tokyo!"

For more INFO click here to check our English



g189_189_pc_02.jpg  g221_221_pc_03.jpg
The year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to thank you for your support

and wish you a prosperous 2017 filled with health, happiness and success.

The Year-End & New Year's Opening Hours are as follows: 

31.Dec : Closing day
01.Jan : Closing day
02.Jan : Regular Hours 9:00am - Next 5:00 am last call

Note: New Year Special Price 1,000yen will be added through 02.Jan to 03.Jan

We appreciate many customers who used our service this year.
We, all staffs, will do our best for your satisfaction in the new year.
Thank you in advance.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have

given us throughout the year.

We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to your continued

patronage in the year 2017.

Japanese Escort Girls Club
[Phone] (+81)6-6214-3338 | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[Nationwide] http://japanese-escort-girls.com/
[skype] japanesescortgirlsclub

Extraordinally!Japanese escort service is extraordinally!

Welcome to Japan! There should be many reasons to come to Japan.
It may be bussiness trip, just traveling, or living Japan. Especially Tokyo, people say foods, tourism, and Fuzoku are the three famous things to do.

A variety of Fuzoku shops exsit a lot. Since you come to Tokyo all the way across the country, you must be feeling like trying out Japanese Fuzoku.

Just because Japanese Fuzoku is extraordinally fun!


Causion! You have to be aware of these things mentioned below.



In Japan, there are several rules you need to understand nefore using Japanese fuzoku.
First off, selling and buying sex in Japan is illegal. If you became part of these crime, you also will need to recieve a punishment or penalty.

Second, there are many malicious fuzoku shop. Sometimes they steal money from your wallet while playing or your belongings.
Things like these are happening frequently. This means you have to be careful to choose your best fuzoku place in Japan. 

Furthermore, people insist that the lady wasnt Japanese and the pictures they listed on thier website were fake. As you can see here, prenty of troubles may occur to you.


Many troubles listed eariler exsit in using Japanese fuzoku.
When it comes to foreigners, language barrier brings these issues worse.

For instance, when you would like to make a reservation over the phone, they only speak Japanese.

So you couldnt make a booking or you werent explained clearly what kind of service you would get. in additin, you had to pay extra money compared to local Japanese customers.

And because you are not Japanese, the service was different from that of for Japanese.

Also she wasnt Japanese. Like these, more and more problems comes up to you. It is pity that you cant have good escort service here in Tokyo.

You just want to enjoy on the bed! 

Don't Worry! We have finally opened escort service for Foreigners!

Our porpose of establishing this escort service calling center which has English speakers for foreigners is
we just want you to have wonderful and unforgettable moments!


It enables you .....

1, You will get clear explanation from English speakers and safe service.

2, Of course no extra fee.You will get 100 % same service with Japanese.

3, Our ladies are 100% pure Japanese.

4, Our service follows Japanese law. It means our service is safe and legal.

Many pleasures you will only experience from our escort lady!

In many low quality escort shops, they only focus on options, and each oprtion isnt provided as professionally.

Some only focus on ladies' appearance, and thier service is not so good. However in our escort service, our options are not so many as much as other escort company has.

But we if look at how high quality our each options are, you will definetely satisfied with thier skills.

Also we set high bar to hire ladies by cheking thier appearance and thier personality. This is why we are sure that you can have amazing moments with our ladies.

 Moreover, you will be able to experience these options listed below. 

Each options are trained by proffesinal trainer so that they can offer a solid service. after the our special Nuru shower you never ever had, you will enjoy REAL girlfriend experience.

You can create YOUR girlfriend experience by adding some of options you like such as rimming, pink roter, golden shower and so on. 

Many girls who take your mind away from you in our escort club!


Our girls have abusolute higher quality than any other escort club.The reasons are....

  1. Our girls are very caring minded and paying sensitive attension.

  2. Our girls passed strict interview, and it means they have higher standard in apperance.

  3. Our girls are well trained by proffesional trainer.

We only have these ladies listed above.

The ladies we have are chosen by thier apperance and personality. If they have altimate technic, nothing you can say. 

You can count on our out call tokyo!

We have the girl who looks like cute small animals and makes you feel like talking to you, and the girl you want to be passive, and other types as well!




Tourists, students, businessmen, thousands of purposes to Japan...

It's getting dark and your satisfying daytime is to end. Yes! Now is time for nightlife.   

Readers of this article may have just been back from a nightclub, drinking, dancing, enjoying. Perhaps you've noticed some attractive Japanese ladies.

However, she wasn't alone, the language barrier was in the way and on and on.

It's just difficult to make a communication in a foreign land.

"I'm in Japan, I'm not going to end the day alone!"

In this situation, calling or going to an escort agency is the best option. Most likely in other countries, simply meet a girl and have sex.


However, vaginal penetration is illegal in Japan. That is why various methods, "Japanese original" exist in Japan.


Delivery Health a.k.a. Deri-Heru is recommended of all genres.

Girls will come to you, secure and convenient.

It is as a date with a Japanese girlfriend at your room...!

Girlfriend experience at Deri-Heru.


【Worries and accidents from

    "the Language Barrier".】


Worries of making a booking despite of not speaking Japanese.

Worries if the staff understood what you have told.

Worries of misunderstanding the rate.

If your concerns cannot be confirmed, following accidents will not end...

   ・She wasn't Japanese...

   ・Donation rose up higher and higher...  

   ・After all the time and effort I spent, I was told "foreigners not allowed"...


Please be assured.

All of our staff speak English.


Our staff will answer to any inquiries such as following and make a booking.



FAQ: Are all girls Japanese?"

  ANS. Yes, all of our girls are Japanese.

  Also, complaints you here often,

  "Girl who showed up was not the person on the photo" will not occur.

  Girls' photo on our webpage are all real.


FAQ: I need a girl with black hair...

  ANS. We have many girls with shiny and smooth jet black tresses.


FAQ: My hotel has security, is it good to come?

   ANS. We own the know-how to clear the security,

  and have all information of deliverable hotels.

     In case if your hotel is not able to deliver,

        you still have an option by choosing Rendezvous.


FAQ: I don't have much YEN on me...

        ANS. We accept foreign currencies and credit card.

        We have set many options to pay.


FAQ: Are the pricing on your webpage true?

         ANS. Please be assured. No extra charge, unless an option is ordered.



【What type of girl is coming?

      How do I spend time together?】

 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-hqe1FVBEtqqURCJLbOtwf247pFx4JEXTrqquQZGDp1fZp3_NwWwkEuTLs0OHmXbBDMeZZshAL17s8_6Wg7sFa15rqeDj5j2Lj_TgpnSqxVvfhbuEj9mhkD2wX5XWcyp9uhsGSO_ https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/qqDmCCoZ5plGAauQUYN0kDGfhV6ojqyiDP5aoY-hxBG5QZufhIMQOM1dS8Wpx5nP8qSGt55TKiGELgCbd5rot0NwuAkcEshgPNYmrO45sijxrX1_GG85hbJ_qHLP7M2hdGA0s8rw https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-fLnB7u2dqApFKLejfdfCppW_XoI-A1CP_0HwSluFeW4BmPIUT6q-tsxp3_2kvjoc_RRxtuLbgHfHTom6jBiMaqn9POMN6qK2dqpeGKI5hK7OPLSbEpobnwA1u1Pk8MffbbPvEql

Only the most highly qualified are recruited.

KAWAII girl, JK girl, GAL-kei girl, flirtatious big sis next door...

A girl as if she had just popped out from Japanese-AMIME...

Together with Japanesey girls, various and enjoyable personalities...  

They are your lover this moment... Just yours!


      Our Japan Escort motto

    All embracing  "Girlfriend atmosphere" to assure "Blissful moment".



    "You're the man, what to do is up to you..."


Please ceck your  Girlfriend  "Tokyo girls informaiton "



Kiss her passionately, hold her tightly, caress each other softly...

Or just lie down together holding hands and whisper to each other...

if her English is not good, why not give a gentle lecture to her.


All the pleasure is yours, Bon Appetit.

When you want Japanese night life, you should compare escorts to enjoy unknown sexual feeling.

Even if you have tried sexual feeling massage in other countries, powder massage in Japanese escorts will surprise you with its original feeling.

Powder massage stimulates your whole body after smooth powder is put on.
You can enjoy its smoothness that is different from nurulotion. You can have original sexual feeling as if female palms stick to your whole body.
When your whole breasts are petted, you get a strange feeling as if a big tongue licks all over your upper body.

Powder massage is good to enjoy female body warmness.
Of course you feel the temperature of palms. And it is great that masseuses push their breasts and stomachs on you during massage.
Please receive powder massage with expectation for happy feeling remaining on your body and in your heart.